9-11 Do More Than Never Forget- Stop Islam's Assault

9-11 Do More Than Never Forget- Stop Islam's Assault
News about Islamic violence world-wide and the Islamic threat , driven by the Quran and its followers. Politics and the issues of our Allies Globally - will greatly effect whether we will be able to stop the spread of Islam and the violence that is backbone of this sick ideology. Islam is United Globally and so must all people who value Freedom be United to Stop Islam!

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Australian Muslim has daughter Circumcised- yes FGM


An Australian father charged with organising to have his baby daughter circumcised allegedly travelled to Indonesia for the proceducer.

The NSW man, who cannot be named, took his then nine-month-old girl overseas, where she was circumcised sometime between February and March of 2012, police allege.

But it wasn't until the girl's mother took her to a doctor six months later that authorities were alerted to what had allegedly happened.

Following an investigation, the father was arrested on December 31 last year by officers attached to the Sex Crimes Squad.

He was later charged with aiding, abetting or procuring female genital mutilation.

Police have previously said that it was unclear in what country the alleged procedure took place.

But papers tendered during the father's brief appearance at Manly Local Court on Tuesday state it took place in Jakarta.

The girl had her clitoral tissue removed and underwent a labial fusion, the documents state.

The man said nothing during the appearance in which his lawyer applied for a national suppression order on his identity and that of his wife and daughter.

The court heard the father recently moved to Victoria where he remains on bail.

The father is believed to be the first person to have been charged in NSW with procuring a genital procedure abroad.

However, it is the second prosecution in the state of the practice.

In 2012, eight members of a small religious order in Sydney - including a sheikh, a retired nurse and two parents - were charged over the female genital mutilation of two sisters, aged six and seven.

Their case remains before the courts.

Community Services Minister Pru Goward said earlier this month that anecdotal evidence showed the practice was "more common than the reports would suggest".

She said the crime often only came to light when the child suffered a complication from the procedure or there was a marital breakdown.

The father is due to appear at Downing Centre Local Court in March



Background on FGM-http://www.frontpagemag.com/2013/dgreenfield/half-of-londonistan-docs-treated-fgm-mutilated-girls-last-year/


Pearson Education- defines Al- Qaeda for students- Freedom Fighters?


Here is a definition from a Pearson Education textbook used in " teaching" :

“The Al Qaeda movement of Osama bin Laden is one example of an attempt to free a country (in this case, Saudi Arabia) from a corrupt and repressive regime propped up by a neocolonial power (in this case, the United States).”


From “The Other World: Issues and Politics of the Developing World, Ninth Edition. Pearson”


Want to take action and not simply *shake * your head?

Easily click and sent a letter: http://www.florida-family.org/take_action_mobile.php?message=154


Pearson Education materials and textbooks are all over the US , It is a UK Based company .


'Pearson itself is a billion dollar company that owns everything from Penguin Books to Prentice Hall. When it comes to educational materials, they are the 800 pound gorilla of the marketplace buying up software educational publishers and the educational division of Simon and Schuster.'


See: http://counterjihadreport.com/2014/01/27/pearsons-college-textbook-claims-al-qaeda-is-a-liberation-movement/


~Pearson plc owns Prentice Hall. Pearson plc also owns the Financial Times. The Financial Times operates two subscription based web sites, FT.com and TheBanker.com, both of which heavily promote “TOP ISLAMIC FINANCIAL INSTITUTIONS – Global sharia compliant assets have grown to $1,267 BN”.

See here for full links to sources:



Katrin -Living in the shadow of Heinrich Himmler


SS chief's great-niece says many Germans still loth to confront family

Heinrich Himmler in 1933
Not such a black sheep ... Himmler in 1933, the year in which the Nazi party came to power. Photograph: Getty Images
When Katrin Himmler was 15, a classmate at her Berlin school asked her during a history lesson if she was related to Heinrich Himmler, the feared head of Hitler's SS and a key architect of the Holocaust. When she told them that he was, in fact, her great-uncle, the whole class fell silent and the teacher carried on as if nothing had been said.

