9-11 Do More Than Never Forget- Stop Islam's Assault

9-11 Do More Than Never Forget- Stop Islam's Assault
News about Islamic violence world-wide and the Islamic threat , driven by the Quran and its followers. Politics and the issues of our Allies Globally - will greatly effect whether we will be able to stop the spread of Islam and the violence that is backbone of this sick ideology. Islam is United Globally and so must all people who value Freedom be United to Stop Islam!

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Netanyahu to Visit United States, Speak at General Assembly of Jewish Federations of North America. - Plus Contact Nos.

      * VP Biden and Opposition Leader Livni to also speak
      * Netanyahu to attend GA during push for peace
      *GA to host top political leaders and Jewish organizations

Jerusalem, Oct. 31 – Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is speaking at the General Assembly (GA) of the Jewish Federations of North America in New Orleans Nov. 7-9.(1)below)

Hate speech laws are applied in West against those critical of Islam, but never against Muslim imams who mock Jewish, Christian infidels.

Think Again: A double standard for Islam -

Islamists everywhere demand respect for Islam, the prophet and the Koran, and threaten murderous mayhem should that demand not be honored. At the same time, they do not hesitate to express their contempt for other religions and their adherents, as well as the system of democratic rights protecting the freedom of religion.

Nor are those threats to be taken likely. More than 50 people died in violence triggered by the Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini’s 1989 edict against Salman Rushdie, author of The Satanic Verses, and all those connected with its publication or distribution. Dozens of Europeans are now in hiding or under police protection because of death threats from Muslims.

Sadly, the West has to a shocking degree acquiesced in this double standard. The Washington Post removed from its website a cartoon including the words “Where’s Muhammad,” even though it contained no depiction of him; South Park’s producers edit episodes mentioning Islam but not those ridiculing Christianity; Yale University Press deleted all the actual cartoons from a book on the Danish cartoon controversy. Australian preachers were fined for quoting the Koran, and leading Dutch politician Geert Wilders was put on trial for his strident criticism of Islam.

Hate speech laws are applied in Europe against those critical of Islam, but never against Muslim imams who mock Jewish or Christian infidels. Even here, Tatiana Susskind was sentenced to two years in jail for posting a cartoon of the face of Muhammad on the body of a pig, but preachers from the Islamic Movement can broadcast what they want about Jews and Judaism.......

PM on FedEx Attack: Terrorists Showing Greater Chutzpah

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu indirectly mentioned, in a statement opening Sunday's weekly Cabinet meeting, the suspected attempt by Yemeni terrorists to strike Chicago synagogues by sending explosive packages via FedEx .

“It matters not whether the attempt is to strike a synagogue in Chicago, a train station in Madrid, or [targets] in Mumbai or Bali,” Netanyahu said. “We are facing a terror wave that is growing, both in terms of the weapons it uses and in terms of trends and chutzpah vis-a-vis the world,” he said.

Each of the bombs reportedly contained some 400 grams of PETN, a highly explosive substance.

Rabbi of ONE OF THE TARGETED Synagogues -doesn't think THEY WERE Targeting NON Muslim (Jewish)-JIHAD !!!!.....

NOPE! They were REALLY attacking the GAY and LESBO Congregation-- they SHARE the building with---MMmmmmm Way to REALLY plant your HEAD IN THE SAND and With YOUR FOOT IN YOUR MOUTH.....

Yep THATS IT! RABBI--Muslims Since Mohammed have been Oppressing And Slaughtering GAY and Lesbians the world over. All the TERROR ATTACKS with Yells of ALLAH AKBAR were all about GAYS And Lesbians??? lolzzzz


Female engineering student in Yemen arrested in package-bomb plot; police looking for others involved


SAN’A, Yemen — Their first suspect in custody, Yemeni police continued to search for the terrorists believed responsible for mailing a pair of powerful bombs to attack the United States. U.S. and Yemeni officials were increasingly seeing al-Qaida’s hand in the failed plot.

Yemeni police arrested a young woman who was a computer engineering student on suspicion of mailing the bombs, which were powerful enough to take down airplanes, officials said Sunday. They also detained her mother.

Investigators were hunting the impoverished Mideast country for more conspirators. U.S. officials included in that group the same bombmaker suspected of designing the explosive for a failed bombing on a Detroit-bound airliner last Christmas.

Authorities were also looking at two language institutions the plotters may have been associated with.

The explosives, addressed to Chicago-area synagogues, were pulled off airplanes in England and the United Arab Emirates early Friday morning, touching off a tense search for other devices. More details emerged Saturday about the plot that exploited security gaps in the worldwide shipping system.

British Prime Minister David Cameron said he believes the explosive device found in central England was intended to detonate on the plane, while British Home Secretary Theresa May said the bomb was powerful enough to take down the aircraft. A U.S. official said the second device found in Dubai was thought to be similarly potent.

But it still wasn’t clear whether the bombs, which officials said were wired to cell phones, timers and power supplies, could have been detonated remotely while the planes were in the air, or when the packages were halfway around the world in the U.S. Still, the fact that they made it onto airplanes showed that nearly a decade since the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks, terrorists continue to probe and find security vulnerabilities.

Qatar Airways released a statement Sunday saying the bomb discovered in Dubai was flown out of Yemen on one of its flights by way of Doha, the Qatari capital. It did not specify whether it was a passenger flight or a cargo-only aircraft.

Asked to clarify whether the bomb had made it onto a passenger flight, a spokesman for the airline said he was checking. Qatar Airways operates one weekly cargo flight from Yemen, on Mondays, and daily passenger flights that could also carry courier packages........

Saturday, October 30, 2010

LIVING QURAN -Islamic Children Following in Muhammad's footsteps----Plus FACTS about the REAL Mohammed


*Lynote--Sadly even if WE DO NOT LOOK- that does not MAKE IT STOP--IT IS REALITY-





Obama sets Muslim outreach for Indonesia trip----Here is Original News OBAMA Cancels  Temple visit because of  Skull Cap- Yet Look at the Pictures of his VISIT to MOSQUES What WRONG WITH THIS PIC! 

Thu Oct 28, 2010 7:20pm EDT

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - President Barack Obama will visit Indonesia's largest mosque and make a major outdoor speech directed at the global Muslim community when he visits Indonesia next month, the White House said on Thursday.

Obama leaves on November 5 on a 10-day trip to India, Indonesia, South Korea and Japan. On November 10 in Jakarta, Obama will visit the Istiqlal Mosque, and then make his speech from another, outdoor location, where there could be a large crowd.

"He'll have a chance to talk about the partnership that we're building with Indonesia, but also to talk about some of the themes of democracy and development and our outreach to Muslim communities around the world," deputy national security adviser Ben Rhodes told a news conference.

First lady Michelle Obama is also going to Jakarta.

The U.S. president was due to travel to Indonesia in March and in June, but put off the visit each time because of domestic political concerns, which disappointed and angered some Indonesians.

But Obama remains popular in the world's most populous Muslim country, where he spent four years while growing up, even as confidence in him has dropped in other Muslim states since he made a major speech in Cairo in June 2009 seeking a new beginning with the Islamic world.

Obama also will announce a new "comprehensive partnership" with Indonesia on security, economic and people-to-people issues, said Jeffrey Bader, the president's top Asian adviser.

He will talk about the partnership in the speech, but also Indonesia's rise as a democracy and emerging economy, close relationship with the United States and pluralism.

"Visiting this mosque and in his speech, I think he'll have the opportunity to underscore the themes that he's made in terms of outreach to Muslim ........

As ALWAYS (not just today)! BE AWARE Please Report Suspicious activity/boxes/ suitcase/back pack unattended

New York airports, synagogues on alert after mail terror plot exposed

New York airports and synagogues are on high alert after officials on three continents unearthed a mail-order terror plot yesterday.

Police will be stationed at major synagogues around the city today -- especially flooding the Orthodox and Hasidic temples in Borough Park and Williamsburg, in Brooklyn -- with officers both sitting outside the holy facilities and checking in during services, sources said.

Federal officials yesterday said two potential bombs were unsuccessfully sent from Yemen to Jewish facilities in Chicago, raising concerns about local safety as well.

Dan Brinzac

AT THE READY: Cop at the Park East Synagogue yesterday.

In Borough Park, six high-profile temples will get extra attention from officers -- including Bobov, Satmar, and Munkatch -- and an officer will be stationed at a booth at Lee Avenue near Keap Street in Williamsburg, police sources said.

