9-11 Do More Than Never Forget- Stop Islam's Assault

9-11 Do More Than Never Forget- Stop Islam's Assault
News about Islamic violence world-wide and the Islamic threat , driven by the Quran and its followers. Politics and the issues of our Allies Globally - will greatly effect whether we will be able to stop the spread of Islam and the violence that is backbone of this sick ideology. Islam is United Globally and so must all people who value Freedom be United to Stop Islam!

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Ok one of our bloggers turned out to be a CATFISH ;-( She used a real Moshav .

It involves a moshav in Israel.
BUT First a bit about LIES and the WHY they do it.
And if you have been catfished here's where to submit it:
To submit a story to Catfish: The TV Show on MTV, you can contact them through their official websitehttp://articles.latimes.com/2012/nov/09/entertainment/la-et-st-catfish-tv-20121110. You can also email them through MTV.com and they can help you .

(We hope it does not come to this -we hope "Kim "and "Mark " just stop the -attacks. We have the phone / s address - and the contacts to the innocent people who are being used by her.)
Lying is an ancient concept, but every new interface of human communication brings new ways to deceive. From outright hoaxes to games around message intent, the Internet has brought us entirely new ways to be subtle and disingenuous. And, in a bizarre way, it's probably making us smarter.

When you first go online and start using services like social networks, you voluntarily start putting information about yourself on the Internet. You choose what information you add about yourself online, and are therefore indirectly in control of what information about yourself goes public. If you're lying about personal information, then you don't have to worry about things like tone and body language giving you away. You can rehearse your video content, pose for your pictures (or just take other people's pictures from the internet), and edit what you write as much as you'd like before going public, making lying easier than it's ever been before.....

Sometimes, these deceptions can get malicious. The suicide of Megan Meier is a famous example of 

this. Megan, aged 13, befriended a 16 year old boy on MySpace named "Josh Evans". "Josh Evans" 
was a hoax account made by the mother of one of Megan s classmates. The mother, Lori Drew, was
frustrated with Megan spreading gossip about her daughter at school. so she made an account with
intent to get information about Megan and humiliate her.

"Josh" strung along Megan for some time, exchanging messages on MySpace and presumably conveying romantic interest. Megan had a history of self-esteem issues, and likely welcomed the attention of a boy that she thought was attractive. When "Josh" suddenly started sending abusive messages to Megan, she decided to hang herself with a belt in her bedroom closet. 

Read in full here http://internetascent.blogspot.com/2013/08/trolling-subtlety-and-lying-on-internet.html

NOW About what happened to us at 9-11 Blog : its sad that this has to be written . Sad because we have better things to do - real problems in the world that many of us are trying to stop- inequality religious persecution , to name a few - Our 9-11 website and Our scam buster pages help people . Unfortunately this catfish who we tried to help -thinking she was a victim - keeps Harassing and posting  - So we are forced to answer - ( knowing catfish live on drama - this will be our only post-if they   continue --- our next response is detailed at the bottom.

*We had a blogger whom we knew through FB for  a year - she portrayed herself to be a sweet middle aged mom- originally from England who married and Israeli and now lived on a moshav in Israel and taught pre schoolers.

FIRST she used the name "Chris Kelsey Cohen "( aka Kris Cohen) an over 50 yrs old - p/t teacher and stay at home mom. 
(Grown daughter who worked in tourism and a son going into IDF- plus a younger daughter 16.)

THEN one day -she changes her profile To "Kim Friedman " used a pic of Anne Hathoway as her
own) for " safety " reasons because in Israel you have to be careful - because she was posting
political news on Israel. ( yea yea  we know - that should have been the give away) but everything else remained the same FOR another 3 years.

 Then  the Blog was left in her care as  I was off - busy -with work life etc and left  50+ yr old Married -Kim Friedman in charge of the page and website -
We were friends  spoke occasionally through email  then one day  i received notice that she had made a request to delete my fb page...???
When I logged onto FB she was no where to be found- eventually from asking around I realized She had BLOCKED ME?