"It was so embarrassing for me to be asked in front of all the class if I was belonging to this terrible family," Ms Himmler told an audience at the Edinburgh international book festival yesterday. "At the same time I realised that it was a lost chance, because the teacher didn't discuss it with us. I'm quite sure she wanted to protect me but it would have been all right with me if she had asked me about it."

Two decades later, Ms Himmler, 40, then a political scientist, would ask those questions herself, not only about her great-uncle and the crimes he perpetrated, but also about the rest of her family. During the research, detailed in her book The Himmler Brothers: A German Family History, published in Britain for the first time this summer, she discovered that far from being the black sheep of the family as she had been led to believe, Heinrich Himmler, the man who described the extermination of the Jews as a "small matter", was a respected figure.

His two brothers, Ernst - Katrin Himmler's grandfather - and Gebhart, admired him and shared his beliefs. Her own grandfather, it transpired, had in effect condemned a half-Jewish acquaintance to death by complaining about him to Heinrich. Her grandmother, meanwhile, sent packages to Nazis who were awaiting execution for their crimes after the war.

Her research, using family papers which had been locked in East German archives for a generation, had added resonance due to the fact she met, married and had a son by an Israeli whose own extended family was caught up in the Warsaw ghetto and had been victims of her great-uncle's atrocities.

Ms Himmler says her family's story is not as unusual as many in Germany would like to think, with many families holding to "myths and legends" about the previous generation's role in the atrocities, while publicly acknowledging the horrors of the Nazi era. "There is still this very big gap between official history and how history is told in families," Ms Himmler said. "Many of the young people have a big knowledge [of the Holocaust] but really think that their grandparents were against the regime; [they think] everyone was hiding a Jew in this house. Rationally they can't believe it but they try hard to believe it."

Such unwillingness to confront personal truths, says Ms Himmler, and also a belief among some in the older generations that times were good under the Nazis, is doing nothing to help counteract the rise of neo-Nazis across the country. "What frightens me very much is the young neo-Nazis, the uprising ... I think it's high time to deal with that problem and to have more of an eye on it, what's going on." Ms Himmler is also grappling with how to tell her young son about his family history.

"Every time he is asking more and I try to explain a little bit more, but you can't explain the whole story at once. He knows about Jewish history ... he knows about the mass murder already but he does not know the connection to my family."


Video Katrin Himmler on the family http://youtu.be/mYwnmdV2aQI

Himmler himself


Sunday, January 26, 2014

Knocking at the door: Jihadist discourse increasingly targeting India's Muslim population


Key Points

-Recent jihadist discourse has seen a number of exhortations to India's sizeable Muslim population to participate in jihad, either abroad or targeting the Indian state.

-Despite the involvement of Indian nationals in transnational terrorist plots and a substantial indigenous terrorist campaign through the late 2000s, Indian Muslims have typically averred the jihadist call....

-Transnational militant Islamist groups such as Al-Qaeda and its affiliates seem to be desperately attempting to attract India's sizeable Muslim population to global jihad.



Also see The History of Jihad


How the Jihadis vandalized this ancient land and wiped out Christianity as well as the ancient culture of Egypt - leaving only the massive Pyramids and the Sphinx as mute witness to the glory of Egypt before it was vandalized by the Arab Muslims



Friday, January 24, 2014

Before the First World War: what can 1914 tell us about 2014?


Old world decline, rogue empires, killing for God – looking at 1914, we can discover that there are many uncomfortable parallels with our own time.

As we enter the centenary year of the outbreak of the First World War, many uncomfortable parallels with our own time spring to mind. In 1914 the superpower that dominated the world, controlling the seas and ruling over a global empire of colonies, dominions and dependencies – Britain – was being challenged by a rival that was overtaking it economically and building up armaments on land and sea to assert its claim for a “place in the sun” – Germany. All of this is alarmingly close to the situation today, when America’s global supremacy is increasingly being challenged by the rise of China.