The escalation unfolded in dramatic fashion yesterday, as the NYPD's elite Hercules unit was stationed outside the Temple Emanu-El on East 65th Street, while heavily armed officers were patrolling near the Park East Synagogue on East 68th Street. .......

Late Night Comedy- Obama Finally joked about as if he were really President!

Late-night comics are over any initial reluctance to make President Barack Obama the butt of their jokes.

Late-night comics happy to joke about Barack Obama


The Center for Media and Public Affairs found that Obama was the most joked-about political figure this year through Labor Day. The Washington-based think tank said Friday that Jay Leno, David Letterman, Jon Stewart and Jimmy Fallon joked about Obama a total of 309 times. Sarah Palin, with 137, was a distant second.

That's in line with the level of jokes levied at Presidents George W. Bush and Bill Clinton. Comics initially had a difficult time zeroing in on Obama — he was fourth behind John McCain, Bush and Palin as a butt of jokes during the year he was elected president.

The center says most Obama jokes portray him as disinterested or ineffective. Much of them are tied to policy.

Link to Source


Little Laugh For OUR READERS

"President Obama has been meeting with voters in what he calls 'backyard chats.' He's held these in real people's backyards. You know something, I think all politicians should talk to people in their backyards. Then you could take what they say and spread it on the lawn." –Jay Leno

''President Obama just held his first monthly bipartisan meeting and said that working together on jobs would be a good place to start. You know where else would have been a good place to start? A year ago.'' —Jimmy Fallon

"How many watched the Obama speech on Tuesday night? If you didn't see it, I'll give you the short version. We're completely broke, and deeply in debt, but we're going to do a bank rescue, universal healthcare, give everybody a college education, have a bigger war in Afghanistan, cut the deficit in half, and cure cancer. We were this close to universal blow jobs." --Bill Maher.....

NYPOST -Al Qaeda sends bomb packages to Jews in US (Our Citizens) Video Plus

Brits and Dubai uncover Yemen explosives intended for Chicago groups. 'Up to 15' were sent via UPS, FedEx.



Two explosive devices sent on cargo carriers from terrorist-friendly Yemen to Jewish institutions in Chicago yesterday touched off a scare on three continents.

President Obama said "explosive material" was discovered in UPS and FedEx packages intercepted in Britain and Dubai, calling it a "credible terrorist threat" that his administration is taking "very seriously."

Obama indicated the prime suspect was al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, the shadowy Yemen-based group that claimed responsibility for the botched bid to blow up a jumbo jet over Detroit last Christmas Day.


FACING THE THREAT: President Obama addresses the nation regarding the explosives found in US-bound packages in England and Dubai.

Video More News below

Friday, October 29, 2010

IDF reveals Hezbollah’s deployment: PLUS: Iranian missile containers possibly destined for Gaza: PLUS UPDATE

 The Israeli Defense Forces revealed on Wednesday aerial photographs of sites at the village of al-Khiam in southern Lebanon, where the IDF suspects Hezbollah is storing various weapons and even operating headquarters and control centers.

Colonel Ronen Marley, commander of the western brigade at the northern border, commented on the rearmament of Hezbollah: “An event can take place today, or a year from now; I am ready for it to happen by surprise. We are operating in different ways to thwart any event – if one should take place, we will know how to handle it.”

Thursday, October 28, 2010

NEW-Nonie Darwish- THE ISLAMIC WAY OF DISAGREEMENT/ (my guess its NOT PEACEFUL-- more like Kill Whine Kill Whine)

“Did Aisha commit adultery while married to Mohammed? Or worse, did she kill Mohammed? Is she, together with Hafsa Abu Bakr, Uthman and Omar, burning in eternal Hell? Or were they rewarded with Paradise?”

These are questions consuming many Muslim leaders in the Middle East today. Shiites believe the 9 year-old wife of Mohammed was an evil foul-mouth adulteress who deserves Hell, whereas Sunnis believe she is the honored ‘Om El Muminin’ — meaning mother of believers.

Emotions among Islamic scholars are boiling over on Arab religious TV shows. Rather than rationally debating serious troubles within Islam, Islamic leaders have taken their religious debate to a new low. They engage in horrific cursing matches called “Mubahala” on air to solve their disagreements. This is the latest offering from the producers of constant incitement, calls for jihad, teaching children that lying is okay (if it is for an Islamic obligation), and cursing of Jews and non-Muslims. It is believed that the one on the ‘wrong’ side of the religious issue of the Mubahala, will be struck with a supernatural curse, the wrath of Allah, eternal torture, pain, be afflicted with incurable diseases, suffering and a violent death to him and his whole family.

Muslim men of Allah challenge each other to cursing, like a duel of honor, in order to find the ‘truth’. Each Sheikh starts by stating his position, then the cursing starts against the opponent, his sons and women. Words used are doom, ruin, eternal torture from heaven, early death, to be afflicted with incurable diseases and eternal Hell. The one who is harmed or dies at the end is presumed to be the liar.......

DC Jihadist ARREST--Rolling Suitcase's -said to be preferred choice for US SUBWAY JIHADIST (AP n BBC reports)

(BBC) Man arrested over 'plot to bomb Washington DC Metro'

Lynote--As I read this and the second report beneath -- I found it was also very informative on what we CAN look for and report if we see similar activity--No Harm No Foul if the person is on the up n up--BUT it COULD very well be a Jihad.

The man was alleged to have done surveillance at a station A man has been arrested over a plot to bomb Metro stations in the US capital.

Farooq Ahmed, 34, of Ashburn in the state of Virginia was conspiring with people he believed were from al-Qaeda, the Department of Justice said.

Mr Ahmed was taken into custody on Wednesday morning. If convicted he faces up to 50 years in prison.

The suspect allegedly conducted surveillance of Metro stations in Arlington, on the outskirts of Washington DC, on four occasions.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010


The struggle against the Islamic Center and mosque near the ruins of the World Trade Center seems over. The owners of the building, whoever they are, have the legal right to build whatever they want, and will exercise that right. The opposition, however, did not lose the fight. It exposed those behind the project and their motives; as a result, many people woke up to the danger of Islamism. Efforts to insist on openness and transparency must continue – but in a different, and more important direction.


The real Muslim threat-

Muslim Brotherhood much greater threat to US than ground zero mosque

The proposed Islamic Center is only a building. A far greater threat to American security and values is the Muslim Brotherhood, a worldwide Islamist organization that is behind this project, and many others, that seeks to expand the influence of radical political Islam.

Founded in Egypt, in 1928, the Brotherhood is the source of modern radical Islamic movements. With branches in 70 countries and linked to major Islamic organizations, it has an extensive and well-financed network of educational, social and cultural institutions that promote a strategic plan for Islamic dominance – not through violence, but integration, becoming part of the national social and political life, and promoting Sharia law. These connections give it access to political power, and explain why it and the organizations it supports are courted by governments and NGOs.

Adapting to local conditions, the Brotherhood provides educational, social and religious services to Muslim communities, and, because of a lack of local leadership, assumes an advocacy role to non-Muslim political leaders and institutions. Except for its support of terrorism de-legitimization against Israel, and opposition to wars in Muslim countries, it is non-violent, although it distributes radical Islamist literature and is affiliated with radical clerics.

As Lorenzo Vidino observes in his book, The New Muslim Brotherhood in the West, the Brotherhood is "a global ideological movement" that uses a "sophisticated international network" to spread Islam and achieve world domination. Jihad, a uniquely Islamist combination of religious and political/military agendas, seeks to eradicate the "moral bankruptcy of Western culture," and establish Islamic rule via a Caliphate, under Sharia – strict Islamic law.......

;-0 Expert Finds: Islamist HATE Zionism, but ADMIRE it---Plus a reminder of what Zionist Have Achieved for Humanity


Islamic terrorist groups like Hamas and Hezbollah hate Zionism, but admire its success, says Dr. Uriya Shavit of the Dayan research center. The terrorist groups have even sought to mimic the Zionist success story in their own way, he told Arutz Sheva.

Islamic movements' hatred and opposition to the Jewish presence in Israel goes back for many years, longer than most realize, Shavit said. “However, what is even less widely known is that for all those years, Islamists tried to copy Zionism, and almost admired it,” he declared.

Zionism began as a grassroots Jewish movement to return to the Jewish homeland in the land of Israel. While there were many Jews living in the region already, the Zionists were unique in that they wanted to create a Jewish state, and they were willing to give up comfortable lives in Europe, in the Arab world, and elsewhere in order to do so.

