9-11 Do More Than Never Forget- Stop Islam's Assault

9-11 Do More Than Never Forget- Stop Islam's Assault
News about Islamic violence world-wide and the Islamic threat , driven by the Quran and its followers. Politics and the issues of our Allies Globally - will greatly effect whether we will be able to stop the spread of Islam and the violence that is backbone of this sick ideology. Islam is United Globally and so must all people who value Freedom be United to Stop Islam!

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Muslim Intolerance- at the Temple Mount in Jerusalem Israel -

Below is yet another Facebook page that illustrates- Islam's hypocrisy. While they scream ( ISNA CAIR MAS MBH.... ) about injustices in western countries towards Muslims. LAWS in Islamic countries openly discriminate - legally persecute and espouse inequality and supremacy. Now below is an example of the ingrained bigotry- that is rooted in the Quran and taught daily - NOTE AFTER ISLAM DESTROYED AND BUILD OVER THE JEWISH TEMPLE-the Israeli are kind to share- rest assure if Islam controlled it there would be no sharing.


Ewwwww! Jewish child drinks from water fountain atop the Temple Mount in Jerusalem


49769831-viArabic “Damascus Gate Now” Facebook page shows a close-up of a Jewish child drinking from a water fountain atop Temple Mount, with text attacking child, accusing him of acting with audacity and boldness, as a thief stealing water from the mosque.

Algemeiner (h/t Liz) The page, which boasts a cool 127,000 ”likes,” writes: “After the departure of Ramadan…in poured the Zionists,” adding, “the thief steals from our mosque to drink.” “God’s curse on the conspirators who are of the unclean Zionist movement from the oldest to the youngest,” it said.

Thanks to Bare Naked Islam .com for this