9-11 Do More Than Never Forget- Stop Islam's Assault

9-11 Do More Than Never Forget- Stop Islam's Assault
News about Islamic violence world-wide and the Islamic threat , driven by the Quran and its followers. Politics and the issues of our Allies Globally - will greatly effect whether we will be able to stop the spread of Islam and the violence that is backbone of this sick ideology. Islam is United Globally and so must all people who value Freedom be United to Stop Islam!

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Israeli left drops J Street for arranging Goldstone / Congress meetings

Tom Gross reports on how even Israeli leftists have dumped J Street for arranging meetings between Goldstone (of the infamous report) and members of Congress.

When an organization says it supports Israel and then stabs it in the back, please beware. No one is a little bit pregnant or a little bit anti-Semitic, or a little bit anti-Israel. It’s tip of the iceberg.

For those of you who have been following the scandals surrounding J Street, I attach the latest installment from today’s Washington Times revealing that leading Israeli Labor politician Collette Avital resigned as J Street’s Israel representative after she discovered that J Street in Washington had helped facilitate meetings between UN Judge Richard Goldstone – widely detested by both left and right in Israel for singling out the Jewish state to be put on trial for war crimes “and possible crimes against humanity” – and members of Congress.

The Obama administration last week already started to distance itself from J Street – a group it previously strongly embraced – after disclosures that nearly half the group’s funding for 2008 came from a single China-based donor in what some reports say might have been a money laundering exercise, and after Jeremy Ben Ami, J Street’s executive director had lied about not receiving money from George Soros, when Soros and his family had in fact donated substantial sums to the organization. (In the past, Soros has made some very hostile statements about Israel and Jews in general.)

Many in Israel from left to right have long argued that J Street should not portray themselves as pro-Israel to the U.S. media when their stances on several issues, such as campaigning against imposing sanctions on Iran, were not

I attach three articles below.

QUESTION - What do Ethiopian Muslims- -Mid East Muslims- European Muslims Asian Muslims-American Muslims Have IN COMMON?

Answer--- THE QURAN HADITH and MOHAMMED (after the Horrible News of Muslims KILLING Innocents! read the Q and H below)!! and THEY ALL OPPRESS THOSE WHO DO NOT SUBMIT (and that's the best case scenario)--- BECAUSE ITS  ALLAH'S CAUSE!

Today's News from Around the Globe- Ethiopian Muslims Burn Down Christian Homes, Farms

WASHINGTON, D.C. (Worthy News)-- Twenty-five Muslims burned down ten Christian homes, leaving eighty Christians homeless in Ethiopia, a Washington-based rights' group said Thursday, September 30.

International Christian Concern (ICC) said on July 15 at 8 PM local time, attackers who were led by a local government militia, destroyed the homes in the Godda district of Jimma, Ethiopia. They also set fire to their barns, killing their animals and destroying their harvest.

"The assailants asked the Christians to leave their homes and told them, 'We will show you what we are going to do to your homes, and if you inform this to anyone we will burn you the way we burn your homes.' Then they set the Christian homes on fire and began celebrating by singing near the burned homes," ICC quoted a Christian leader, who apparently spoke anonymously due to security concerns.

The attackers then prevented the victims from leaving the village for 16 days. Finally, one of the Christians managed to escape and report the attacks to district officials after walking for 16 hours. The police temporarily arrested the person who led the attack and a local official. However, they were later released on bail.

The Muslims have prevented the Christians from rebuilding their homes and the Christians now live under trees.


This is not for the first time that Christians have been attacked in Jimma. In October 2006, a Muslim mob killed six Christians. In June 2010, Muslims destroyed coffee farms belonging to two Christian converts from Islam.

According to a 1994 national census, 82.57% of the population in Jimma are Muslim. Christians complain that Muslim officials in Jimma deny them land for building churches and cemeteries.

Lynote; HEY Guys are you surprised? THIS IS THE QURAN- THIS IS ISLAM READ IT!!HERE!!!!!


ICC urged Christians to call the Ethiopian Embassy in your country and bring the attacks against the Christians to their attention and demand that all the perpetrators be brought to justice.

Ethiopian Embassy: USA- (202) 364-1200 Canada- (613) 235-6637 Germany- 49.30-77-20-6 UK- 020 7838 3897 / 020 7838 3898
How is it Possible Muslims--who cant even invent Telephone lines-- Are ALL DOING THE SAME EXACT THING?  KILLING IN THE NAME OF ALLAH.
THE really SAD PART IS--- PEOPLE NON MUSLIMS- From Supposedly "ADVANCED COUNTRIES" Like OBAMA--- BUSH--- BIBI-- BLAIR-- CNN BBC FOX all CAN NOT FIGURE OUT WHY and KEEP SAYING IT IS NOT ISLAM (actually like pre ww2 they can see why- but people refuse to face reality--and what happened then is happening NOW MORE DEATH!

WAIT--your saying but my neighbor is a nice Muslims he/she is not killing--
You know how many Jewish who were born in Germany lived next to their neighbors all their lives and said the same thing-EVEN when their neighbors started hailing HITLER-- they still thought they were nice! It was just political.

WELL HERE IS A FACT- NEVER EVER has ISLAM (muslims ) Grown to Majority and the QURAN not been implemented-- GO AHEAD-- check ME! It is the basic Foundation of being Muslims.
Jihad comes in MANY FORMS TERROR/ LEGISLATIVE/POPULATIVE(populate to majority)...one way or another ALLAH CAUSE is IMPLIMENTED
Quran (2:216) - "Fighting is prescribed for you, and ye dislike it. But it is possible that ye dislike a thing which is good for you, and that ye love a thing which is bad for you. But Allah knoweth, and ye know not."

Quran (4:74) - "Let those fight in the way of Allah who sell the life of this world for the other. Whoso fighted in the way of Allah, be he slain or be he victorious, on him We shall bestow a vast reward." ......

A Memorial Fb Wall goes up for Tyler Clementi and guess Who Shows UP whining about themselves...Yes MUSLIMS!

Yesterday I blogged an OFF TOPIC post-- About the

Tyler Clementi   tragedy Rutgers Student Kills Self jumps off GW Bridge- Dorm mate  cruelly Filmed him in Compromising Private moment- with the hope of Parents talking their Children-- that Suicide is never the Choice--ALL thing will pass--

Anyway-- A A Memorial WALL  went up on FB-- and many commented that Homosexuality or the fear of being LABELED Homosexual-- should not be a reason to Kill ones self. Personally I agree....

However here comes the MUSLIMS----who typically whine and complain about "discrimination" when Frankly NO GROUP ON EARTH DISCRIMINATES MORE AND VIOlently THEN the QURANIC IDEOLOGY....

THe Muslim blow tries to compare Discrimination of Homosexuals to MUSLIMS ???

Excuse me! For all his Flowery prose---about the Quran and ISLAM--HE LEAVES OUT THE TRUTH!
ISLAM IS AGAINST Homosexuality ! (he does eventually say there are no Homosexuals- in Islamic countries but that is after a young man elaborates to the horror. With that man got REMOVED by FB.

And NO they do not "frown upon it" THEY KILL HOMOSEXUALS/ JAIL THEM FOR LIFE/ GLUE THEIR ANUS' SHUT-- depending on the Islamic Country-- BUT ALL ISLAMIC COUNTRIES FOLLNTRIES from Mohammed till NOW KILL.

Now I was NOT going to bring a Debate on Islam to a WALL deemed a Memorial---

But here we have MUSLIMS--- once again USING any occasion to WHINE and CRY-- Promote ISLAM.