Within decades, they had succeeded in establishing a state, and managed to keep the it alive despite being attacked simultaneously by multiple Arab armies.

Islamists secretly admired Zionism, in part due to their own misinterpretation of the movement, said Shavit. Many believed Zionism to be a religious movement, he explained. While there was “a significant religious element” within Zionism, the movement was actually more secular then than it is today, he said.

Islamists attributed Israeli victories over the primarily Muslim Arab world to Jewish faith and religiosity. They thought that “the Jews fought armed with their Judaism, while the Muslims were not armed with Islam,” Shavit explained. Islamists took their defeat as a message to pursue religious faith instead of political allies or advanced weapons, he said.

Their attempts to copy Zionism continue today, with attempts to mimic Israel's democracy, he added. While Islamist terrorist groups do not seek “democracy” in the Western sense of the word, “they recognize that it is a system that allows its leaders to accomplish things,” and they try to implement it for that reason, holding elections and establishing a parliament.

The results – seen in Gaza and elsewhere – are what the Western world would call theocracy......

Lynote-- You all just call it Barbaric...because THAT is WHAT IT IS-wherever Muslims gain Majority

HELP!! Cuomo is in the LEAD- to take NY-his AD'S state -Vote 4 him because OBAMA needs an AID! in NY

Look I understand Paladino words //seem// asinine at times (mostly they are twisted by the MEDIA)-- BUT WE -DO NOT -NEED OBAMA AIDED!! A CUOMO VOTE WILL AID OBAMA-

Read below -the 2 platforms - and LOOK WHO IS SPECIFICALLY detailing what they will DO and HOW they will achieve it-


**STOP with voting on FLUFF - WASNT OBAMA a wake up CALL to STOP voting FANTASY**


Below are Both Candidate Platforms-- NYPOST news//Coumo crushing Paladino/.

Paladino has enough on his platform --its short but targeted --- AND DO ABLE!!!
So do not worry about issue the PRESS keeps bringing up that NO POLI---EVERY GETS Too.



NYPOST Cuomo still pounding Paladino: poll

With just six days to go to Election Day, yet another new poll shows Democratic Attorney General Andrew Cuomo crushing Republican challenger Carl Paladino in the race for governor.

A Quinnipiac University survey released this morning found Cuomo leading Buffalo builder Paladino, 55-35 percent, nearly identical to the 55-37 percent lead Cuomo held in an Oct. 7 Quinnipiac poll.

The new poll showed Cuomo backed by 19 percent of Republicans, along with 88 percent of Democrats.

Independent voters favored the Democrat by a narrow, 44 – 41 percent.

Cuomo was ahead among women by a whopping, 57 – 30 percent, and among men, 53 – 39 percent.

The poll also found the state’s two Democratic U.S. senators holding commanding leaders over their GOP challengers.

U.S. Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand led former Westchester Congressman Joseph DioGuardi, 57 – 34 percent, while Sen. Charles Schumer was leading political consultant Jay Townsend, 64 – 32 percent.

That Republican wave that’s said to be sweeping the country runs into a levee – a dam, a blockade, whatever figure of speech you like – at the New York border, probably because of Carl Paladino’s foot-in-mouth disease. Attorney General Andrew Cuomo can start measuring the Executive Mansion curtains. This race is all but over,” said Quinnipiac University Polling Institute Director Maurice Carroll

Ok beside that Paladino (media) insert foot in Mouth-- Cuomo is a SNAKE--- his Platform LOOK Conservative but its a ruse---As His AD states HE WILL BE AIDING THE OBAMA AGENDA
So though below he says Less GOVERNMENT  (u know that is a LIE because BO and the LEFT are NOT FOR LESS GOVERNMENT)
Every ITEM he platforms is too Attract Conservatives----Aside from Stopping the Death Penalty and Gay Marriage- HAVE THE DEMOCRATES EVER enacted any of the rest??!!
Small Government- cutting back Fiscally??!!! NOTICE HE SAYS //WANTS TO ATTRACT THE BEST AND BRIGHTEST TO GOVERNMENT// jobs -- YEA Correct because BIG GOV and GOV JOBS is ALL YOU GET!!! ;-(
From Cuomo Website:
Clean Up Albany

We must restore honor and integrity to government........

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Adrift in Arabia

Transforming America's relations with the Islamic world has been perhaps the foremost foreign policy issue through which President Obama has sought to set himself apart from his immediate predecessor. Having long downplayed his Muslim roots—going so far as to disguise not only his middle name, Hussein, but also to substitute Barack with the less conspicuous Barry early on in his career—Obama has embraced them since taking office. As he explained in his much-ballyhooed June 2009 address to the Muslim World in Cairo:

    I'm a Christian, but my father came from a Kenyan family that includes generations of Muslims. As a boy, I spent several years in Indonesia and heard the call of the azaan at the break of dawn and at the fall of dusk. As a young man, I worked in Chicago communities where many found dignity and peace in their Muslim faith... So I have known Islam on three continents before coming to the region where it was first revealed. That experience guides my conviction that partnership between America and Islam must be based on what Islam is, not what it isn't.

Distorting Israel’s Loyalty Oath, and the Reality Behind It

More damage from the left - ""well done"" Mr. Uri Misgav....

Execrable comparisons with Hitler and Mussolini are accompanying the proposed oath to the Jewish state, ignoring the very real problem that 64% of Israeli Arabs deny Israel's right to exist.

Is Israel becoming a fascist country? Seemingly that question would only be raised by someone hostile to Israel or ignorant. The ignorant could, for example, be informed of Freedom House’s high rating(1) of Israel as a free country, or of the fact that this year Israel was accepted(2) into the exclusively democratic OECD (Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development).

Yet an article posted last week on ynetnews.com — an English portal closely connected to Israel’s largest daily, Yediot Aharonot — is called “Fascism in Jewish state?” At the top it features a photo of two well-known fascists. One is Mussolini, the other … guess who?

Monday, October 25, 2010

VIDEO of RALLY-Philip Berg, a Pennsylvania attorney who runs the ObamaCrimes.com website ....

Held a  D.C. rally this past weekend (see below Video)  boldly blasts Obama as ‘fraud’.....

A rally today at the U.S. Capitol pulled no punches in declaring President Barack Obama an “imposter” and “fraud” who should resign before a constitutional crisis of his own making rips apart the nation.

The rally was called by Philip Berg, a Pennsylvania attorney who runs the ObamaCrimes.com website and was the first to sue over allegations Obama is constitutionally ineligible to occupy the Oval Office.

“The main thrust of the rally,” Berg told WND, “was to get out the continuing message that Obama is a phony, a fraud, an imposter, and [his eligibility to serve as president] is the biggest hoax committed against the U.S. in 234 years.”

Berg believes there is enough evidence, both hard and circumstantial, to justify an investigation into whether or not Obama is a “natural-born citizen” as required by the Constitution to serve as president. Berg is looking for a court with “the guts” to demand Obama provide proof of his eligibility.

Berg told WND that though the crowd, which he estimated at a couple of hundred, was smaller than anticipated, he still considered the event a success – in part, because of what he hopes it will inspire.

Video Below

Analysis: Republicans May Affect US Pressure on Israel

Read on there's more  -  Why Are Jews Turning Republican?  -  it's about time - get your heads out of the sand.

WASHINGTON — A big Republican win in November 2 congressional elections could stymie US President Barack Obama's attempts to reset relations with Russia, but open the way for a new bipartisan toughness toward China.

In an election year where international relations have barely produced a blip on the national political radar, the outcome of the election was likely, nevertheless, to have a significant effect on how the Obama administration juggles the multitude of challenges the United States faces in the rest of the world.

A strong Republican voice in Congress would likely push Obama to slow his plans to begin withdrawing from Afghanistan next July, badger him to be even tougher on Iran over it's suspected nuclear weapons program and encourage less US pressure on Israel in negotiations with the Palestinians.

Israel slams Catholic statement on Mideast, singling out archbishop

 Archbishop say's Israel is not the Jews' promised land????   
Bishops are pushing the U.N. to work for a two-state solution???

A top Israeli official on Sunday criticized a new statement from Catholic bishops on the Middle East and blasted the remarks of a Catholic archbishop who spearheaded the statement as "libel."

