9-11 Do More Than Never Forget- Stop Islam's Assault

9-11 Do More Than Never Forget- Stop Islam's Assault
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Sunday, June 9, 2013

ENGLISH DEFENSE EDL-Tommy And Family Attacked!

Category: EDL News Published on Wednesday, 10 April 2013 22:56 Written by EDL News Team Hits: 11201

In the early hours of this morning Tommy reported via Twitter that he had just been released from police custody after they had tried to remand him.

Early in the morning of 9th April, a group of Muslims gathered in front of Tommy's families house, shouting abuse and making threats against Tommy, his family and other innocent bystanders in the vicinity:

The police arrived, and arrested ... Tommy.

Tommy was held in custody for 30 hours and his house was searched under the powers granted by Section 32 PACE (search without warrant upon arrest). These powers allow the police to enter and search your home if the police officer “reasonably suspects that he will find on those premises items relating to the offence for which the suspect was arrested.”

Did they expect that Tommy was hiding illegal immigrants? Why weren’t the people who started the incident arrested?

This is not a two-tier application of the law, this seems more like perversion of the law to persecute those who do not subscribe to the government-approved double-think.

So when was it made law that those who suffer antagonism, threats of death and serious beatings must be arrested for their victim status?

A member of Tommys family was followed home by none other than Ibrahim Anderson, a notorious member of the now proscribed "Muslims Against The Crusades" and "Al Muhajiroun" a gang of backward Islamist scum. When Anderson (a white ginger haired convert to Islam) started an altercation with threats outside Tommys famillies home, it was apparent that the threats made were real, credible, and potentially life threatening.

If someone follows a member of your family to their home to instigate trouble then it's pretty safe to assume that person clearly intends to cause harm, to intimidate. It would be pretty safe to assume he's not there to give a sermon or flowers or chocolate as a well wisher now is it?

Of course as anyone would, Tommy and his family acted in the interests of self defence, damage was caused to a car and Anderson soon called his fellow islamist bed buddies to aid him in his "street jihad".

Tommy turned up as did the police and they arrested him, they also arrested another member of his family for entering his own home. The Muslims who turned up on masse in support of their jihadist Islamist brother were armed to the teeth with blades and bats. Something that Tommy pointed out to the police at that time.

Yet Tommy and another family member were arrested? The family home was searched for electronic devices and whatever else Bedfordshire police thought they might obtain. Perhaps they were looking for a phone that had recorded the incident?

Not one of these backward savages were arrested or searched! Now forgive us for perhaps not quite understanding this, but an armed gang of Muslim hatemongers armed with weapons, threatening all and sundry, are not arrested or searched?

Perhaps it's a coincidence but those who allegedly planned to attack an EDL demonstration in Dewsbury were not searched or arrested at the time either, even though they had an assortment of weapons in the boot of the car which included an improvised explosive device!

Again we see a two tier system in full view, please view the following videos of the events captured on camera phones at the time.

With this very much in the public domain and clear persecution of Tommy and his family defending themselves, we now think its only right to hold another demonstration in Luton in order to send a very clear message to the Islamist filth that has infested Luton, to the police and to the council, that we will not tolerate backward Islamist savages living among us any longer.

We can't depend on Bedfordshire police clearly,but we can depend on ourselves.

The gloves are off, the seeds of anger have been sown, it's time for us to show backward Islamist savages what real anger is. We won't capitulate like police forces up and down the country.

It's pretty clear that these events have awoken a sleeping giant.

That giant is pretty angry and understandably so.

As its pretty clear that Tommy and his family are at a much higher risk than before. We ask that anyone who can, no matter how little or large, make a donation on the front page of our website to help with the security measures we need in place to keep Tommy and his family safe.

Your help is always appreciated!



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