Syrian Jihadist seek more US weapons .....

Syrian rebels will make a renewed push for direct US arms supplies after the Geneva peace talks which resume on Friday, assuming they fail as expected to bring an end to the conflict.
A strengthened political advisory team to the Free Syrian Army, effectively now the pro-western faction in a multi-sided civil war, is preparing a diplomatic push with senators in Washington next month.
It intends to capitalise on the battle underway between its forces in northern Syria and the militant al-Qaeda branch, the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Shams, to present itself as the best answer to terrorism in Syria.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Olympic Jihad ? New terror threats. U.S. warships on standby.

Olympic terror fears mount despite Putin's Assurances- New terror threats. U.S. warships on standby. Warnings from U.S. lawmakers that the security dangers are “real.”

As concerns mount over next month’s Olympic Games, Russian President Vladimir Putin is insisting he’s got things under control.
With some 40,000 cops deployed inside the 1,500-mile so-called “Ring of Steel,” Putin has so far brushed aside offers from other nations to assist in ensuring the safety of athletes and spectators at the games, in the Black Sea resort town of Sochi. But with those nations, including the U.S., sending their own people to the games, they have nearly as big a stake in safety as Putin.
The Pentagon confirmed late Monday that the U.S. military will have two ships and other assets at the ready. The Pentagon maintains that no aircraft are being sent to the region, contrary to an earlier report.
"It is very difficult for [Russia] to turn around and say, ‘We need all the help we can get.’"
- Mike Baker, former CIA agent

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Islam at war – with itself

Bad vs Bad and as always Christians Jews Hindu get killed in the fray...
One muslim in a refugee camp in syria - stated he would rather be in Israel least they care ....

Refugee’s Anger: If Only I Was Israeli

Man in Syrian refugee camp: Israelis have someone looking out for them, but Muslim world ignores our pleas plight.

Rescue workers and security officials collect evidence from the burnt bus. –Photo by Reuters.

From Aleppo in Syria to Quetta in Balochistan, Muslims are engaged in the slaughter of other Muslims. The numbers are enormous: over 93,000 killed in the Syrian civil war and over 48,000 dead in Pakistan. Millions have perished in similar intra-Muslim conflicts in the past four decades. Many wonder if the belief in Islam was sufficient to bind Muslims in peace with each other.
Since the end of the Second World War, the world has moved in two distinct directions.
The West, mostly Christian, has tried to minimise the intra-European conflict and has largely been successful with some exceptions. The Muslim world, on the other hand, has fallen into one violent conflict after another, involving mostly Muslims. Several intra-Muslim conflicts continue to simmer as proxy wars. In the 80s, the Iran-Iraq war alone left millions dead. More recently, a car bomb in Iraq on Sunday killed another 39 in the sectarian warfare between the Shias and Sunnis that killed at least 1,045 in May 2013.

CAIR - blames Islamophobia -

How about Laws in Islamic Nations espousing inequality based on religion ?
ANY CHURCHES IN MECCA? do Christians and Hindu have equal rights in Islamic Nations ?
How about the Quran dictating oppressing non muslims ? Dictating that all people must follow Islams Laws?


( must not be any left in the others)

The number of Christian martyrs was twice as high in 2013 as the year before, and radical Islamist governments and groups are responsible for the vast majority of deaths and persecution around the world, according to the 2014 World Watch List.
Read more at http://www.wnd.com/2014/01/37-muslim-nations-persecuting-christians/#KOZXcR5ws4afY22w.99

How about Clerics and school books repeating the Quran on Jihad and all must submit ?
Textbooks ....

While Kerry pretends he's working a Peace Deal....