I copied this SLIME's Comments--- BE careful out there People-- its not just the Leaders and the Media -Islamics are ALSO PROMOTING ISLAM (sadly not as much as the Leftist NON MUSLIMS
First he interject on a memorial for a boy-HIS RELIGION WHO DOES THAT!!!- Then he promoted that Islam is misrepresented-- He avoids the FACT that he is the one misrepresenting--- Mohammed in today's world would be called an "extremist" BUT THE FACT IS Mohammed And the QURAN are EXACTLY WHAT ISLAM IS= BARBARIC---

Amir Al Sayed
my people are viewed negatively throughout the world due to certain religious extremists and terrorist factions. thus unfortunately, international travel and immigration currently does not bode well for me and my people. i look forward to t...he day when this discrimination against middle easterners and muslims would come to an end, when we would be welcomed into other foreign lands with open arms and without apprehension and suspicion. for the meanwhile, i will stay in saudi arabia. perhaps i will movie to egypt. land of the pyramids, home of the nile and the pharaohs. that is my dream
THEN someone brings Up the Fact that MUSLIMS KILL JAIL HOMOSEXUALS and Amir Dances...

Mark Steyn- Bowing to ISLAM....-General Petraeus has never said a word about the rampant buggery of pre-pubescent boys by Pashtun men ....

First a bit of WHAT PEOPLE want us to Respect-- Then Mark Steyn--(author of the Quote in the title) explains the situation we face.

Quran (2:216) - "Fighting is prescribed for you, and ye dislike it. But it is possible that ye dislike a thing which is good for you, and that ye love a thing which is bad for you. But Allah knoweth, and ye know not."
Quran (4:74) - "Let those fight in the way of Allah who sell the life of this world for the other. Whoso fighted in the way of Allah, be he slain or be he victorious, on him We shall bestow a vast reward."

Quran (4:95) - "Not equal are those believers who sit (at home) and receive no hurt, and those who strive and fight in the cause of Allah with their goods and their persons. Allah hath granted a grade higher to those who strive and fight with their goods and persons than to those who sit (at home). Unto all (in Faith) Hath Allah promised good: But those who strive and fight Hath He distinguished above those who sit (at home) by a special reward,-" JIHAD

Quran (8:39) - "And fight with them until there is no more persecution and religion should be only for Allah"

In case its NOT CLEAR what FIGHTING MEANS from the Hadith Muhammad Life-the Best example in Allah words (QURAN) of a Muslim

Bukhari (52:177) - Allah's Apostle said, "The Hour will not be established until you fight with the Jews, and the stone behind which a Jew will be hiding will say. "O Muslim! There is a Jew hiding behind me, so kill him."

Abu Dawud (14:2526) - The Prophet (peace_be_upon_him) said: Three things are the roots of faith: to refrain from (killing) a person who utters, "There is no god but Allah" and not to declare him unbeliever whatever sin he commits, and not to excommunicate him from Islam for his any action; and jihad will be performed continuously since the day Allah sent me as a prophet until the day the last member of my community will fight with the Dajjal (Antichrist)

Bukhari (8:387) - Allah's Apostle said, "I have been ordered to fight the people till they say: 'None has the right to be worshipped but Allah

Muslim (1:149) - "Abu Dharr reported: I said: Messenger of Allah, which of the deeds is the best? He (the Holy Prophet) replied: Belief in Allah and Jihad in His cause..."

Muslim (20:4645) - "...He (the Messenger of Allah) did that and said: There is another act which elevates the position of a man in Paradise to a grade one hundred (higher), and the elevation between one grade and the other is equal to the height of the heaven from the earth. He (Abu Sa'id) said: What is that act? He replied: Jihad in the way of Allah! Jihad in the way of Allah!"

GOOD PEOPLE-HUMANITY- would no more respect and Protect this Garbage against out citizens our government - then they would Nazism--

This IS ISLAM this was Mohammed who created it-- And Any Muslim who denies it-- IS an APOSTATE

Either you believe ALLAH COMMANDS AND RESPECT MOHAMMEDS ACTIONS or you stand WITH HUMANITY From Islams own TEXTS here is what Muhammad did Raped Robbed Murdered Innocent people because they refused to SUBMIT to ISLAM

-------------------------------------------------- Bowing to Islam's view of us

By Mark Steyn

Link to Source

While I've been talking about free speech in Copenhagen, several free speech issues arose in North America. I was asked about them both at the Sappho Award event and in various interviews, so here's a few thoughts for what they're worth:

Too many people in the free world have internalized Islam’s view of them. A couple of years ago, I visited Guantanamo and subsequently wrote that, if I had to summon up Gitmo in a single image, it would be the brand-new copy of the Koran in each cell:

To reassure incoming prisoners that the filthy infidels haven't touched the sacred book with their unclean hands, the Korans are hung from the walls in pristine, sterilized surgical masks. It's one thing for Muslims to regard infidels as unclean, but it's hard to see why it's in the interests of us infidels to string along with it and thereby validate their bigotry.

What does that degree of prostration before their prejudices tell them about us?

It’s a problem that Muslims think we’re unclean. It’s a far worse problem that we go along with it.

Take this no-name pastor from an obscure church who was threatening to burn the Koran. He didn’t burn any buildings or women and children.

He didn’t even burn a book. He hadn’t actually laid a finger on a Koran, and yet the mere suggestion that he might do so prompted the president of the United States to denounce him, and the secretary of state, and the commander of U.S. forces in Afghanistan, various G7 leaders, and golly, even Angelina Jolie.

President Obama has never said a word about honor killings of Muslim women.......

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

If You Believe the Newspapers- A Kindergarten in a Town built by Jewish Refugees is about to DOOM ....

Take Note of the Liberalism sign lol you guys will be the first to Go!
.....all hopes for peace in the Middle East. Forget the fact that there was never any peace long before a few dozen Jews who fled Yemen built themselves a small town where they could raise their families, without being murdered for their faith or driven into ghettos-- as is the fate of the last remaining Jews of Yemen.

Forget a thousand years of Muslim bigotry, which time and time again have exploded into orgies of violence, pogroms of hate and terrorist atrocities. No, it is the kindergarten at Kiryat Netafim that is at fault here.

The very same headline scribblers who chastised Americans as hopelessly racist, for not wanting a mosque to be built where thousands of people had been murdered in the name of Islam, are united in denouncing the terrible evil of this kindergarten. If it were not for this kindergarten, doves would be flying overhead with olive branches. And everyone would be dancing and singing "Kumbaya." If it weren't for that specter of that terrible kindergarten ruining it all.

There is of course no objection to Muslims building things anywhere they want. Oil money from the gulf states is pouring in to finance Muslim construction without a word from the White House. While Jewish homes, barns and kindergartens are denounced as "obstacles to peace", Muslim construction is not even a topic of discussion.

The underlying bias behind this attitude is rather blatant. A Jewish home is illegitimate. A Muslim home is unquestionably legitimate.

Just as a mosque near Ground Zero gets wrapped up in the flag, and a church gets tossed aside. The rights and wrongs always manage to come up star and crescent for Muslims, and snake eyes for everyone else......


Because kids can be mean- bored -and try to get attention at the expense of others.
This boy was too YOUNG to know that this would have passed---Now HE is DEAD.

KIDS-- Be Careful Out there! The technology today makes jokes and cruel words pranks  far worse then years past. We have Webcams  micro recording units.... I heard a common joke is to change the number under a Speed dial name so the person thinks they are texting one person but really another.(thx CTP!)

BE CAREFUL-- But more importantly REALIZE - What ever it is --IT WILL PASS--

Rutgers student filmed having sex commits suicide, 2 charged with filming


A Rutgers University freshman who had his privacy violated after two classmates allegedly taped him during a "sexual encounter" and posted it on the Internet committed suicide by jumping off the George Washington Bridge, authorities said.

