9-11 Do More Than Never Forget- Stop Islam's Assault

9-11 Do More Than Never Forget- Stop Islam's Assault
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Saturday, September 14, 2013

New Hamas Law: Forced Gender Segregation for Gaza Schools


It’s 8:00 AM in Gaza. The first bell of the school year rings through the playgrounds of public and private elementary schools throughout the Strip. While students their age around the world are beginning a year of new friends, learning and expanding horizons, the children of Gaza are being subjected to Hamas’ oppressive authoritarian rule that deprives them of a real education and teaches them instead how to kill and aspire toward violence.

The First Day of School

The new school year is an exciting time for young students around the world as they meet new students, teachers and subjects that will accompany them through the year ahead.

The atmosphere in Gaza, however, is something else entirely. It’s 8:00 a.m. and the first day of school is about the begin. This year students over the age of nine from all of Gaza’s schools – private and public – will find themselves subjected to strict gender segregation. Also this year, it will be illegal for teachers to teach students of the opposite gender. The new law especially threatens the existence of private and Christian schools in the region, which cannot afford to operate separate schools for boys and girls. It’s just another step that Hamas is taking to suppress non-Muslim opinions in the Gaza Strip.

Choice of Schools

In democratic countries like Israel, parents are able to send their children to a variety of different schools. There are a range of public and private schools, including those that specialize in science, the arts and religion.

In Gaza, all schools are run by Hamas, various churches, or international organizations. The new Hamas-ordained law requires all of these schools to impose strict gender segregation and dress codes.

Hamas has its own variety of “specialist” schools, such as the Ahmad Al-Jabari School. It teaches jihad, terrorism and the fight against Israel. The school is funded by the Gaza Ministry of Education and is open to children of all ages.

Gaza School girls

Girls at a school in Gaza. Those over the age of nine will be forbidden from interacting with male students and teachers.


Most schools in democratic countries encourage reasoning and critical thinking as children begin to work independently and form opinions. Essential subjects include mathematics, science, history, language and the arts. Foreign languages are also encouraged, especially for high schoolers. Learning foreign languages is seen as a way for students to build an understanding of other cultures and to gain an advantage in the business world.

In Gaza, the curriculum is planned through the lens of hate. Hamas’ textbooks teach students that Jews are thieves and criminals. In history class, students are taught that all Jews come from Europe – ignoring the hundreds of thousands of Jews who were expelled from North Africa and throughout the Middle East – while making no mention of the Holocaust.

Certain schools teach Hebrew, but not as a way to foster peace and understanding. Matard Mahmoud, director-general of Gaza’s Ministry of Education says Hebrew is taught purely as the language of the enemy.

Extracurricular Activities

After school activities at schools around the world often include sports, music, dance, theatre and a wealth of other special-interest clubs.

In Gaza, Hamas makes sure that hate follows students outside the classroom setting. In high schools, lunch breaks and evenings are spent in military classes, where children have training sessions with Kalashnikov assault rifles, learn how to use hand grenades and how to detonate explosive devices. It’s all part of Hamas’ Al-Futuwwa program for boys between the ages of 15 and 17. Some schools stage plays, but all are about hating Jews and violently taking over Israel.

Gaza’s children are not to blame for the travesties being committed to their young minds. Hamas makes every effort to suppress anything that would expand their worldviews, even an education.