The IDF Prepares for Hezbollah

The terrorist organization Hezbollah has one clear goal: to destroy Israel and establish a radical Islamic regime in Lebanon. With over 60,000 rockets and missiles in its arsenal, the terrorist group can strike any part of Israel with continuous, precise attacks. Our central mission is to protect Israeli civilians against this significant threat.
A confrontation with Hezbollah would be highly complex, requiring soldiers to apply unconventional methods of fighting. The terrorist organization has built an extensive network of tunnels and bunkers inside Lebanon. Using Lebanon’s people as human shields, it also places many of its weapons in populated areas, ensuring that counter attacks will strike civilians instead of terrorists. These factors create a complex environment that poses new challenges for IDF soldiers.

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Dangerous decoy: Ignoring human rights abuses

Anti-Israel activists spin tales about alleged Israeli human rights abuses to instill hostility against the Jewish state. They have had an impact, but not one desired by most fair-minded people.

The false allegations have served as a decoy, distracting the UN, NGOs, churches, students and the wider public from the real human rights abuses occurring in the Middle East.

The activists invoke and misapply human rights principles to accuse Israel of abuses that are rare in pluralistic, democratic Israel, but are rampant elsewhere in the region. Their hostility to Israel trumps their commitment to the very human rights values they claim to uphold, and gives a pass to real human rights violators in the region.

The UN Ignores Islams Human Rights Atrocities

When I emigrated to the United States of America from Syria, another Arab country that today is undergoing a turbulent political earthquake, never did I imagine that one day I would stand outside the United Nations to oppose its perverted conference, to defend against its malicious attempt to single out Israel -- a country that I was taught to hate.
But here I am today, proud to stand for light in the midst of darkness. This darkness brought about by the multiple Muslim countries and their international enablers, who have dishonored the initial objective of the United Nations, only to vilify, and eventually to destroy Israel - the one and the only free democratic country in the entire Middle East.
For the last 1,400 years, since its inception, Islamic ideology has attempted to deprive the Jews of their three most cherished possessions -- their Bible, their Lives, and their Land of Israel.
During my school years, I heard my teachers, family members, neighbors, and the media all bombarding us daily, throughout the Arab world. We, as small kids and young adults, were indoctrinated to share the anti-Semitic vitriol -- to despise and denigrate Jews.
  • God condemned the Jews because they falsified the Torah. How did I know it? That is what I was taught.

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Palestinians Attack Peace Conference

Scores of Palestinian activists on Thursday attacked a hotel in Ramallah where Israelis and Palestinians were holding a meeting to talk about peace.

Chanting slogans against “normalization” with Israel, the vandals smashed windows and tried to storm the conference hall before dozens of Palestinian Authority policemen pushed them back.

The meeting, which was held under the motto “Ordinary People Make Peace,” was organized by a group called Israeli- Palestinian Public Negotiating Congress in Ramallah & Jerusalem.

The group is co-chaired by Dr. Sapir Handelman, an Israeli who received the Peter Becker Award in Peace and Conflict Studies, and Ibrahim Enbawi, a prominent Palestinian figure from Jerusalem.

Monday, January 6, 2014

TURKEY-Police units in southeastern city perform ‘moral profiling’ of students’ private lives

Students chat on campus at Middle Eastern Technical University (ODTÜ) o
Security officials in the southeastern province of Gaziantep have carried out a thorough “moral profiling” of their students’ private lives, including their political, social activities and their relationships, daily Milliyet reported Jan. 6.

The profiling targeted students studying at faculties and schools of higher education affiliated to Gaziantep University and located in the Islahiye district, which lies 80 kilometers west of Gaziantep’s urban center.

Setting Jihadist Free in exchange for building Homes - WRONG!

The Boston Globe at least makes mention that these " prisoners" are Jihadi:
Israel frees more than 20 Palestinians convicted in deadly attacks
All 26 of the men have been convicted in deadly attacks, and have spent between 19 and 28 years in prison. They included 18 men from the West Bank, three Gazans, and in a concession by Israel, five men from east Jerusalem.