Tyler Clementi, 18, of Ridgewood, NJ, is believed to have jumped from the bridge Thursday night after learning that the images had been streamed live on the Internet, authorities said today.

Two other Rutgers students, Dharun Ravi and Molly Wei, both 18, have been charged with illegally taping another student having sex and posting the images on the Internet.

Tyler Clementi

The Middlesex County Prosecutor's Office charged Ravi and Wei with invasion of privacy for allegedly placing a camera inside the student's dorm room.

Three days before the suicide, Ravi posted on his Twitter that Clementi, his roommate, wanted some privacy.

"Roommate asked for the room till midnight. I went into Molly's room and turned on my webcam. I saw him making out with a dude. Yay," he wrote.

Collecting or viewing sexual images without consent is a fourth-degree crime. Transmitting them is a third-degree crime with a maximum prison term of five years.

An investigation began after someone alerted the campus police that the camera had been placed in the student's dorm room without permission, Middlesex County Prosecutor Bruce Kaplan told the Newark Star-Ledger. ....

Video Below

STUXNET MALWORM UPDATE-- Haha I am going to say it! Thank You ISRAEL! because while its possible the US...

could have done humanity this service--the FACT
2- This has Israel MO all over it- they use any means to keep Humanity safe yet  weaponry that could cause civilian casualties is ALWAYS the LAST resort. So this ATTACK was Brilliant!

An alarmed Iran asks for outside help to stop rampaging Stuxnet malware

DEBKAfile Exclusive  Iran Stuxnet ---Iran on cyber red alert after failing to vanquish Stuxnet

Tehran this week secretly appealed to a number of computer security experts in West and East Europe with offers of handsome fees for consultations on ways to exorcise the Stuxnet worm spreading havoc through the computer networks and administrative software of its most important industrial complexes and military command centers. debkafile's intelligence and Iranian sources report Iran turned for outside help after local computer experts failed to remove the destructive virus.

None of the foreign experts has so far come forward because Tehran refuses to provide precise information on the sensitive centers and systems under attack and give the visiting specialists the locations where they would need to work. They were not told whether they would be called on to work outside Tehran or given access to affected sites to study how they function and how the mealworm managed to disable them. Iran also refuses to give out data on the changes its engineers have made to imported SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) systems, mostly from Germany......

New MP is first in Australia to be sworn in with Koran --- How HORRIBLE For Australia after the news we gives Facts

Think I am horrible for saying HOW SAD? Use the Links at the Bottom to see exactly what YOU are supporting---

Before union boss turned western Sydney MP Ed Husic takes his seat in the 43rd parliament of Australia, history will be made.

Mr Music, the son of Yugoslavian migrants, is the first Muslim elected to federal parliament and will today become the first MP sworn in by the Chief Justice of the High Court with his hand on a copy of the Koran.

The Blacktown-based former national president of the Communications Electrical and Plumbing Union arrived in Canberra yesterday carrying with him the Koran of his proud migrant parents who will watch on from the public gallery as he takes his oath.

While downplaying his religion and the significance of his contribution to Australian political history, the MP for Chifley said "getting elected to parliament, full stop, is an enormous privilege".

But Mr Husic conceded others might well see his oath as a significant moment for Muslim Australians.....

New Terror Threat Intercepted- Mumbai Style Attack on EU---- ? I think the West can safely say-this is a given at anytime- because THIS IS ISLAM!

Experts: Terror threat against Europe still active

LONDON (AP) -- European security officials say a terror plot to wage a Mumbai-style shooting spree in Britain, France and Germany is still a threat and authorities are monitoring sites in Pakistan where the threat originated.

Intelligence agents intercepted the threat two weeks ago, prompting American forces to increase drone missile strikes against al-Qaeda targets in Pakistan......

UPDATE on Muslim Employee Suing DISNEY--- Sorry People as expected-DISNEY CAVED IN TO SHARIA

Picture Above Depicts Disney New Uniform Design
Disney designs new uniform for Muslim intern Monday, September 27, 2010

Disneyland has designed a new uniform featuring a fitted headscarf for a Muslim intern. The new Disney-created design features a hat over a tight fitting headscarf, but is not a traditional hijab. (KABC Photo)

ANAHEIM, Calif. (KABC) -- A quick resolution has been reached with another Muslim woman at Disneyland who wanted to wear her hijab, or religious headscarf, at work.

The company developed a new costume for the college intern to wear in her job as a vacation planner at the park. Her traditional hijab did not follow the company's uniform guidelines.

The new Disney-created design features a hat over a tight fitting headscarf, but is not a traditional hijab.

The intern came to California from Chicago to work as a vacation planner, thanks to Disney's College Program. But when she arrived in Anaheim, she was told she would have to work in a stockroom, with less guest interaction, until Disney could create a customized uniform for the vacation planner position.....

This situation came to light Monday after the Greater Los Angeles Area office of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR-LA) issued a press release on the new uniform. CAIR-LA called on Disney to implement a corporate-wide policy that reflects what it calls an employee's legally-protected right to wear religious attire.

But in a statement, Disneyland Resort said, "Walt Disney Parks and Resorts has a long history of accommodating a variety of religious requests from cast members of all faiths - with more than 200 accommodations made over the last three years and this instance was no different."

Note --lol actually  though disney Cave--I think the jokes on CAIR this 'uniform' look ridiculous ---
Corporations should not sued for Dress codes-- period  --if it is across the board for all employees
-- It Fair-- You do like it-- Dont apply 

The other case involving a hostess at a Disneyland hotel who.....

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

PLEASE READ & PASS ON: Secret is Out: Pro-PA Billionaire George Soros Funds J Street

Despicable - even from the LEFT.
Recently it was revealed that the anti-Zionist George Soros was a large contributor, although J Street had categorically denied that until now
The so-called "pro-Israel" organization is bursting with overripe scandals about the identity of its contributors, its decision-making process, conflicting policies on Iran sanctions, ties to pro-Iranian and Arab American organizations, and more. But many reporters have been reluctant to shine a spotlight on them, fearful of running afoul of the White House for whom J Street proudly serves as Obama’s “blocking back” or the extreme "Journolist" guild of "progressive" reporters and bloggers in Washington who promote J Street and attack its critics

When J Street president Jeremy Ben-Ami went to temple on Yom Kippur I hope he concentrated on the verse, "Forgive us for the sins we committed by fraud and falsehood.” Since J Street’s founding, Ben-Ami repeatedly and boldly lied about his organization’s dependence on the super-critic of Israel, George Soros. Lake revealed that J Street’s U.S. tax records prove that Soros and his family are major contributors. 

Evgeny Rodionov a Russian Soldier Beheaded by Islam for Refusing to Remove his Cross and Convert to ISLAM -PLS Take A Moment...

Soldier Evgeny Rodionov Killed for Refusal to Accept Islam Now Set in Bronze 28.09.2010

Monument to Evgeny Rodionov, a soldier who perished in Chechen Republic in the 1990s has been set up in his native town of Kuznetsk in Penza Region.

Private Rodionov was killed by Chechen militants, when kept a prisoner in Chechnya, on May, 23rd, 1996. He was decapitated for refusal to take off the underwear cross he was wearing and accept Islam.

"The monument depicts a bronze candle with its flame embracing a soldier who is holding a cross", - the report reads. The monument will be unveiled near the school, where Evgeny Rodionov studied.

The author of the monument is the Ukrainian sculptor Sergey Border. Link to Source

This is the only Video I could Find to Remember this Young Boy/Man--- Soldiers Everywhere Fighting the Islamic Barbaric Ideology -- Need ALL OUR SUPPORT.....

