9-11 Do More Than Never Forget- Stop Islam's Assault

9-11 Do More Than Never Forget- Stop Islam's Assault
News about Islamic violence world-wide and the Islamic threat , driven by the Quran and its followers. Politics and the issues of our Allies Globally - will greatly effect whether we will be able to stop the spread of Islam and the violence that is backbone of this sick ideology. Islam is United Globally and so must all people who value Freedom be United to Stop Islam!

Saturday, October 5, 2013

INDIA before Islam's Assault

India before the advent of Islamic imperialism was a country with plenty of wars fought by Hindu princes. But in all their wars the Hindus had observed some time honored conventions sanctioned by the Shastras. The Brahmins and Bhikshus were never touched. The chastity of women was never violated. The cows were never killed. There was no ravage of the soil The temples were never touched. The non-combatants were never killed or captured. A human habitation was never attacked unless it was a fort. The civilian population was never plundered. The martial class (kshatriyas) who clashed, mostly in open fields, had a code of honor.

The great vandalizing of India

Swami Vivekananda (1863-1902) was the foremost disciple of Ramakrishna and a world spokesperson for Vedanta. India's first spiritual and cultural ambassador to the West, came to represent the religions of India at the World Parliament of Religions, held at Chicago wrote that:

"the Mohammedans used the greatest violence" and he asserted: "You know that the Hindu religion never persecutes. It is the land where all sects may live in peace and amity. The Mohammedans brought murder and slaughter in their train, but until their arrival peace prevailed."

(source: Complete Works - Swami Vivekananda volume 5 p. 190 and volume 8 p. 217).

John P Jones ( ? ) has observed in his book:

"It is a curious fact that the hideous and bloody monster of religious intolerance was hardly known in India until, first the followers of Mohammed and secondly, the disciples of the meek and lowly Jesus, began to invade the land."

(source: India - Its Life and Thought - By John P Jones p. 166). Refer to Negationism in India: Concealing the record of Islam – By Koenraad Elst

Arthur Schopenhauer (1788-1860) German philosopher and writer. He was one of the greatest philosophers of the 19th century. He was the first Western philosopher to have access to translations of philosophical material from India, both Vedic and Buddhist, by which he was profoundly affected. Counted among his disciples are such thinkers as Nietzsche and Wittgenstein, as well as Sigmund Freud. Author of his magnum opus, The World as Will and Representation,in 1819, he narrates the sordid tale as follows:

"...This of the fanaticism, the endless persecutions, the religious wars, that sanguinary frenzy of which the ancients had no conception! The destruction or disfigurement of the ancient temples and idols, a lamentable, mischievous and barbarous act still bears witness to the monotheistic fury...carried on from Mahmud, the Ghaznevid of cursed memory, down to Aurangzeb, the fratricide, whom the Portuguese...have zealously imitated by destruction of temples and the auto defe of the inquisition at Goa...We hear nothing of this kind in the case of the Hindoo...."

(source: The Essays of Arthur Schopenhauer - By T. Bailey Saunders - ISBN 0936128690 p. 42 - 43). For more on Arthur Schopenhauer refer to chapter on Quotes. Refer to Heroic Hindu Resistance to Muslim Invaders (636 AD to 1206 AD) - By Sita Ram Goel. Voice of India, New Delhi.

Refer to Kashmiri Pundits : Are they facing a Dodo future? and Kashmiri pandits alienated again - ibnlive.com.

Watch The Crescent and the Cross and refer to chapter on Survarnabhumi and Sacred Angkor

Swami Aksharananda ( ) an Indian of Caribbean origin and holds a Ph.D. degree in Hindu Studies from the University of Madison, Wisconsin (USA) has observed:

"The concept that “All religions are one” as propagated by Gandhi incessantly is the most destructive concept that is affecting us all. It is not only silly but dangerous fallacy to propagate the idea that all religions are one. Hindus, who are under severe attacksevery day by the same forces of Allah and Christ. Hinduism and other religions can’t be equated and called same because “religions” of the world have been born in the environment of hostility.

(source: All religions are not same - By Swami Aksharanand - theuniversalwisdom.org).

Karl Marx (1818-1883), the grandfather ideologue of Communists worldwide. In his article titled “Declaration of War— On the History of the Eastern Question” published in the New York Tribune of April 15, 1854, he observed that:

"The Koran and the Mussulman legislation emanating from it reduce the geography and ethnography of the various people to the simple and convenient distinction of two nations and of two countries; those of the Faithful and of the Infidels. The Infidel is ‘harby’, i.e. the enemy. Islamism proscribes the nation of the Infidels, constituting a state of permanent hostility between the Mussulman and the unbeliever. In that sense the corsair-ships of the Berber States were the holy fleet of Islam….”

(source: The Marxists' Islamic phobia - By Priyadarsi Dutta). Refer to Negationism in India: Concealing the record of Islam – By Koenraad Elst

The entire northwestern India and later the rest of India was gradually butchered and plundered with ruthless savagery surpassing perhaps even the genocide in the Americas.

Afghanistan was a full part of the Hindu cradle up till the year 1000, and in political unity with India until Nadir Shah separated it in the 18th century. The mountain range in Eastern Afghanistan where the native Hindus were slaughtered, is still called the Hindu Kush (Persian: "Hindu Slaughter"). It is significant that one of the very few place-names on earth that reminds us not of the victory of the winners but rather of the slaughter of the losers, concerns a genocide of Hindus by the Muslims.