On Saturday, Catholic bishops from the Middle East concluded a two-week conference in Rome, Italy, with a call for the international community, especially the United Nations, to work "to put an end to the occupation" of Palestinian territories.

On Sunday, Israeli Deputy Foreign Minister Danny Ayalon criticized that concluding statement of the conference, called a synod.

The love affair between CAIR and PBS wouldn't be so bad if it weren't for the fact that you're paying for it. -TRoP

Islam in America and NPR, George Soros and CAIR .

The Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB), the parent company of PBS and NPR, received $420 million in taxpayer funds in 2010 and has requested $608 million for the next funding cycle that begins in 2013.

NPR says government funding makes up less than 2 percent of it budget, with the rest coming from station fees, sponsorships and grants. This week, the radio network received $1.8 million from billionaire investor George Soros to hire journalists to cover legislatures in all 50 states.

The Council on American-Islamic Relations had urged NPR to take swift action against Williams. The group said such commentary from a journalist about racial, ethnic or religious minority groups should not be tolerated.

"NPR should address the fact that one of its news analysts seems to believe that all airline passengers who are perceived to be Muslim can legitimately be viewed a security threats," said CAIR National Executive Director Nihad Awad.

CAIR national spokesman Ibrahim Hooper told Fox News that the group is "pleased that the network addressed Muslim concerns."

Steve Emerson writes about Juan Williams and his own experience of getting blacklisted by NPR, which is funded by the US Government and "viewers like you"..(not me!)

Juan, I Know Just How You Feel

I've been overwhelmed by a sense of déjà vu since hearing that National Public Radio fired news analyst Juan Williams for comments he made about his anxiety when he sees Muslim travelers in airports.

It has been well chronicled that Williams spoke only of a personal and emotional response, and was quick to say he didn't believe all Muslims are extremists and that he didn't want people's rights violated by reactions to such emotions.

But NPR showed him the door anyway.

It's uncannily reminiscent of my experience getting blacklisted by NPR 12 years ago. I was interviewed by an NPR reporter in June of 1998 about a Hamas supporter named Mohammad Salah. Unbeknownst to me, a radical Palestinian activist and critic of mine wrote to NPR, expressing his horror that .....

Just who is INTOLERANT , anyway? By David Harsanyi / Ahhh THAT WOULD BE THE LIBERALS and ISLAM !

Juan Williams chased out of his job. Molly Norris chased out of her identity. What is liberal about "liberals" in America these days? TRoP

No question. We're surrendering to religious intolerance. Just not the imaginary religious intolerance many would have us believe.

After 9/11, we stressed the distinction between Muslims and extremist Muslims who were driven by an ideological strain of orthodoxy that prioritizes atomizing the infidel. But we all conceded that those terrorists were Muslims, nonetheless. It's a fact.

Today, even broaching the topic of religious affiliation can send (almost all) the dolts on "The View" scattering for cover. To some folks, any whiff of critical discussion on the religious angle is tantamount to narrow-mindedness. And now, apparently, religious bigotry includes the dissemination of truth.

Surely by now you've heard the tale of liberal commentator Juan Williams, fired by National Public Radio after conceding to Bill O'Reilly that Muslims dressed in traditional garb on a airplane make him kind of "nervous" and "worried."

"Now, I remember also that when the Times Square bomber was at court, I think this was just last week," as Williams went on to assert during a broader conversation about more tolerance. "He said the war with Muslims, America's war is just beginning, first drop of blood. I don't think there's any way to get away from these facts."

Of course there is. Ask some of the "tolerance" -- pimping left-wing groups like Think Progress for their instruction manual. Just throw around the word bigotry. Chill conversation. Watch NPR capitulate and
then watch journalists who value their careers become increasingly uneasy about covering or discussing Islamic radicalism, peaceful Islam -- any Islam........

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Mideast News Roundup

Highlights of the week:
October 24, 2010
The peace process remains on hold as PA President Abbas decides whether to return to the negotiating table – with much encouragement from U.S. and Israeli leaders.

 Abbas Yet to Respond to U.S. Push to Resume Peace Talks
PA President Has Said Israel Must Agree to Preconditions

    • Abbas in Saudi Arabia to discuss future of talks
    • Defense Minister Barak says world recognizes Israel as a Jewish, democratic state
    • PA security uncovers Hamas weapons cache in West Bank

Italy's MP Fiamma Nirenstein:"Islam Does Not Like Christians"

This MP sounds promising....

Jewish Italian MP Fiamma Nirenstein was reconfirmed this week as Vice President of Italy’s Foreign Affairs Committee. In addition, she was also appointed an official consultant on Israel and the international Jewish communities by Italian Foreign Minister Frattini.

 Earlier this week, Nirenstein commented on Christian leaders who criticize Israel yet ignore violence by Arabs. She pointed out that “Islam does not like Eastern Christians: it has forced them to flee and now they account for only 6% of the population in the Mideast”, and added that the only country where the number of Christians has grown is Israel, where 163,000 Christians live today, a number which is expected to grow to 187,000 by the year 2020. “In Muslim countries, on the other hand, Christians are on the wane, but the 50 churches present in the Holy Land seem not to notice. They prefer to dump on Israel, where they enjoy full freedom of worship and expression,” said Nirenstein.

FAN MAIL- Mr Du has an ISSUE w/ people (ME) SPEAKING OUT AGAINST ISLAM- Here's What he SAID.....

Here is Yet another FB Mohammed Promoter--Feeling the Need to STOP ME and not
Islam that has been OPPRESSING AND SLAUGHTERING as the QURAN and HADITH command and Muhammad showed as a Living Example.

Worse it has been lived 1400+ years and is happening in every Nation/Area Muslims have Gained Majority.

Neither BASIC HUMAN RIGHTS - Nor EQUALITY and FREEDOM for ALL EXIST in the IDEOLOGY of ISLAM. But ;-) MR DU has an issue with ME ;-)

Shefik Weisst Du
October 23 at 9:07pm Report
Hi Lyn,
First, I apologize if my English is not as good.
It is very unfortunate what happened on 11/09 for my deepest condolences, but I do not think it okay that you hit the same line as the people who are responsible!
How do you get to the decision because it claims the Quran as you publish it so (Have you read it?)
Or this or that Muhammad is said to have said or done?

What are your sources?..........


Israel's Negotiations: The Blackmailer's Paradox

Professor Yisrael Aumann won a Nobel Prize for his knowledge of 'game
theory' which includes the art of negotiation.  Although he lives in Israel
(his son was a
soldier killed defending the country) the Israeli government has never asked
his opinion or his help in negotiating with the Palestinians.  Below, Prof.
Aumann explains just what Israel is doing wrong. Hello, is someone out there
in the Israeli government listening? Give the Professor a call.
Every blessing,

Naomi Ragen

 Israel's Conflict as Game Theory
 By Prof. Yisrael Aumann
Nobel Prize Laureate

Two men-let us call them Rick and Steve- are put in a small room containing
a suitcase filled with bills totaling $100,000. The owner of the suitcase
announces the following:"I will give you the money in the suitcase under one
condition:you have to negotiate an agreement on how to divide it. That is
the only way I will agree to give you the money."

Rick is a rational person and realizes the golden opportunity that has
fallen his way. He turns to Steve with the obvious suggestion: "You take
half and I'll take half, that way each of us will have $50,000."

To his surprise, Steve frowns at him and says, in a tone that leaves no room
for doubt: "Look here, I don't know what your plans are for the money, but I
don't intend to leave this room with less than $90,000. If you accept that,
fine. If not, we can both go home without any of the money."
Rick can hardly believe his ears. "What has happened to Steve" he asks
himself. "Why should he get 90% of the money and I just 10%?" He decides to
try to convince Steve to accept his view. "Let's be logical," he urges him,
"We are in the same situation, we both want the money. Let's divide the
money equally and both of us will profit."

Steve, however, doesn't seem perturbed by his friend's logic. He listens
attentively, but when Rick is finished he says, even more emphatically than
before: "90-10 or nothing. That is my last offer."

Rick's face turns red with anger.......

Army driver who killed activist says he didn’t know he ran over her

HAIFA, ISRAEL—The Israeli army bulldozer driver who killed American protester Rachel Corrie in the Gaza Strip seven years ago testified in Israeli court Thursday that he first saw her only after she had already been fatally harmed by his vehicle.

The driver, identified in court only by his initials YF, was asked why he didn’t stop working when there were civilians near his vehicle.