VIDEO BELOW PLUS MORE ON THE Capture and barbaric Killers of this  BRAVE SOLDIER

Crime & Punishment in Islamic Law

This article examines classic Islamic law, the “Shari’ah,” regarding crime and punishment. Recently, the “Ground Zero Imam” Egyptian Feisal Abdul Rauf claimed Muslim and American law were essentially the same. He said, “What’s right with America and what’s right with Islam are, in fact, very much in sync…I call America a Sharia compliant state.” But what would being a “Shari’ah compliant state” really mean? To understand this, we need to study the details of Shari’ah law.

Continued plus video below

FBI Escorts Known Hamas Operative Through Top-Secret National Counter terrorism Center as “Outreach” to Muslim Community

Sheikh Kifah Mustapha (third from left) touring the National Counterterrorism Center (Photo: FBI)

A known Hamas operative and unindicted co-conspirator in the largest terrorism financing trial in U.S. history – Kifah Mustapha – was recently escorted into the top-secret National Counterterrorism Center and other secure government facilities, including the FBI’s training center at Quantico, during a six-week “Citizen’s Academy” hosted by the FBI as part of its “outreach” to the Muslim Community. The group was accompanied by reporter Ben Bradley of WLS-Chicago (ABC), who filed a report on the trip to Washington D.C. on Sunday, who observed:

Sheik Kifah Mustapha, who runs the Mosque Foundation in Bridgeview, asked some of the most pointed questions during the six week FBI Citizens’ Academy and trip to Washington. He pushed agents to fully explain everything from the bureau’s use of deadly force policy to racial and ethnic profiling. “I saw a very interesting side of what the FBI does and I wanted to know more,” Sheik Mustapha explained after returning from D.C. He hopes the FBI’s outreach runs deeper than positive public relations.

Yes, I bet he wanted to know everything about the FBI’s policies.

Curiously, Bradley’s report on the Citizen’s Academy fails to make note Mustapha’s extensive terrorist ties and support for Hamas, including his former employment with the Holy Land Foundation, which was listed as a specially designated terrorist group by the U.S. government in December 2001, and whose executives were convicted of terrorism support in 2008 and sentenced to lengthy prison terms.

Mustapha was personally named unindicted co-conspirator (#31) in the case and employment records submitted by federal prosecutors during the trial showed that he received more than $154,000 for his work for the Holy Land Foundation between 1996 and 2000. During the trial, FBI Special Agent Lara Burns testified that Mustapha....

87 Senators Urge Obama to Pressure Abbas.

Now that the Israeli settlement moratorium has expired, the world is looking to Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas to see if he will follow through on his threats to step away from the negotiating table. Here in Washington, lawmakers are looking to President Barack Obama to lean on Abbas to stay put.

Eighty-seven U.S. senators have already signed on to a letter, which was initially circulated(read below(1) only three days ago, calling on Obama to publicly pressure Abbas to continue with the direct peace talks begun Sept. 1 in Washington.

Q n A - Q: A UK Muslim Girl wears a Hajib and claims to be DEVOUT--She also wrapped a Chain around her Fist , broke into a Home and ...

...  beat and robbed a young girl.   How CAN THIS BE?

A:  This IS ISLAM  as per the Quran and Hadith just as Mohammed himself LIVED- There IS nothing Conflicting about being  both a Devout Muslim and Bashing in someones head.

Click here to see some "PEACEFUL" Quran Hadith and just WHO and What Mohammed DID READ AND SHARE help make others Aware that YES IT IS ISLAM
Woman attacked by girl gang after Internet war of words over boyfriend

Two young women abused and threatened each other on social networking sites in a row over a man which ended in a violent attack by a girl gang, a court heard.

Three other women were recruited by Zubeyde Durna, 20, to attack Ayse Moustafa, 21, in her Tottenham home after the pair clashed on Facebook and MySpace.

The case comes only days after the Crown Prosecution Service launched a crackdown on using networking sites for harassment and stalking. Offenders could be barred by court orders from using the internet.

The conflict between the pair was sparked when Durna began seeing Ms Moustafa's ex-boyfriend, Snaresbrook crown court heard. Durna was angry because Ms Moustafa had allegedly used MySpace to harrass her over the relationship.

She recruited **Amina Apesin  (Ms Hajib), 21, and two 17-year-olds - who cannot be named for legal reasons - then threatened Ms Moustafa on Facebook while one of the teenagers sent her a message saying: ''We're going to f**k you up.''

Provocation Yacht on its Way to Ashdod Port, Boarded by Israel Navy without Incident, 28 Sept 2010

18 mins. ago.

IDF naval forces recently boarded the yacht “Irene,”and it is currently being led to the Ashdod seaport along with its passengers.

The boarding of the yacht was without incident and no violence of any kind was used by neither the passengers onboard nor the Israel naval forces.

Prior to boarding the yacht, the Israeli naval ships transmitted two warnings to its captain, making him aware that they are breaking both Israeli and internatioal law. These warnings were ignored by the captain of the yacht and its passengers, who sailed further into the area under naval blockade.

The IDF regrets that it must divert the Israel Navy’s attention from its regular operational activity defending Israel and its citizens because of acts of provocation such as this.

related - Jewish activist set sail for Gaza


Monday, September 27, 2010

Asharq Al-Awsat Talks to Israeli Deputy PM Dan Meridor

Tel Aviv, Asharq Al-Awsat- Israeli Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of

Intelligence Dan Meridor has appealled to Palestinian President Mahmud Abbas
(Abu-Mazin) not to withdraw from the direct negotiations because of the
issue of settlement construction activity.

In An exclusive interview with Asharq Al-Awsat Meridor said that the
negotiations are over something that is more important than the settlement
activities; they are over the establishment of a Palestinian State that will
provide the Palestinian people with stability and put an end to their suffering.

U.N. Flotilla Debate: Hillel Neuer on English-language Russian TV

Hillel Neuer, executive director of UN Watch, told Russian TV that the results of the recent UN report on the flotilla incident were pre-determined.

"This report was determined in advance, the Human Rights Council held an emergency session only a day or two after the flotilla incident happened," Neuer said. "They declared Israel guilty of 'an outrageous attack', so the outcome was entirely pre-determined, and this is not something that's exceptional."

"In fact, Mary Robinson, who was the UN rights chief, said the Human Rights Council has a pattern of acting politically and not for human rights," Hillel Neuer added. "Let's remember who the membership is -- Saudi Arabia, China, Colonel Gaddafi of Libya is now a member of the Human Rights Council. This is not a body that cares about human rights. This is a body that is political, that is engaged in a constant campaign to de-legitimize Israel, and human rights is the last thing on the minds of members like Saudi Arabia, Cuba and Libya."

Negotiating in the Middle East

Our media, talking heads, academics, and even our government strategic thinkers have been dealing with the Arab and Muslim world based on the politically-correct paradigm of even-handedness, attributing most international problems to poverty, misunderstandings, rectifying historical grievances, and, in the case of Israel, territorial disputes -- while ignoring or underplaying key elements, such as the importance in Middle Eastern cultures of the values and importance of honor, shame, clan loyalties, theocratic religion, retaining absolute power, and frustrated religious imperialism.

As Harold Rhode, recently of the Pentagon's Office of Net Assessment, wrote for the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs, it is crucial to understand the mindset of our enemies – something the current US Administration and the leaders of the European Union appear loathe to do.

Dealing specifically with Iran, but implying that the Arab dictators and despots of the Middle East move to the same beat, Rhode concludes that the paradigms that govern US foreign policy in the Middle East today are totally at odds with the paradigms that actually govern the actions of our enemies.

