9-11 Do More Than Never Forget- Stop Islam's Assault

9-11 Do More Than Never Forget- Stop Islam's Assault
News about Islamic violence world-wide and the Islamic threat , driven by the Quran and its followers. Politics and the issues of our Allies Globally - will greatly effect whether we will be able to stop the spread of Islam and the violence that is backbone of this sick ideology. Islam is United Globally and so must all people who value Freedom be United to Stop Islam!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013


With cries of allah Akbar ... STOP IMPORTING THIS IDEOLOGY NOW

‘Barbaric Attack’ in London Prompts Meeting on Terror

Stefan Wermuth/Reuters
A police forensics investigator, center, approached a crime scene where one man was killed on Wednesday in London.

LONDON — In an attack that raised new fears of terrorism in Britain, a man walking on Wednesday near a military barracks in south London was rammed by a car on a sidewalk and was then hacked to death by two assailants wielding a cleaver and a kitchen knife, according to accounts of witnesses and video taken after the attack. Some accounts said the victim had been beheaded.

British officials did not identify him by name, but the French president, François Hollande, referred to the victim as “a soldier” in expressing France’s sympathy to the visiting British prime minister, David Cameron, who was in Paris when the attack took place.

The two suspects were shot and wounded by armed police, officials said, and were in the hospital under police guard. One suspect was described as being in serious condition. One of the men shouted “Allahu akbar,” or “God is great,” as the attack proceeded, government officials said.
Mr. Cameron, who interrupted a European tour to return to London on Wednesday night, said at a news conference at the Élysée Palace in Paris that the killing was “an appalling murder” and “absolutely sickening.”
“There are strong indications that it is a terrorist incident,” Mr. Cameron said.
ITV News showed a video clip taken with a cellphone in which a man who appeared to be in his 20s or early 30s, holding a cleaver and knife with bloodied hands, offered what appeared to be a political message before the police arrived.
“I am sorry that women and children should have to see this,” the man said. He then referred to what appeared to be a motive for the attack, saying that it had been carried out “because of what’s going on in our own countries.” That phrase has been used by militants to refer to conflicts in countries including Afghanistan, Iraq and Somalia.
The assault took place on a busy suburban street in Woolwich, the site of one of the main military barracks in London. A neighborhood primary school is nearby, and witnesses said that some of those who saw the attack were parents and children returning home from the school.
A small blue car involved in the ramming of the victim appeared to have collided with a telephone pole afterward. It was visible in photographs and television coverage of the scene, with extensive damage to its hood and front window.
Witnesses said they saw two men standing with blades over a man lying prone on the sidewalk, beside a wall. Shortly after the attack, these witnesses said, a man with a handgun leapt from an unmarked car and trained his gun on the assailants, shouting to passers-by to clear the area.
With Mr. Cameron in France, the home secretary, Theresa May, called an emergency meeting of the Cobra committee, a group of cabinet ministers and high-level security officials that oversees the operations of police and security agencies at times of high security alerts. Officials said that the group had ordered a tightening of security around all military barracks and other security facilities in Britain, including police stations.
Ms. May described what had happened as a “sickening and barbaric attack.”
“It has been confirmed to me that a man has been brutally murdered,” she said after a meeting with the chief of Scotland Yard, Bernard Hogan-Howe, and Andrew Parker, the director general of MI5, the domestic security service. “Two other men were shot by armed police and they are currently receiving treatment for their injuries.”
In a Twitter post, the mayor of London, Boris Johnson, said the attack was a “sickening deluded and unforgivable act of violence.”

Stephen Castle contributed reporting.


The soldier, who witnesses said wore a T-shirt supporting Help for Heroes, the charity that raises funds for injured U.K. service members, was attacked by two men near the Woolwich Barracks area of London. British military units are based at the barracks.
The British Broadcasting Corporation reported that the man was first hit by a car driven by two men, after which they attacked him with knives and machetes. Witnesses said attempts were made to behead the soldier.
The attackers were said to have waited for 20 minutes while specially armed units of London’s metropolitan police service arrived. The men then attacked police officers and were shot, reports said. Latest reports say both are in local hospitals, at least one of them in a serious condition.
The calling of a meeting of the U.K.’s Cobra committee is a strong indication that the British government regards the attack as terror-related. Islamic fundamentalists have long threatened to attack British service personnel in a guerilla-style incident. Terrorist videos have also featured British Muslims threatening to behead a U.K. soldier if they got the chance.
A witness named James told London’s LBC radio: “We saw clearly two knives, meat cleavers. They were big kitchen knives like you would use in a butcher’s. They were hacking at this poor guy. We thought they were trying to remove organs from him.
“These two guys were crazed, they were not there, they were just animals. They then dragged him from the pavement and dumped his body in the middle of the road.
“They took 20 minutes to arrive, the police — the armed response.
“There was only a few people at first, then traffic began to build up because people were getting out of their cars to shout at them. They were taking no notice, they were standing there, I think they were proud of what they were doing.
“When they dumped the body in the road, these two black guys had the opportunity to hurt other people if they wanted to because there were brave women with the dead guy on the floor. They were shielding and covering him. The attackers with the knives were standing over these women.”
Other witnesses said that as the two attackers waited for police to arrive, they taunted passengers on a nearby London bus, asking them to take their photograph using their cellphones.
Just yards away from the scene is an elementary school, which was immediately put into lockdown.
Last night it was confirmed that British Prime Minister David Cameron was returning to the country from an official visit to France in response to the incident.