“These were our instructions,” he told court. “I’m just a soldier, you carry out orders. I told the commander there were people around and the instruction was, you don’t stop working. It was not my decision, it was the officer’s.”

Britain Elects Islamic Mayor, Marks Increasing Muslim Influence

Their roots are digging deeper & deeper........

Barely 25 percent of the East London borough of Tower Hamlets bothered to vote for a mayor this week; at the end, an Islamist candidate was elected. The race was ultimately between Lutfur Rahman, running as an Independent candidate, and Helal Abbas, the Labor Party candidate.

 An article written in the January 3 edition of the London Evening Standard claimed the Tower Hamlets council was alleged to have “fallen under the influence of the Islamic Forum of Europe.” The piece quoted parliamentarian Jim Fitzpatrick, who said the IFE has been “placing people within the political parties, recruiting members, trying to get individuals elected so they can exercise political influence at local government or national level.”

Rahman, who won the election by an almost two-to-one margin, is linked with the Islamic Forum of Europe (IFE) and has a number of wealthy backers, including powerful local business owners.

Rahman garnered 23,283 votes, as opposed to the 11,254 ballots picked up by Abbas. Another 1,700 votes were discounted as invalid; 10,448 others went to three other candidates, including 5, 348 votes that went to the Conservative Party, which vowed to become “the largest opposition party.”

Replaced by Abbas as the Labor Party’s candidate due to allegations of extremism, Rahman activists “heckled women on their way to the polls for their ‘immodest dress,’ no doubt scaring many away from voting,” charged British blogger David Thomas in a column written for Cherwell.

“I won the vote of the membership,” insisted Rahman, who claimed he was the victim of a racist effort by the Labor party, despite a number of anti-Semitic remarks made by his own associates. “The imposition of Councilor Abbas in my place is an insult to the democratic process,” he told The Telegraph in an interview prior to the election.

“This is a sad night for those of us who want to build a better future and a united Tower Hamlets,” Abbas commented after the results were announced. Still, “as the party with the largest number of councilors (lawmakers) at Tower Hamlets Town Hall,” Abbas vowed to “hold the new Mayor to account and to stand up for all the communities of Tower Hamlets, not just one.”
source link..

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Iran: What the watchdog saw

It's only been two months since Olli Heinonen left the IAEA, where he worked for 27 years. In a first interview with an Israeli media outlet, he cautiously explains what is known about Iran's nuclear program

IDF presents: 'Soldier-free' checkpoint contro

Good idea....Now let them blow themselves up alone..

New electronic ID system that uses handprints 'will make passage more pleasant,' IDF source says
While direct talks languish, the Israel Defense Forces have found a way to minimize friction between soldiers and the Palestinians. After years in which residents of the territories had to present entry permits and IDs on the way to work in Israel, the IDF has prepared a "soldier-free" entry procedure.

 Soldiers will soon be replaced by electronic terminals checking the Palestinians by hand prints.

 A military source involved in the project said the IDF-made devices will shorten the time Palestinians spend in checkpoints and create a "more pleasant atmosphere."

Ahmadinejad’s American Supporters - U.S. Muslim group joins hands of solidarity with Iran.

When Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad spoke before the United Nations General Assembly on September 23, he caused outrage by suggesting that elements of the U.S. government had carried out the attacks of September 11, 2001. His remarks were widely denounced, but one organization in the U.S. called Muslims of the Americas complimented his speech, raising frightening questions about what is being preached to its members, many of whom live on huge, isolated compounds around the country.

Video footage Detroit Jihadist and FBI dog KILLED -- Hard to watch I really feel Bad for the DOG ;-(

Watch dramatic FBI video of Muslim leader's killing in Dearborn raid, shootout

Key moments in the raid captured by surveillance cameras


What you're seeing in this video

This surveillance camera video from the FBI shows its raid on Imam Luqman Abdullah and his followers at a Dearborn warehouse about noon on Oct. 28, 2009. Note the video has no sound and images of undercover agents and of confidential informants were pixelated by authorities to hide their identity.

This is a small segment from five camera feeds obtained by the Free Press under a Freedom of Information Act request. In other parts of the 34-minute videos, the imam and his followers are seen moving televisions in what agents say was a stolen goods ring.

Video's BELOW

Friday, October 22, 2010

NPR---National Putrid Radio-- by THE NY POST ;-) Way to SAY IT LOUD!

It's now a fireable offense to fear a Muslim terror attack -- or it is, at least, if you work at National Public Radio.

Juan Williams found that out the hard way.

A 10-year analyst at NPR, Williams was summarily dismissed Wednesday after saying on Fox News that he gets nervous when people in "Muslim garb" board planes.

"If I see people who are in Muslim garb," he told host Bill O'Reilly, "and I think, you know, they are identifying themselves first and foremost as Muslims, I get worried. I get nervous."

Who can blame him?

In an age when Muslim jihadists are flying with bombs in their underpants, what reasonable person doesn't worry about such things?

Juan Williams

Not many, we'd bet.

And don't forget that 19 jihadist pulled off the worst attack ever on US soil.

New York certainly hasn't forgotten the threat from Islamists. A Muslim bomber tried to blow up Times Square just last May.

And, as Williams noted, that bomber -- Faisal Shahzad -- warns that "the war with Muslims . . . is just beginning," calling himself "the first drop of blood" in the war.

"I don't think there's any way to get away from these facts," Williams said.

Of course there's not.

For its part, NPR says Williams got the boot because his comments "were inconsistent with our editorial standards and practices."

This we don't doubt. ....

Bill O'Reilly Better Educate Himself on Islam/ IF BILL O'REILLY HAD A HAMMER by ANDREW G BOSTOM

Perhaps Bill O'Reilly was clumsily attempting to mollify the over wrought "walk-out" reaction staged by The View's Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar, or the less melodramatic, but equally harsh cultural-relativist scolding he received from host Barbara Walters, in response to his self-evident comments about Muslims having perpetrated the cataclysmic acts of jihad terrorism on 9/11/01.

Regardless, Mr. O'Reilly opined to guest Deepak Chopra this past Tuesday evening (10/19/10) on The O'Reilly Factor,

All Imam Rauf and his crew have to do is say "...we're going to dedicate this mosque-community center-to peace. And we are going to condemn what happened here on 9/11." [Then] I'll get a hammer and help them down there."

Notwithstanding O'Reilly's homespun hubris, his undeniably broad appeal makes this uninformed, naive proposition particularly dangerous. Indeed founding members of the 9/11 families who created The Coalition to Honor Ground Zero share my concerns. Why then are we alarmed?

"Imam Rauf has shown himself to be perfectly comfortable offering soothing words of peace in one forum, thinly-veiled threats in others," said Debra Burlingame, co-founder of 9/11 Families for a Safe & Strong America. "The Islamists with whom Rauf travels have perfected the art of deception. I'd hate to see Mr. O'Reilly get suckered by this simply because he was embarrassed on daytime TV."

By offering to wield a hammer on behalf of the Ground Zero Mosque project, Mr. O'Reilly reveals his basic ignorance of Feisal Rauf's expressed ideology, including the imam's Sharia (Islamic Law)-based conception of "peace" itself -- more accurately, a global Pax Islamica.

As reported by the New York Post's Tom Topousis on June 19, Imam Rauf repeatedly declined to acknowledge, unequivocally, that Hamas is a terrorist organization, despite its formal designation as such by the US State Department, in these words:..........

What Muslims DO! Vent ordered OUT of Restaurant because Smell of Bacon Offensive to Muslims

A hard-working cafe owner has been ordered to tear down an extractor fan - because the smell of her frying bacon 'offends' Muslims.

Thanks to Jodi Kyman - for this news!
I have lived in many Urban area;s-- And Yes the Smell of Chinese Food--- Pizza  is part of city living ....even  a walk from subway to office there is the smell of  Hot Dog Carts -I think its Great its what people EXPECT----But not Muslims

Their Islamic Beliefs have to be inflicted on the rest of Society---

Yes this is England but---
But we have Judges in NJ allowing Religious Defense for a Muslim beating his wife
We have Places of Employment giving Prayer Breaks in addition to Regular Breaks an employee receives by Law.
We have Foot baths in OUR SCHOOLS and AIRPORTS????? Recent News on USA creeping SHARIA

Yes this is the UK--but they the Left have Ben importing Voters for 20yrs---Obama is Increasing Immigration from Islamic Nations Decreasing other non Muslim immigrants AND FAST TRACKING Citizen ship

And besides stacking the VOTER DECK---With the STRONGEST Voter Block we have Yet to encounter--- Muslims START  inflicting their Beliefs Way before they even near Majority. ;-(
And the Left Panders and the Right Follows if all vying for their Vote


Cafe owner ordered to remove extractor fan because neighbour claimed 'smell of frying bacon offends Muslims'

Planning bosses acted against Beverley Akcicek, 49, after being told her next-door neighbour's Muslim friends had felt 'physically sick' due to the 'foul odour'.