(source: Ayodhya and After - By Koenraad Elst - Voice of India SKU: INBK2650 p.278).

Sita Ram Goel (1921- 2003) scholar, writer, publisher, the founder of Voice of India, an ‘intellectual’ Kshatriya’ par excellence, and a Hindu revivalist. Author of several books, includingThe Story of Islamic Imperialism, Defence of Hindu Society and History of Hindu-Christian Encounters.

He has written: "The cradle of Hindu culture on the eve of its Islamic invasion included what are at present the Sinkiang province of China, the Transoxiana region of Russia, the Seistan province of Iran and the sovereign states of Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, Nepal and Bangladesh. The Islamic invasion commenced around 650 A.D., when a Muslim army secured a foothold in Seistan, and continued till the end of the eighteenth century, when the last Islamic crusader, Tipu Sultan, was overthrown by the British. Hordes of Arabs, Persians, Turks, and Afghans who had been successively inspired by the Theology of Islam poured in, in wave after wave, carrying fire and sword to every nook and corner of this vast area. In the process, Sinkiang, Transoxiana region, Seistan and Afghanistan became transformed into daru’l-IslÃm where all vestiges of the earlier culture were wiped out. The same spell has engulfed the areas which were parts of India till 1947 and have since become Pakistan and Bangladesh."

"Hindus were great temple builders because their pantheon was prolific in Gods and Goddesses and their society rich in schools and sects, each with its own way of worship. But by the time we come to the end of the invasion, we find that almost all these Hindu places of worship had either disappeared or were left in different stages of ruination."

(source: Hindu Temples: What Happened to Them - Volume 1 A Preliminary Survey - Sita Ram Goel - chapter Ten - voi.org). Refer to Negationism in India: Concealing the record of Islam – By Koenraad Elst

Watch History of Ayodhya - videogoogle.com. Refer to Heroic Hindu Resistance to Muslim Invaders (636 AD to 1206 AD) - By Sita Ram Goel. Voice of India, New Delhi.

Refer to Eminent Historian Displeased with The Ayodhya Verdict – By Dr. Koenraad Elst and Media Manipulation - By Sandeep and Ayodhya: Has India really moved on? – By Amitabh Tripathi and Verdict leaves ‘secular intellectuals’ aghast – By Swapan Dasgupta and Ram Ki Nagari, once again – By Kanchan Gupta

Robert Sewell (1845-1925) the British civil servant who discovered the ruins of Vijayanagar, wrote of its tragic end, 'Never perhaps in the history of the world has such havoc been wrought, and wrought suddenly, on so splendid a city'. In A Forgotten Empire says writes about the missing, defaced or vandalized temples and about the destruction of the mighty Vijayanagar kingdom. An empire where "it used to rain gold and gems in the days of the mighty rulers here," He has written:

"for five months the Mohammeddans with fire and sword, with crowbars and axes carried on day after day their work of destruction. Never perhaps in the history of the world has such havoc been wrought so suddenly, and reduced to ruins amid scenes of savage massacre and horrors beggaring description".

Ferishta, the late 16th Century Persian traveler describes the 1565 rout thus — "the river which ran near the field was dyed red with their blood. It is computed that 1,00,000 infidels were slain during the pursuit."

(source: Wanderings in Hampi - hindu.com). For more on refer to the Ruins of Hampi.

Refer to Negationism in India: Concealing the record of Islam – By Koenraad Elst and An Architect looks at the Taj Mahal Legend - By Marvin Mills, AIA and Taj Mahal an analysis of a great deception – By V S Godbole

Dr. Anwar Shaikh (1928-2006) who later converted to Hinduism and took the name Aniruddha Gyan Shikha. He was a Pakistani-born author who lived in Cardiff for many years. He is best known for his many books on Islam.

He has written:

“India is yet another major victim of Islam."

The day Muhammad bin Qasim, entered Sindh as a conqueror, must rank as the most ominous, odious and outrageous moment in the history of India, whose proud, pious and powerful traditions have been the torch-bearer of world civilisation. The Indians, used to enjoying the warmth of ahimsa, were stunned by the violence that the Arab raiders displayed in robbing the rich and seducing the indigenous damsels. Yet the irony was that they did all this in the name of the Most Compassionate and Just Allah, who counts these felonies as acts of fairness when they are committed to torture the unbelievers.”

"India was a prosperous, peaceful and proud country, which has not only been reduced to extreme poverty and ignorance by the Muslim predators and the Islamic rule, but has also been fragmented into geographical and political units."

"Most Muslims think of Bharat not as their Motherland but Dar-ul-Harb = battlefield, where people murder, plunder and deceive out of hatred and greed. It is totally false to say that Islam is the ambassador of international brotherhood."

Watch Interview with the Late Anwar Shaikh - Islamic can not exist with other religions and Hindu brothers dont have the guts

(source: Islam: The Arab Imperialism - By Dr. Anwar Shaikh and Anwar Shaikh’s Interview with Chandigarh Times - ByDr. Ranjit Kanwar). Refer to online book, The Arab Imperialism - By Anwar Shaikh. Refer to Religion of Peace, Islam Watch and In the Name of Allah. Watch And the world remained silent – By Ashok Pandit

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