PA requesting that Israel release dozens of prisoners.

What's with all these concessions....

09/26/2010  12:10

PA requesting that Israel release dozens of prisoners
Abbas reportedly asked that jailed Palestinians be released as good will gesture to help talks move forward; Israel yet to respond.

The Palestinian Authority has asked Israel to immediately release dozens of political prisoners incarcerated in Israeli prisons as a good will gesture that will help give peace talks between the sides momentum going forward, Israel Radio reported on Sunday.

Mounir Mansour, the head of the Palestinian Prisoners Committee, said that Israel has yet to respond to the Palestinian Authority's request

Mansour said that PA President Mahmoud Abbas wants to successfully broker the release of Palestinian prisoners in order to improve his image on the Palestinian street which would give him a mandate to continue peace talks with Israel.

He added that this would only constitute an intermediary measure and that in a final peace agreement the Palestinian Authority would expect the release of all 7,000 Palestinian prisoners being held in Israeli prisons.

Mansour stated that the release of all Palestinian prisoners held in Israeli jails as part of an Israeli-Palestinian peace agreement would be independent of any deal to release kidnapped IDF soldier Gilad Schalit.

Society For Voluntary Jewish Extinction Fights Islamophobia- This Time Temple Beth Meshuga

In response to the rising tide of anti-Semitism, here and abroad, courtesy of the Religion of Peace, liberal Jews (Temple Beth Meshuga) have pledged to fight Islamophobia – the “phobia” the left loves to hate.
continued below...


Note- If you are one of these Leftist Jewish- Don't YOU DARE SAY I am Anti Semite---

I have Equally shined a light on the Turn the Other Cheek Christians (aka LAMBS TO SLAUGHTER) and to Left of them are the HINDU Gandhi esque--appeasers.

You are ALL Equally At FAULT for Helping AID Muslims fulfilling ALLAH CAUSE.

And ALSO!  those on RIGHT-who think the solution is SEEK OUT and HELP Moderate Islam---


THERE IS NO SUCH THING- at best we have  apostates that insist on calling themselves Muslim and  Respecting Mohammed.-- So basically they are AND YOU!

2 Very Ignorant



THE SOONER WE CAN STOP the SLAUGHTERING ON OUR SOIL and the SPREAD OF THIS IDEOLOGY to OUR COUNTRIES-- (which by the way if Islam was not based on Jihad-- they can overtake (and will) our Political System in about 30 yrs simply by populating to Majority-- THAT NOT JIHAD has advance them to 60+ NATIONS in recent history.


GrassTops USA Exclusive Commentary

By Don Feder

In response to the rising tide of anti-Semitism, here and abroad, courtesy of the Religion of Peace, liberal Jews (Temple Beth Meshuga) have pledged to fight Islamophobia – the “phobia” the left loves to hate.

We’re told that anti-Muslim hysteria has reached a fevered pitch. Daisy Khan, wife Imam Rauf, point-man for the Ground Zero Mosque, says it’s “like a metastasized anti-Semitism.” What, that serious? “It’s not even Islamophobia; it’s beyond Islamophobia. It’s (gasp) hate of Muslims!”

Are Muslims being lynched by rampaging mobs? Are imams kidnapped and tortured to death? Are cars filled with Muslim civilians ambushed, and pregnant women shot to death at close range?

Much worse, my friends. This uber-bigotry is epitomized by opposition to a mosque – excuse me, a cultural center – built near the spot where 2,752 Americans were murdered by Muslim hijackers, in the name of Islam, 9 years ago. Will the horror never end?

But, not to worry, Jewish liberals are here to save the day.

UK MUSLIMS Celebrating this past 9-11 Anniversary- Coming to a COUNTRY near YOU-thanks to the Left and parts of the RIGHT Full Pictorial HERE

The Jewish Telegraph Agency reported that, shortly before Rosh Hashanah, officials of several Jewish organizations met with their knee-jerk counterparts of other faiths “in an emergency summit … that denounced anti-Muslim bigotry and called for a united effort by believers of all faiths to reach out to Muslim Americans.”

The unintentionally hilarious Rabbi David Saperstein of Reform Judaism’s Religious Action Center (Mother Jones with a schmear) argued that Jews “have been the quintessential victims of religious persecution… and we know what happens when people are silent…. We have to speak more directly to the anti-Muslim bigotry in America today.” .....

Lynote --it gets worse below *shakes Head*

Professor in Illinois- Writes that Shouting / USA /at Sporting Events is Insensitive to Muslims!- Bashes Patriots* TAKE ACTION LINK INCLUDED

(his name phone and email below)....

Oh, you ignorant Americans with your venal patriotic chants of “USA, USA” at sporting events. Your bellicosity isn’t patriotism, it’s propaganda and lowly militarism… so says David Green, University Administrator and member of the University of Illinois Institute of Government & Public Affairs.

Green’s poisoned pen letter to American patriots was published by the Daily Illini, an “independent newspaper” at the U of I, and features every manner of attack on America.

Green’s vituperation covers the gamut of anti-Americanism: America is “imperialist,” she is unconcerned over the deaths of Muslims, America is”nativist,” and patriots are prone to “obnoxious, fake-macho, chicken-hawk” chants. In other words all that is wrong with the world is evinced in the United States of America.

The professor’s screed was short, but filled with hate for America:

The vast majority of 9/11 observances in this country cannot be seen as politically neutral events. Implicit in their nature are the notions that lives lost at the World Trade Center are more valuable than lives lost in Afghanistan, Iraq, Palestine and elsewhere; that the motives of the 9/11 attackers had nothing to do with genuine grievances in the Islamic world regarding American imperialism; and that the U.S. has been justified in the subsequent killing of hundreds of thousands in so-called retaliation.

The observance at Saturday’s football game was no different......

Off Topic- Woman writes on FB (after a bad day)+ I wish I were Dead + And her Hubbie uses it to get her Put in a Mental Ward

It's 'post' trauma on Facebook

Be careful what you write.

Jane, wife of a big-deal Long Island doctor, was having the kind of day that makes a gal want to kill herself.

She had no idea.

Little things piled up. There was the indignity of cleaning up after a sick dog. The fight with the husband. Arguments with three bratty kids. Jane, 55, took to her Facebook page and typed five words she'd never say aloud:

"I wish I were dead."

That was a month ago. After being locked in a psych ward, forced to prove to her kids she's not a danger to herself, Jane considers divorce. And she preaches a valuable lesson learned from her "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest" nightmare.

"Watch what you write," she told me. "It'll come back to bite you."

Her situation is more common than one might think. ......

QUIZ--A-ISRAEL BUILDS-- B- MUSLIMS KILL--and the world fears PEACE FARCE TALKS might end Because (choose A or B)

What a sad State of Spineless Appeasing Aiders of Human Destruction and Suffering //WE are the World// lolzz-- has turned into----The Greatest Generation existed a mere 60+ years ago--and LOOK READ--What we have turned into----

Abed Rabbo: If building continues, talks will be suspended


09/27/2010 12:08
Chief Palestinian negotiator says "an end to construction is needed so that peace process can progress"; William Hague urges Israel to renew moratorium.

Chief Palestinian Negotiator Yasser Abed Rabbo claimed that a continuation of building in the settlements will lead to a suspension in direct negotiations and the whole political process, Israel Radio reported Monday.

"An end to construction is needed so that the peace process can progress," Abed Rabbo said during a interview with Palestinian Voice Radio.

British Foreign Secretary William Hague was set to urge Israel to renew the building moratorium in the West Bank amid fears the expiry of the 10-month ban could "scupper Middle East peace efforts," according to Israel Radio on Monday.