Councillors at Stockport Council in Greater Manchester say the smell from the fan is 'unacceptable on the grounds of residential amenity'.

Planning row: Cafe owner Beverley Akcicek has been ordered to tear down an extractor fan by the council because the smell of cooked bacon 'offends' Muslims

The fan has been in Beverley's Snack Shack takeaway in the Shaw Heath area of the town for the past three years.

Mrs Akcicek and her husband Cetin, 50, - himself a Turkish Muslim - work more than 50 hours a week buying, preparing and cooking hot and cold sandwiches and hot-pots for their customers.

Mr Akciek !!!!heres the deal- If you cook bacan YOUR NOT A MUSLIM--this is not like Judaism or Christianity wre your transgression are dealt with in the here after- THIS IS ISLAM-- Mohammed would have KILLED YOU--- When they say NO BACON--it NO BACON Islamic Law is Law not personnel choice-- IT IS LAW GOVERNMENT in every area Islam is majority----
And as we have now LEARNED....inflicted on non muslims even WHEN are not  EVEN Majority YET!
Any IMAM from Moe down through the ages to current Egypt Jordan.... WILL AGREE YOU ARE NOT A MUSLIM-- So stop promoting Islam by calling yourself muslim and making people think YOU REPRESENT ISLAM. YOU DO NOT--
Today mother-of-seven Mrs Akcicek said she plans to appeal against the decision.

She said: 'I just think it's crazy. Quentin's friends actually visit the shop, they're regular visitors, they're Muslim people, they come in a couple of times a week.

AGAIN - Mhammed  HIMSELFand any Muslim Majority Nation would  TELL THEM ALL AS PER THE QURAN AND HADITH--- YOU ARE INFIDELS!!!

'I have Muslim people come in for cheese toasties. Cetin cooks the food himself, he cooks the bacon.

'When we go to a cafe my husband wouldn't be offended by the smell of bacon. His friends are not offended by it, we have three visitors who come here for a sandwich, friends of my husband, and the smell doesn't offend them at all..........

Sharia? What Sharia? by Robert Spencer----Oh Osama Mohammed and Obama /Leftist would be/are- so Proud!

As Sharron Angle, Newt Gingrich and others have started making Islamic law (Sharia) part of the national debate, and Oklahoma actually moves to outlaw it, there is a new attempt to confuse the American people about the nature of the threat we face. It’s a large-scale mainstream media effort to deny both that there is any attempt to bring Sharia to the United States, and that Sharia is anything to be concerned about in the first place. Unfortunately, there is plenty of evidence of attempts to establish the primacy of Islamic law over American law, and much to indicate that Sharia is anything but benign.

Characteristic of the media campaign was a Saturday Religion News Service story by Omar Sacirbey, which asserted that “no one in Oklahoma, Michigan or anywhere else is calling for Shariah — including and especially Muslims.” Sacirbey quoted Ibrahim Hooper of the Hamas-linked Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) – without noting, of course, CAIR’s status as an unindicted co-conspirator in a Hamas funding case, the jihad terror convictions of various former CAIR officials, or the Islamic supremacist statements made by Hooper and CAIR co-founder Omar Ahmad. Hooper said: “This is another right-wing fantasy that started on the hate blogs and worked its way into the mainstream media. Where is the evidence of the takeover?”

The RNS story goes on to cite as evidence the New Jersey judge who declined to charge a Muslim with sexual assault on his wife because under Sharia, a woman may not deny sex to her husband at any time under any circumstances. This remarkable introduction of Islamic law into American jurisprudence was overturned, leading those who would dismiss the threat of Sharia to claim that its spread in the U.S. is simply a matter of one lone example. Unfortunately, there are more.

There have been successful attempts by Muslim workers at meat packing plants in Nebraska and Colorado to force their employers to restructure the work schedule to give them special breaks at times for Islamic prayer. These efforts initially met with protests from non-Muslim workers, who complained to no avail that the special breaks given to Muslims forced the non-Muslims to work longer hours, and thus discriminated against them. The result? Muslims in these plants have special privileges that other workers do not have – in accord with the privileged status Muslims enjoy over non-Muslims in Sharia societies.

Another example of Sharia insinuating itself into American life are the foot baths.......

Egypt Cuts a Deal: Christians Fed to Muslim 'Lions'

A prominent Egyptian, Muhammad Salim al-Awwa, ex-secretary general of the International Union for Muslim Scholars, appeared on Al Jazeera on September 15, and, in a wild tirade, accused the Copts of "stocking arms and ammunition in their churches and monasteries" — arms imported from Israel, no less, as "Israel is in the heart of the Coptic Cause" — and "preparing to wage war against Muslims."

He warned that if nothing is done, the "country will burn," and urged Muslims to "counteract the strength of the [Coptic] Church." Al-Awwa further charged that Egypt's security forces cannot enter the monasteries to investigate for weapons — an amazing assertion, considering that Coptic monasteries are not only at the mercy of the state, but easy prey to Islamist/Bedouin attacks.(1)

Needless to say, these remarks have inflamed Muslim passions, not to mention paranoia, against Egypt's Christians, who make up approximately 12% of the population. To make matters worse, right on the heels of al-Awwa's "monastery-conspiracy-theory," Islamist leaders began to circulate baseless rumors that the Church and Pope Shenouda III "kidnap" Coptic women, who willingly convert to Islam, and then trap the women in desert monasteries, "torturing" and "re-indoctrinating" them back to Christianity — even when the women in question publicly insist they never converted to Islam.

Due to all these allegations, since last month there have been at least ten mass demonstrations in Egypt — most numbering in the thousands — condemning the Copts, the Coptic Church, and Pope Shenouda. The "Front of Islamic Egypt" issued a statement promising(2) the Copts a "bloodbath." Most recently, on October 8, Muslim demonstrators chanted "Shenouda, just wait, we will dig your grave with our own hands," while burning the 86 year-old pope's effigy.......

A UNILATERAL Declaration of statehood?

There has been a certain amount of talk about the possibility of a unilateral declaration of the state of ‘Palestine’ within the 1949 armistice lines. Nobody knows what would actually happen if the Palestinian Authority proceeds along this course, but some interesting questions come up:

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Lorne Gunter: If Islam were truly equal, wouldn’t Muhammad be fair game, too? Example used Geert Wilders...

Lorne Gunter is CORRECT! I just have to add-
Imagine for one moment THE DaVINCI code with Islam as the subject---Ohh man! the

Author would be long Dead by now-- if it even made it to Print.

What about A PASSION OF THE CHRIST type movie--- Lets Say Reenactment of Muhammad's  slaughtering of the  Jews of Medina?

During the controversy over cartoons of Mohammed that appeared in a Danish newspaper in 2005, I received an email from a reader insisting, “This is about treating Islam equally! I am a Muslim and all we want is for our religion to be treated with the same respect as other religions.”

The problem with his demand is that the cartoonists in question did treat Islam in the same way Western culture treats Christianity, Judaism and other faiths. The media typically reserves no special reverence or respect for the major Western religions (including their Prophets). And so if Islam were treated “equally,” then Mohammad would be fair game, too.

For instance, how many times in the past decades can you remember lib-left media commentators disparaging the way Christian fundamentalists propped up George Bush — typically in language and tone that implied Christian voters were less intelligent and sophisticated than most?

Read the Toronto Star on any given day and there will be two or three references to Christians and the Harper government that drip with sneering disdain for the views and brains of both.

Of course there are also Andres Serrano’s Piss Christ photograph and Chris Ofili’s Holy Virgin Mary, made in part out of dung, among other artworks that have challenged Western notions of faith and perception.

Few Western media outlets would censor cartoon or artistic depictions of Christ. Danish publishers merely wanted the same lack of courtesy extended to Islam and its prophet.

Muslims in the Netherlands who are pushing for the prosecution of Dutch anti-Islam MP Geert Wilders are drawing the same mistaken parallel between Mr. Wilders’ criticism of Islam and what they falsely perceive as the special regard paid to Western faiths.