Iran, Islam, Global Jihad- Connecting the Dots

' Ayn Rand Institute a must-read editorial by Onkar Ghate;The squabbling and finger-pointing surrounding the 9/11 commission only serve to obscure the fundamental lesson of that horrific day. Whatever errors or incompetence on the part of a particular individual or intelligence agency, what made September 11 possible was a failure of policy. Our government, whether controlled by Democrat or Republican, had for decades conducted an accommodating, range-of-the-moment, unprincipled foreign policy. [Diverting the Blame for 9/11]'

"The editorial rightly criticizes President Bush’s approach to the War on Terrorism, not because he has gone too far (as leftists would have us believe), but because he has not gone far enough. It argues that while the Iraq war was justifiable, leaving intact militant Islamic regimes like Iran’s is not. The jihadists our troops are today fighting and dying to defeat are supported by Iran."

Flashback article from 2004-as Al Quada takes control of Iraq today and adds it to Libya,Tunisia ,Somalia - its clear the Foreign Policy of Appeasement and funding the lesser of two Islamic evils - DOES NOT WORK :


In her testimony before the 9/11 commission, National Security Advisor Condoleezza Rice spoke of our “inability to connect the dots” that lead to 9/11. She blamed “legal and the bureaucratic impediments” that kept “the FBI and the CIA from functioning really as one.”

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Four Arabic words every Infidel must know

In 539 BC, King Belshazzar of Babylon saw a dismembered hand-written four prophetic words on the wall. This "handwriting on the wall was finally interpreted by the prophet Daniel as predicting the fall of the kingdom. He was right. Babylon fell to the Medes-Persians that very night."

Like the “handwriting on the wall” that Prophet Daniel had interpreted, there are four Arabic words, which could lead to submission of the entire world to Islam, if non-Muslims do not fully understand their meaning and implications. Those words are taqiyya, tawriya, kitman and muruna.

Islamic Holy Texts Say, "Allah Is The Best of All Deceivers"

From Muslim Hope:

"and [they] deceived and Allah deceived and Allah is the best of deceivers"
Sura 3:54

Sura 3:54 Arabic: Wa Makaru wa makara Allah wa Allah Amkaru al Makireen.
Likewise the phrase of Allah "being the best deceiver". kheir ol makarein, is also used of Allah in Suras 8:30 and 10:21. Sura 10:21 says Allah is the fastest in planning/deceit

Other references to the plotting/deceit/scheming of Allah are Sura 7:99; 27:50; 13:42; 14:46; 43:79; 86:15f.; 7:100; 4:142

Thursday, January 2, 2014

PAKISTAN: Two young Hindu women were raped by Muslim landlords; one of them was later murdered

PAKISTAN: Two young scheduled caste Hindu women were raped by Muslim landlords; one of them was later murdered
ISSUES: Rape, violence against women, religious minority groups, impunity and illegal court of law
Dear friends,
The Asian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) has received information that two scheduled caste, Hindu women were raped by their Muslim landlords before their family members. Later on, one of them was murdered in revenge for making a report to the police. She and her mother were abducted by one of the landlords from outside the clinic of a doctor in broad daylight, close to the police station, and she was shot dead in front of her mother. The Shadi Pali Police Station of Umer Kot district, Sindh, took time to register the First Information Report (FIR) in order to give the rapists time to abscond. The family members of the victims are displaced from their village and are living on the roadside in the cold nights but the police and authorities have refused to help them. In providing protection to the rapists, the police and notables of the area forced the victims to reach to a settlement and give amnesty to the rapists. Once again the police have shown their efficiency to get approval from judicial magistrate so that perpetrators are freed.

Sweden- Islamic Gangs still Raping - Latest Figures

Sweden’s National Crime Prevention Council 2013 reports indicate 6,000 Rapes and 17,000 Sexual Assaults of Women. Furthermore, only 23% are reported meaning there were an estimated 24,000 Rapes and 68,000 Sexual Assaults.

Nearly 100% are committed by Muslim immigrants.