Hague said there is "widespread international concern" that the issue could derail the latest direct talks between Israel and the Palestinians.

Bulldozers in began operating Monday morning in the West Bank settlement of Ariel as the ten month settlement freeze came to an end.

Meanwhile in the REAL WORLD -where Adults exist -wrong is still wrong- Horrific Human behavior that inflicts Suffering Murder Torture IS NOT AIDED......

Jewish activists set sail for Gaza from Cyprus

Those antisemites on a mission of  '"goodness'' seem to have missed something........... Acertain irony.

FAMAGUSTA, Cyprus — A boat carrying Jewish activists from Israel, Germany, the U.S. and Britain set sail on Sunday for Gaza, hoping to breach Israel's naval blockade there.

Richard Kuper, an organizer with the British group Jews for Justice for Palestinians, said one goal is to show that not all Jews support Israeli policies toward Palestinians. Kuper said the boat, which set sail from northern Cyprus flying a British flag, won't resist if Israeli authorities try to stop it.

The voyage by the 33-foot (10-meter) catamaran Irene came nearly four months after Israeli commandos boarded a flotilla of Gaza-bound ships, including the Mavi Marmara, killing eight pro-Palestinian Turkish activists and a Turkish American.

Irene passenger Rami Elhanan, an Israeli whose daughter Smadar was killed in a suicide bombing at a shopping mall in Jerusalem in 1997, said it was his "moral duty" to act in support of Palestinians in Gaza because reconciliation was the surest path to peace.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

West Bank shooting attack injures Israeli woman - hours before the inhumane (sarcasm) building of Apartments resumes

MMmmmm This is the  real story in a nutshell-

 ///Israel builds  apartments--- muslims respond by Killing innocent People////--

This is probably the most HONEST and TRUE statement you will find---- regarding yet another atrocity committed by  Muslims...

Now for the NEWS people get PAID to write.....*shakes Head*

JERUSALEM (AP) -- Israeli police say Palestinian gunmen have opened fire at an Israeli vehicle in the West Bank, lightly wounding a motorist.

The drive-by shooting comes just hours before Israel's 10-month construction slowdown is set to expire.

Palestinians have threatened to quit newly restarted peace negotiations if Israel resumes building.

Sunday's shooting attack in Hebron took place close to where a deadly shooting earlier this month killed four Israeli settlers.

Police spokesman Micky Rosenfeld says authorities are searching for the car used in the attack. He says the wounded motorist was able to drive to a hospital in southern Israel for treatment.

THIS IS A BREAKING NEWS UPDATE. Check back soon for further information. AP's earlier story is below.

Netanyahu, Heed Thyself!

Underground leader, member of the first Knesset, publisher, historian, biographer, essayist, Shmuel Katz, was one of the most trenchant political thinkers Israel has produced. The author brings Katz's views on security guarantees.

Since his policy speech at Bar-Ilan University on June 14, 2009, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has insisted that Israel be given security guarantees in order for there to be any “real peace agreement.” He repeated this insistence at the opening of peace talks on Sept. 2nd, referring to guarantees as one of the “twin pillars of peace.”

That Netanyahu would want to build a peace agreement on a foundation of security guarantees is surprising, to say the least, given the long and ignominious history of such guarantees. Whether in the form of peacekeepers, demilitarized zones or promises of aid in times of crisis, security guarantees have evaporated like mist at precisely the moment when Israel most needed them.

FORBES-America Silenced and DUMB- Molly Norris is but one example of both Apathy and how far Humanities Standards have Dropped.

The Below is from Forbes Magazine--

I agree with the Author except for one item and it is vital we understand--as you KNOW-

WE CAN FACTUALLY prove incorrect the term //Extremism// THIS IS ISLAM -IT HAS NOT BEEN WAS NEVER EVER HIJACKED BY 'Radicals"   ISLAM IS A RADICAL POLITICAL THEOCRATIC SADISTIC  IDEOLOGY- that is exactly what Mohammed created.

Mohammed DID JUST THIS(see the Hadith) -The Quran he created commands THIS ---exactly what Islam has been doing Exactly what every Islamic nation DOES -it is ANTI HUMANITY ANTI HUMAN RIGHTS-- and it is a sad generation we have now that---allows this ideology promotes  appeased  supports it. Thank Goodness HITLER WAS DESTROYED  if HE LIVED TODAY-- he would be as protected as ISLAM IS!

Proof  IT IS ISLAM please read and Share help make others aware

Why Won’t the FBI Stand Up to Islamic Extremism?


This time, I’ve had it.

While “outrage” has been pretty much the key word this summer, my own reached its upper limits with the news that cartoonist Molly Norris had been forced into hiding by a fatwa threatening her life for an idea: to establish “Everybody Draw Mohammed Day,” on which the world would sketch images of the Prophet Mohammed in defiance of efforts by Muslims to censor such images, and, in some cases, to murder those who created them. Norris’s suggestion came in response to a decision by executives at Comedy Central to censor the satirical show, “South Park,” which aired an episode that joked about showing Mohammed dressed in a bear suit.

Funny, right?

Well, not to religious Muslims, who, unable to distinguish fact from fiction or truth from allegory, view parodies of their holiest figure as an assault on Islam itself. We’ve encountered that kind of ignorant hate before, of course – most famously in the case of the so-called “Danish cartoons,” created by cartoonist Kurt Westergaard for Denmark’s news daily, the Jyllands Posten. In that case, not only was Westergaard targeted for assassination, but Danish and other Scandinavian embassies across the Middle East were torched, and violent demonstrations left numerous people dead.

But Norris didn’t even draw a cartoon of the Prophet. Rather, she sketched a number of commonplace objects – -a teacup, a spool of thread, a domino – with the caption, “Will the real likeness of the prophet Mohammed please stand up?”

Funny, right?

Apparently not – at least, not to some people, whose idea of “funny” is what happens when American civilians die. (Cut to images of Palestinians and of Moroccan immigrants in the Netherlands dancing in the streets on 9/11.)

Peaceful British Muslims Welcome the Pope---Mohammed would be so Proud (seriously he would- read the Quran and Hadith)

Video Below!!!

THIS IS ISLAM --but you just keep telling yourselves its not--while they populate to Majority---Here are the Quran Hadith and Mohammed in all his Jihadist Glory view the Video below-then read here and SHARE make others Aware

Stuxnet malware is 'weapon' out to destroy ... Iran's Bushehr nuclear plant?

Maybe Israel doesn’t need to bomb anything:

A little bug has gotten into Iran's nuclear power plant, shutting it down for the time being. I guess they should have installed Checkpoint security systems to protect it.
 Oh, right, that's Israeli.......

Officials in Iran have confirmed that the Stuxnet worm infected at least 30,000 Windows PCs in the country, multiple Iranian news services reported on Saturday.

Experts from Iran’s Atomic Energy Organization also reportedly met this week to discuss how to remove the malware.
Cyber security experts say they have identified the world's first known cyber super weapon designed specifically to destroy a real-world target – a factory, a refinery, or just maybe a nuclear power plant.

URGENT: PLEASE READ - Invitation - Building Un-Freeze ceremony and tours - The Shomron builds homes for Jews

Building in Judea & Samaria will begin at exactly 6:06 P.M.

On September 26 th , the building freeze in the settlements will end at exactly 6:06 p.m. Likud MK Danny Danon says the second this time is reached, they will break ground in Judea and Samaria. He will not allow the opponents to extend the freeze any longer than they already have.

Everyone is invited to join World Likud to show your support for the pioneers of Judea & Samaria.