Outside the Dutch court this week, where Mr. Wilders is on trial for spreading hatred toward an identifiable group, several Muslim protesters held up placards saying “Don’t Insult Islam.” Why?

Is Islam more special than Christianity or Judaism under Dutch law?

Have the Dutch courts used the same hate-speech laws trained on Mr. Wilders to haul in other Dutchmen who have called Christianity a superstition .......

Israel’s Delusional Left-Wing.

Delusional of just stupidity - whatever the outcome is disastrous.

A number of years ago, I encountered the Israeli author and Peace Now activist Amos Oz at a New Jersey forum. Following his lecture, I asked him – in his native tongue – to explain how he could possibly demand that peace be delivered “now,” as if it would simply come by commanding it. He chuckled for a moment and replied, “The name might have been adopted a little hastily but peace is within our [Israel’s] reach.” Amos Oz was one of the original signatories of a letter sent to Prime Minister Menachem Begin in 1978, which marked the creation of Israel’s left-wing Peace Now movement.

In the letter to Prime Minister Begin, the founders of Peace Now wrote:


Lately I have been seeing more and more fake facebook profiles, with seemingly Jewish women looking for relationships. I found few things common with all these profiles: The profile pictures are all uploaded in not more then 2 different dates, all the pictures look like model photoshoots, they all have 1 or more albums that also look like a model photoshoot, they all say they are from New York, and they all say they were born in the 80's.

These profiles clearly took a lot of hard work and thought to make, so this doesnt look like the work of an amateur!

There are MANY more of these around! So Keep your eyes open!

Tanya Abramov - http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001735773854&ref=pymk
Rachel Blumengold - http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001577821354&ref=pymk
Rosalie Horowitz - http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001405416647&ref=pymk
Missy Van Houten Campbell (Pediatric Nurse) - http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000575341949&ref=pymk
Carrie Weinstock - http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001617104585&ref=pymk 
Fanya 'Fanny' Baron - http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001554436093&ref=pymk
Maryam Kohan (Maryam 'Mimi' Kohan) - http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000579589569&ref=pymk
Maddison 'Maddy' Kohn - http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001641738712&ref=pymk
Sarah Doron - http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001478659212&ref=pymk
Avital אביטל Cohen - http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001405120871&ref=pymk

New Poll- Obama ONE AND DONE- 54% of Americans say B O YOU STINKS

But HOLD ON --- WE STILL  HAVE LOTS OF WORK TO DO!!! Look below at where Past Presidents stood....

 Most Americans believe Obama will be a one-term president: poll

A majority of Americans don't think President Obama deserves to keep his job, a poll released today shows.

With less than two weeks to go before the midterm elections, a survey conducted by Gallup shows that only 39 percent of Americans think Obama deserves to be re-elected in 2012.

A staggering 54 percent think he should be a one-term president, the poll found.

Earlier this year, between 46 and 48 percent of Americans said Obama should be re-elected.

The survey also shows that Obama has averaged a job approval rating of 44.7 percent during the first seven quarters of his presidency.

Obama's average approval rating has declined each quarter since he took office nearly two years ago -- falling by more than two percentage points in the most recent quarter to establish a new low.

Lynette (those are silly people who think a President puts more $$ in yr pocket simply by existing----Instead of  a PRESIDENT THAT WORKS at securing economic opportunities and business growth for our Country) =Business' Hire  and pay= more $$-NOT Presidents and Government.

Similar Gallup polling conducted in the past shows a lot can happen over the next two years for Obama. ....

ISRAEL: - Palestinian Negotiations.

Palestinians Shift Focus in Strategy for Statehood

RAMALLAH, West Bank — The Palestinian leadership, near despair about attaining a negotiated agreement with Israel on a two-state solution, is increasingly focusing on how to get international bodies and courts to declare a Palestinian state in the West Bank, Gaza and East Jerusalem

Goldstone and the Guerilla Flotilla: An Emerging Pattern

The distinguished New York attorney Trevor S. Norwitz delivered the folowing remarks

on October 5, 2010, at the conference of the Lawfare Project entitled “Lawfare: Shared
Implications for the U.S. and Israel.” Published here by UN Watch with permission of the author
One of the most troubling manifestations of Lawfare today is the increasing abuse of the instruments of international law, specifically to delegitimize and demonize one country (Israel) and to embarrass and weaken another (America).(note below)

I thought I would talk today about the latest contribution of the United Nations “Human Rights” Council to this phenomenon, namely its report on what might be called the Guerilla Flotilla (or, if you prefer, the Intifada Armada) which as you probably know was submitted to and accepted by that august body just a few days ago. After that, I’d like to offer a few general thoughts on the topic of Lawfare.

BREAKING NEWS: ADL Applauds FBI for Securing Guilty Plea in Terror Case.

ADL Assisted in Investigation

New York, NY, October 20, 2010 …
The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) today welcomed the guilty plea of a Virginia man on federal charges of providing material support to Al Shabaab, an Al Qaeda-linked terrorist organization based in Somalia.

Globe / Mail Reporter- Does not accurately report the Truth about Israel- Here's Proof + TAKE ACTION LINK

HONEST REPORTING LINK-Patrick Martin's anti-Israel advocacy reporting must be challenged.

News reporters are duty bound to avoid expressing their subjective viewpoint or willfully promoting social & political causes. Yet sometimes reporters' opinions and agendas, whether conscious or unconscious, are revealed in their news coverage.

Instead of doing straightforward reporting, some reporters use the public platforms of the media outlets they work for to slip in their own thoughts, frame a story's narrative in a particular light, use partisan language, or use unreliable sources in the pursuit of advocacy journalism.

A recent violator of the most basic precepts of neutral and objective reporting comes from the Globe and Mail's Mideast bureau chief, Patrick Martin, for his engagement in anti-Israel advocacy journalism.

In an article published yesterday (Oct. 19) entitled "Israel Shedding Allies as Government Goes 'From Bad to Worse''', Martin tried to paint Israel as a pariah state.

The lead of Martin's article sets the tone for his thesis which presents Israel's loyalty oath and the flotilla incident as the reasons why Israel is allegedly losing friends:

"The list of Israel's friends is quickly becoming a lot shorter than that of its former friends. To the second category can be added a number of OECD member countries and officials, a leading British film director and the King of Morocco –who have all in the past few days cited increasing unease with Israel's policies toward Palestinians."

Despite Martin's highly selective list, ......

US Angry at Netanyahu for Being a Zionist

We are really going to get it after the election, leaks the administration:

Behind the scenes, the Obama administration is still absorbing the fact that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has to date rejected a proposed American compromise package that would have offered various security and other assurances to Israel in exchange for a 60-day renewal of a partial West Bank settlement freeze that expired last month.

The American team is said to be frustrated and upset at Netanyahu’s dismissal to date of the package, which was drafted by the NSC’s Dennis Ross in close consultation with Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak and Israeli negotiator Yitzhak Molho…

“’We put our asses on the line,’” the sense of dismay among the U.S. Middle East team at Netanyahu’s rejection of the U.S. package was described. “’We worked with your defense minister and gave you this amazing deal, all the cover you needed to extend the freeze. And you not only rejected it, but put forward a counterproposal [demanding Palestinian recognition of Israel as a Jewish state] pandering to the right and a stalling tactic.’” — Laura Rozen, Politico(1)below)

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Israeli Arab Leaders: 'No' to Negotiations with Israel.

Ha....Oh please, this is getting very tiring, "Israel is not ready for real peace?"

Recent reports in the Arab media, both in Israel and abroad, indicate that many Israeli Arab leaders, including Arab Knesset members (MKs), oppose the negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians and are calling on the Palestinian Authority to withdraw from the current round of peace talks. They contend that Israeli society and its leaders are not ready for real peace, and the negotiations merely serve to improve Israel's image in the eyes of the world, and to neutralize the boycotts and the criticism of the various inquiry committees against it. They also warned that recognizing Israel as a Jewish state would pose a threat to its Palestinian citizens and to the right of return for Palestinian refugees. These figures called on the Palestinian negotiators to refuse to acknowledge the legitimacy of settlement blocs and to demand a halt to construction in Jerusalem. Some of them called for the reorganization of the Palestinian leadership, or even the formation of a new movement to replace it.