Eventually she contacted me because she needed something removed ( i had  gone live with the blog again .)
She apologized and made up an elaborate story about why she had to do it- ( yea we know that should have been a clue) What I came to realize later was that she had blocked me because   she was preforming an elaborate hoax right on the pages of FB- and she knew i would know she was a Fake if i saw what she was writing a . AND SOOOO

SHE made up another lie  to explain how 50 yr old married Chris Kelsey Cohen who turned into Kim Friedman was now ----30 yrs old divorced with  2 little kids . Engaged to some guy ( also a fake) and she in the IDF...

Yes SHE LIES AGAIN and says -
'Look I'm really A 30 year old - Idf soldier named KIM MORAN- but using the name Kim Friedman - I got divorced and am visiting my fiance  him in the UK '
The man turned out to be the fake soldier wanna be    ( mark faulkner )

THE LIES on FB had them visiting each other - engaged - very detailed bs. 'we are going to a hotel '- 'shes rubbing my feet-' hes helping build a succet'. 'she gets called to fight in Operation cloud'. he wants to kill himself- but then  he decides to enlist in the army himself at 43 yrs old...
lol its really quiet a show - BUT the catfisher Kim -starts to suspect Mark is CATfishing HER.
When she realizes this  she cries VICTIM. 

THEN  she and eventually he -- both confess they never met -  Boy is she mad.
 SHE ADMITS SHE NEVER MET HIM- it was all a lie to impress people on FB plus they sextexted .

BIG DRAMA of leaving him- but in reality - she admits FB is boring without playacting and fake profiles on FB sooo ....

I felt bad for her but as time went on I suspected she was as bad as he and  craved not real life but playacting on FB...So I blocked her after I realized the extend of her deciete.

I could care less about Her or Mark there are 1000  catfish lonely people- the only reason i was involved at all was because I thought she was a victim-- and her original "fake profiles" Chis Kelsey Cohen and Kim Fiedman  the mom school teacher - son going off into the IDF  -I had considered a friend. This before she morphed into what she is now and all her lies were exposed.
I deleted and moved on...

But the Mark n Kim show keep attacking

**Well as we said the short end of it is that None of those names above are who she really is- but She has involved REAL PEOPLE and a REAL MOSHOV in Israel. 

**We have the address and name- that the phone is listed under in which she calls from Haim Cohen ( is it husband father Lover or who knows who cares- the original 50 year old Chris Kelsey Cohen was married to a man named Haim- )t

*** we also have the real moshav and the people who live there, who are unknowingly being used.

**We have the phone recordings ( all) her voice on recording. as  as she
details  the lives of people around her family , those who live in the moshav as if it is her life.  
Using events such as being in the IDF during Cloud defensive action -work on the border, fires, death of an aunt, getting a puppy, lifeguarding all under the name Kim Friedman- 
as well as texts and photos.

We have blocked and removed this sad human being - and that should have been the end of it...right? Wrong
-- she keeps up the acting and pretending on her fake Fb page along with her cohert Mark Faulkner-and to add to it is attacking us via posts.

**We were offered by several Israeli to go to the Moshav and do a film exposing  all of this catfish....
While we agree youtube and MTV would love it....it is not the way to expose her to all the innocent people she is using.

**We have every FB links of people she has used without their consent- the real lifeguard- the real owner of the puppy- all the people involved from the moshav - we have their phone  and or cell . 

We would like to forget her him- as its beyond weird- its bizzare childish mental - but isnt it enough for them to pretend to each other-  it seems they find excitment by  attacking - little bit like the pali's. This is the last we will discuss this publically

****If it keeps up - If they keep attacking we will be forced to call the Cohens, Schwartz,Grolls, katz, Frieds, Shlomo, Maman, Segalovitz....
Let them know they their lives their pics -are being used- let them hear the audio tapes of her being Kim Friedman see the post on FB and the  texts... 

BUT Hopefully it wont come to this and these two catfishes will swim away..