When: September 26 th , 2010

Where: Judea & Samaria (transportation will be available by bus from all over Israel)

Who: Everyone is invited

If you would like to participate or need more information, call the World Likud Headquarters at 972-3-6295017.
Call 054-752-4775 to register for bus tours in the Shomron.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

IT IS ISLAM!!! READ Here WHO MOHAMMED WAS!-- The Ideology must be STOPPED in Free Countries as is Nazi ism and KKK- PERIOD

Prophet of Terror and the Religion of Peace--Part I

THIS WHY- MOSQUES- Islamic Universities- the very ideology like any ANTI HUMANITY and EQUALITY FOR ALL-Does not belong here--RIP the Shield of Religion AWAY--Arm yourself with FACTS---Not about Religion culture color....... The Quran and Hadith dictate a Government- Societal Laws- Its own Army-- and commandments opposite the Constitution opposite Human Rights opposite

Mohammed, Prophet of Islam is known as the "Apostle of Peace" by Muslims. Nothing can be further from the truth.

This article is just one of a series that I will be publishing regarding sadistic cruel nature of Prophet Mohammed. In this article I will prove once again, that Muhammad was in fact a terrorist, criminal and murderer whose entire life was based on victimizing innocents and indulging in mindless violence, carnage and massacre. He was a man who destroyed peace wherever he went, and in its place brought terror, carnage and death.

When Muhammad first started screaming from the rooftops that he alone had the divine word of God, the people of Mecca ignored him. However, when he started insulting and defaming the religion of the peace loving Meccans, they couldn't take it anymore and tried persuading him to stop. Muhammad the coward was too scared of the growing hostility against him and instead of calling upon his Allah to strike down the Meccans, he crept out one night and fled for his life.

Ever since that incident, Muhammad was determined to take revenge on the Meccans. He escaped to Medinah, which had a sizeable Jewish population, and started plotting his revenge with a small gang of criminals. This was the beginning of Mohammed's trail of violence, hatred and bloodshed that would soon destroy the once flourishing culture of Arabia.

The story has been documented in detail by his biographers, - surprise raids on trade caravans and tribal settlements, the use of plunder thus obtained for recruiting an ever growing army of greedy desperados, assassinations of opponents, blackmail, expulsion and massacre of the Jews of Medinah, attack and enslavement of the Jews of Khyber, rape of women and children, sale of these victims after rape, trickery, treachery and bribery employed to their fullest extent to grow the numbers of his religion Islam which ironically was supposed to mean "Peace"!

He organised no less than 86 expeditions, 26 of which he led himself.

The motives of the converts to Islam was never in any doubt. As D.S. Margoliouth states in his book Muhammad and the rise of Islam

"Of any moralising or demoralising effect that Muhammad's teaching had upon his followers we cannot say with precision. When he was at the head of the Robber community, it is probable that the demoralising influence began to be felt; it was then that men who had never broken an oath learnt that they might evade their obligations, and that men to whom the blood of their clan had been as their own, began to shed it with impunity in the "cause of god".

 And that lying and treachery in the cause of Islam received divine approval. It was then too that Muslims became distinguished by the obscenity of their language. It was then too, that the coveting of goods and wives possessed by Non-muslims was avowed without discouragement from the Prophet...."

The details of all his criminal onslaughts in the form of battles and assassinations are chronicled in this article in a chronological manner. One should note that every time the "Apostle of Peace" committed one of his criminal onslaughts, he always justified the crimes by quickly claiming a "divine revelation" which conveniently removed the blame from his bloodied hands. These convenient Surahs are detailed immediately below the description of the incident.

1) Massacre of unarmed merchants during sacred month

Date: Late January(Rejeb), 623 A.D.

Place: Nakhla

Victims: 4 Merchants from Quraysh tribe of Mecca, the Tribe to which Muhammad himself belonged

Four UNARMED merchants were travelling to Mecca to sell their goods consisting of raisins, honey and animal skins. It was the holy month of Rejeb which was considered sacred for trade in Arabia. It was a point of honor that any form of warfare or violence was strictly forbidden in this month. Mohammed's gang attacked the helpless men from behind and stabbed two of them to death. They plundered all the goods as booty and Muhammad got one fifths of the share.


Latma reveals the real Churchill and describes the world's enraged response to Succot


The Sderot Perspective on ME negotiations

Palestinian armed forces have fired 19 rockets, missiles and mortars from Gaza into Sderot and surrounding farming communities in Israel's Western Negev region since September 4th.. Residents of Sderot and the Western Negev have experienced one of the worst periods of attack since Israel's three week incursion into Gaza in January 2009.

In sum, Gazans have launched 424 aerial attacks into Israel since the cease fire on January 18, 2009:These attacks raise 2 important questions:

1.    "Where do the attacks on the Western Negev and Sderot fit in the current middle east negotiation equation?"

2.    "What are the implications for the Hamas regime in Gaza in these negotiations"?

Islamists FORCE Spanish Nightclub to Change its Name.

More from the religion of FORCE....

La Meca, a popular discotheque in southern Spain, has agreed to change its name and architectural design after Islamic extremists threatened to initiate "a great war between Spain and the people of Islam" if it did not. The nightclub controversy (which has parallels to the Danish cartoon imbroglio of 2005) has spread across the Muslim world in recent weeks and has risked escalating into an international crisis. The controversy not only signals the increasing assertiveness of Spain's rapidly growing Muslim community; it also demonstrates that Spain remains firmly in the sights of Salafist Jihadists, who view the country as a Muslim state that must be reconquered for Islam.

La Meca, which shares its name with Mecca, the Muslim holy site in Saudi Arabia (as well as Mecca Bingo in Britain, Mecca Cola in France, the Mecca Sports Arena in Milwaukee, the Mecca Shopping Mall in Jordan, and Mecca, a small town in California) was the most popular discotheque in the southern Spanish resort town of Águilas (Murcia) in the 1980s and 1990s. After being closed for more than a decade, the club reopened in August 2010 under new management, but using the original name, La Meca. The mega-nightclub, which has been visited by more than 100,000 patrons since its reopening, features a large turquoise-colored mosque-style dome, a minaret-like tower, as well as traditional Arabic architecture common in southern Spain. But many Muslims now complain that the nightclub is offensive and insulting to their religion.

STILL One of THE BEST SPEECHES EVER GIVEN AT THE UN (now shut down the UN NYC and kick them OUT of the US- )

PM Netanyahu’s Speech at the UN General Assembly ( this is from 2009 The UN has DONE NOTHING-and 2010 was yet another showcase for Islam)

Mr. President, Ladies and Gentlemen,

Nearly 62 years ago, the United Nations recognized the right of the Jews, an ancient people 3,500 years-old, to a state of their own in their ancestral homeland.

I stand here today as the Prime Minister of Israel, the Jewish state, and I speak to you on behalf of my country and my people.

The United Nations was founded after the carnage of World War II and the horrors of the Holocaust. It was charged with preventing the recurrence of such horrendous events.

Nothing has undermined that central mission more than the systematic assault on the truth. Yesterday the President of Iran stood at this very podium, spewing his latest anti-Semitic rants. Just a few days earlier, he again claimed that the Holocaust is a lie.

Last month, I went to a villa in a suburb of Berlin called Wannsee. There, on January 20, 1942 , after a hearty meal, senior Nazi officials met and decided how to exterminate the Jewish people. The detailed minutes of that meeting have been preserved by successive German governments. Here is a copy of those minutes, in which the Nazis issued precise instructions on how to carry out the extermination of the Jews. Is this a lie?

A day before I was in Wannsee, I was given in Berlin the original construction plans for the Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp. Those plans are signed by Hitler's deputy, Heinrich Himmler himself. Here is a copy of the plans for Auschwitz-Birkenau, where one million Jews were murdered. Is this too a lie?

