9-11 Do More Than Never Forget- Stop Islam's Assault

9-11 Do More Than Never Forget- Stop Islam's Assault
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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

New Hamas Legislation: Gender Segregation for Gaza’s Schools

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Gaza’s women’s rights have deteriorated in recent years in a downward spiral that has accelerated since Hamas’ violent takeover of the territory in 2007. In a disturbing new low, all schools in Gaza will soon be required to enforce gender segregation – including Christian and UN schools.

The new measures handed down by the Hamas government’s Ministry of Education include a prohibition against men teaching girls, and mandate that gender segregation be enforced for students from the age of nine.
Despite the reality on the ground, glancing at official Hamas policy can give the false impression that women in Gaza enjoy a large degree of freedom. According to the Hamas charter:
“Women’s rights will be secured so that they can contribute to the building of society, socially, economically and politically. Women’s organizations should be encouraged.”
Unfortunately, the opposite is true. After Hamas made this promise, they began to impose numerous restrictions on the women of Gaza. For example, women are banned from dancing orsmoking in public, riding behind a man on a motor scooter and even from getting salon treatment from male hairdressers.
The new law, issued on Monday, is expected to apply on the next day of school for all schools in Gaza. Christian and private schools, usually co-ed until high school, will be most affected by the decision.
“We are a Muslim people. We do not need to make people Muslims, and we are doing what serves our people and their culture,” said Waleed Mezher, legal advisor to the Hamas Ministry of Education.
Zeinab Al-Ghoneimi, a women’s rights activist in the Gaza Strip, said that the new law represents part of a Hamas project to impose its Islamist values on the people of Gaza.
“To say that the old law did not respect the traditions of our community and just wanted Hamas to reform it, is an insult to the people of Gaza,” she said. ”Instead of hiding behind traditions, why do they not clearly say that they are Islamists and they want to Islamize the community?”
Human rights activists have objected to Hamas initiatives from recent years to impose Islamic dress on female lawyers and school students, as well as the prohibition against couples walking hand in hand in the streets of Gaza.
(Source: Haaretz)
This is not the first time that Hamas has imposed discriminatory legislation against women, yet again proving its express intention to limit the freedoms of the people of Gaza.