Following are excerpts from several statements:

VIDEO UPDATE the Whitehouse Explanation on WHY OBAMA has been dropping the Word CREATOR

//The president, most assuredly, believes in the Declaration of Independence.// Huh?????

That’s the word today from Press Secretary Robert Gibbs, who was asked why in recent weeks President Obama twice has edited out “by their Creator” when quoting from the founding document.

The issue was raised by Les Kinsolving, WND’s correspondent at the White House, who is second in seniority among reporters on the beat.

He asked, “Twice in recent weeks, the president has quoted from the Declaration of Independence and has omitted the Declaration’s reference to rights ‘endowed by their Creator.’ Why did he omit this part of the Declaration?”.......

Video below......

Website- -ASK an IMAM- Can a Muslim show Respect for a NATIONAL ANTHEM or FLAG other then ISLAM

The Below Question and Answer is from an Islamic Site  (western) called Islam Q n A -where IMAMS (Muslim Scholars Clergy) answer questions that Muslims have regarding the Quran (allah word) Hadith (muhammad example of a good Muslim) - The Imam caution on What is Haram (not allowed) and what IS allowed....Link to Website

Respect for the national anthem or flag

What is the ruling on standing when the national anthem is played, or when the flag is saluted?

IMAM ANSWER using the Quran and Hadiths....

Praise be to Allah.


Playing or listening to national anthems is haram (SIN). This has been discussed in the answer to question no. 5000 and 20406. It makes no difference whether what is played is songs or the national anthem or anything else.


Standing by way of humility and veneration is not befitting unless it is done for Allaah.

Allaah says (interpretation of the meaning):

“And stand before Allaah with obedience”

[al-Baqarah 2:238].

Allaah has said that because of His greatness and majesty, the greatest of creation (the angels) will stand for Him on the Day of Resurrection and no one will speak until after Allaah has given him permission. He says (interpretation of the meaning):

“The Day that Ar‑Rooh [Jibreel (Gabriel) or another angel] and the angels will stand forth in rows, they will not speak except him whom the Most Gracious (Allaah) allows, and he will speak what is right”

[al-Naba’ 78:38].

The one who claims that there is any created being for whom one should stand out of respect have given that created being one of the rights of Allaah.

Hence the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said: “Whoever likes men to stand up for him, let him take his place in Hell.” Narrated by al-Tirmidhi (2755); classed as saheeh by al-Albaani in Sahih al-Tirmidhi. That is because this is part of the might and pride that belongs only to Allaah. ......

ACTIVIST (dhimmi ist) Speak out for Jihadist Synagogue Bomb Plotters- After all they DID NOT SUCCEED--

Stinkin Think'in c/o Leftist morons---
This falls on the heels of Dallas Jihadist Moron who planted a BOMB- But IT DID NOT GO OFF- So he only got 24yrs !!---Click here for this News so he will out by the time he is 40 primed and ready- for an attack that WILL KILL because our JAILS are breeding grounds for MUSLIM indoctrination

What the HELL are we doing REWARDING them for NOT BEING Competent?


Deadly Dimwits

 Four Muslim converts who plotted to bomb a pair of Riverdale synagogues and shoot down military planes were convicted.

The bad news: Activists are turning the "Newburgh 4" into a cause célébre -- a supposedly hapless squad of dimwits armed with fake explosives, arrested by the feds before they did any harm.

Dimwits we'll buy, but that doesn't make them innocent. Even idiots can detonate explosives -- and this dangerous crew showed an unseemly eagerness to enlist in jihad.

And they're not alone. Far from it:

* A 2004 sting netted Albany pizza-shop owner Mohammed Hossain and his imam, Yassin Aref, as they laundered money for an assassination plot, wiring cash for a shoulder-fired missile meant to take out a Pakistani diplomat. The deal bought them 15-year sentences instead.

* The same year, Brooklyn resident Shahawar Siraj hatched a plan to blow up the Herald Square subway station.........

OK find what is WRONG with this NEWS- Obama refuses to wear Skull cap

Headscarf headache to cancel Obama Temple visit

In last week  GOOD News Photo  OF Australia PM Julia WITHOUT Headscarf  Good for HER! WAY NOT TO BE DHIMMI! And the photo's of all the western woman who SUBMITED (not in a religious site THEY HAD WEAR ALL OVER ISLAMIC NATIONS!!- OBAMA never had an ISSUE with any of the WOMAN on his team SUBMITTING TO SHARIA--YET in a NON MUSLIM TEMPLE AN ACTUAL HOLY SITE FOR SIKHS in INDIA---OBAMA like a TYPICAL MUSLIM has NO ISSUE with WOMAN adhering to SHARIA EVERYWHERE not even IN or near Holy Site   ......but He does have ISSUE with honoring NON Muslims Holy SITES . mmmmm

Ask any travel agent, globe-trotter or gap-year student: The Golden Temple in Amritsar, north India, is both a site of pilgrimage for Sikhs and a must-see on any tourists’ Indian itinerary.

But India’s most famous foreign tourist, U.S. President Barack Obama, who will tour the country next month, may have to forego his visit.

It was supposed to be Obama’s only religious appointment on the 4-day trip to India, but a politically-sensitive row over the required headwear for the temple threatens to derail his plans.

According to local media reports, the President’s team has balked at the idea of Obama wearing a headscarf or skullcap — required for any visitor to the holy site — due to fears.........

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Palestinian Refugees: Why Is Everyone Lying To Them?

Palestinian Authority leaders are now saying that they will never recognize Israel as a Jewish state because that would mean that they would have to give up the "right of return" for millions of Palestinians to their original homes inside Israel.

These leaders are actually continuing to deceive the refugees into believing that one day they will be permitted to move into Israel.

Islam - Arab Group Pushing for Islamic Law in Judea and Samaria: 'Islamization' Continues in Gaza.

The Hizb ut Tahrir Islamic fundamentalist movement has become active among Palestinian Authority Arabs in Judea and Samaria, pushing a message that only restoring the Islamic caliphate and the rule of Islamic law, not Fatah or Hamas, holds the answer for the region.

According to National Public Radio (NPR), the group is arranging rallies and drumming up support while dodging security forces loyal to PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas, who see the group as a threat.

RICH LOWRY- In the midterm of its discontent, the Obama administration has become a long catalog of excuses....BLAME BLAME BLAME

It seems everything would be going swimmingly if Washington weren't so irredeemably broken. In a revelatory interview with President Obama and his aides about what went wrong, Peter Baker of The New York Times reports that this White House constantly complains that Washington is not "on the level," that "the whole Washington culture is not serious about solving problems."

If your party has the White House, 59 Senate seats and 255 House seats, though, for all intents and purposes it is Washington. The Obama Democrats have completed a period of surpassing legislative mastery.

Excuses, excuses: Obama's blaming his woes on everything except his own radical policies. They got a 1,073-page stimulus bill, a 2,409-page health-care bill and a 2,319-page financial-reform bill. That's 5,801 pages in just three pieces of legislation, at a very conservative cumulative estimated cost of $1.9 trillion over 10 years. If this is what Obama's broken Washington produces in three bills, what would a functioning one do?

For all their reputation as obstructionists, Republicans weren't able to stop any of this. Unlike in the early Clinton years, Republicans aren't benefiting from obstructionism so much as from failing to block a president's deeply unpopular priorities. Washington worked for Obama -- and now he's paying the price.

Dallas Jihadist get only 24 year in Jail- I guess because his plot FAILED he gets to Try AGAIN?

Jordanian man gets 24 years in Dallas bomb plot

DALLAS (AP) -- A Jordanian man caught in an FBI sting trying to blow up a Dallas skyscraper was sentenced Tuesday to 24 years in prison after telling the court he was ashamed of his actions and renouncing al-Qaeda.

AP PhotoHosam Smadi, 20, faced up to life in prison but received a reduced sentence after pleading guilty in May to attempted use of a weapon of mass destruction.

Just before being sentenced, Smadi addressed the court.

"I'm so ashamed for what I did. I'm very sorry for my actions," Smadi told Lynn just before he was sentenced. "I could not live with myself if I had hurt anybody."

Smadi also renounced al-Qaida and called its leader, Osama bin Laden, "a bad man."

Ohhhhh PUUUHHHLEEEESEEE -come on who believes this? LIBERALS

Smadi acknowledged leaving what he thought was a truck bomb in a garage beneath the Fountain Place building in September 2009. Smadi said he parked the truck, activated a timer connected....