This June, President Obama visited the Buchenwald concentration camp. Did President Obama pay tribute to a lie?

And what of the Auschwitz survivors whose arms still bear the tattooed numbers branded on them by the Nazis? Are those tattoos a lie? One-third of all Jews perished in the conflagration. Nearly every Jewish family was affected, including my own. My wife's grandparents, her father's two sisters and three brothers, and all the aunts, uncles and cousins were all murdered by the Nazis. Is that also a lie?

Yesterday, the man who calls the Holocaust a lie spoke from this podium. To those who refused to come here and to those who left this room in protest, I commend you. You stood up for moral clarity and you brought honor to your countries.

But to those who gave this Holocaust-denier a hearing, I say on behalf of my people, the Jewish people, and decent people everywhere: Have you no shame? Have you no decency?

A mere six decades after the Holocaust, you give legitimacy to a man who denies that the murder of six million Jews took place and pledges to wipe out the Jewish state.

What a disgrace! What a mockery of the charter of the United Nations! Perhaps some of you think that this man and his odious regime threaten only the Jews. You're wrong......

Friday, September 24, 2010

Islamophobia the New Anti Semitism?? Lol First there was NEVER a Rational REASON to FEAR or not LIKE JEWISH-- However re ISLAM.....

.....The written commandments tell followers to MAKE US ALL SUBMIT to PUNISH US-- THAT THEY CAN KILL US in ALLAH NAME FOR ALLAH CAUSE----now I would say THAT!-- is a Rational concern that Humanity should HAVE ....and HUMANITY IN ONE  SHOULD DENOUCE THIS IDEOLOGY.

After you read the Article below--Please take a quick look at exactly who Muslims RESPECT and ADMIRE -WHO ALLAH states is the BEST example of a Muslim HERE

History Net on Muhammad the Prophet Warrior THIS IS ISLAM

Ever wonder what Sharia Laws IS? Where it comes From? Oh its Just the words of ALLAH from the QURAN and The Actions of Mohammed from the HAdiths--HERE READ LOOK --THIS IS ISLAM and it is not was never PEACE
Why We Need Islamophobia

2010 September 23

by Howard Bloom

An August 19th article by Daniel Luban in the Jewish publication Tablet calls fear of Islam “the new anti-Semitism.” Luban says that,

“Many of the tropes of classic anti-Semitism have been revived and given new force on the American right. Once again jingoistic politicians and commentators posit a religious conspiracy breeding within Western society, pledging allegiance to an alien power, conspiring with allies at the highest levels of government to overturn the existing order.”[i]

This is an admirable attempt at tolerance and pluralism, the key values that make America America. But it overlooks some overwhelming realities. And those oversights may someday threaten America’s very existence.

The Jewish threat was never real. There are roughly thirteen million Jews on the planet today, far less than the population of just one of Islam’s roughly 200 major cities–Cairo. But there are more Muslims on the planet than all of the world’s Americans and Europeans combined. In fact, there are nearly three times as many Muslims as Europeans and Americans. Think of that. Nearly three times as many.

Not to mention the fact that there are 123 Muslims for every Jew........

Do Your Homework on Islam- before You Say Islam is Just Like.....- And another thing- What exactly did you think NEVER AGAIN re Holocaust Means? No Gas Chambers? STOP BEING STUPID- AGAIN!~Take this QUIZ

They blindly believed- what the world leaders said and the Newspapers said. Many Jewish DID NOT FLEE- Because there "neighbors' townsfolk were 'good people' even AFTER they started Hailing Hitler.
Many people as they were loaded on to Trains-believed that they were 'just being relocated.
All Anyone then or NOW had/has to DO is USE FACTS read Islam Primary Texts-- READ just who Mohammed was and what he Did.

We said NEVER AGAIN-- Did you think that just meant Gas Chambers??-- Cause to ME it means not being FOOLISH and IGNORING THE OBVIOUS- AGAIN---because our brain can not comprehend the HORROR that is REALITY---


Educate Yourself-- Do not Delude yourself--- ISLAM IS ALL MUST SUBMIT and 60+ Nations and Growing--Is the reality.

Think about all those Jewish who stayed--who wrote in Dairies and letters to the West..that this will blow over- Think about WHY they did not FIGHT OR FLEE.... Read the Newspapers of that day those years--Listen to those who argued Churchill--- Sound Familiar

Do Your Homework On Islam

By Ron McMullen

I AM APPALLED at the ignorance and naiveté of Westerners relating to Islam. Ideologically driven neophytes can be found mostly in academic, political, media and liturgical circles near the publicly-funded feeding trough where they enjoy a disproportionate vocal presence.

These vocal few provide Americans with inaccurate, incomplete or false information we use to come to the debate. Few venture beyond CNN, The Associated Press or Reuters to see what is really going on. State-sponsored media knows this and is successful at controlling the issue.

This was clear in the last presidential election. High profile individuals like George Bush and his successor, Barack Obama, extol the virtues, peaceful nature and wonderful contributions Islam has made to this country. I realize we need the oil and I know diplomatically they must say these things to appear friendly. There is only one problem: They are not truthful.

From elementary school, on through high school and college, students are fed a constant diet of sanitized, doctored and airbrushed nonsense. This could be no clearer than the presentations of the world’s great religions, Islam in particular. Seldom will a textbook mention the deterioration of human rights women’s rights, and the economic, educational and agricultural downturns as Islam works its way into the fabric of civil and governmental structure.

The majority of Muslims do not subscribe to the radical demands of the Taliban, Hezbollah, Islamic Jihad, Hamas, Fatah, Muslim Brotherhood, etc. But 88 million out of 1.3 billion do, as evidenced by terror in Somalia, India, New York, Pakistan, Egypt, Brazil, Turkey, Madrid, Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Scotland, London, Indonesia, etc. It only takes a few to cause a mess.

I have put together a quiz, probably not one you would get in Comparative Religion or World History class:

What great religion originated the term “jihad,” which means a permanent holy war against non-Muslims?....

Rush: Obama thinks people /got screwed/ when U.S. founded- BO's Speech to Hispanics Quoting Incorrectly the D of I

Radio giant Rush Limbaugh says President Obama holds the attitude that the original residents of America “got screwed” when the United States was officially founded.

The allegation came during the top-rated host’s program today, as he analyzed Obama’s speech last Wednesday at the Congressional Hispanic Congress.

Obama stated:

Long before America was even an idea, this land of plenty was home to many peoples: to British and French, to Dutch and Spanish, to Mexican – (applause) – to countless Indian tribes. We all shared the same land....

Video UN- NYPOST- Starring Wimpy-Boy Obama--and LOON-AJAD-/its sad that a few Americans agree with Both of them

Outraged US delegates walked out of the UN General Assembly yesterday when Iran's blowhard president said most of the world believes Americans were behind the 9/11 attacks in order to ensure the survival of Israel.

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad claimed, "The majority of the American people as well as most nations and politicians around the world agree" with the lunatic conspiracy theory.

The view, he explained in a 40-minute harangue, is "that some segments within the US government orchestrated the attack to reverse the declining American economy, and its grip on the Middle East, in order to save the Zionist regime."

EMPTY RHETORIC: A delegation turns its back on Mahmoud Ahmadinejad yesterday as he addresses a lot of empty UN chairs.

The entire American delegation and representatives from more than 30 other countries stood up and left as Ahmadinejad called on the United Nations to create an "independent fact-finding group" to investigate 9/11.


Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Washington Post-- CAN NOT FIX-- /America can Absorb a terror attack/

FROM the Washington Post-Full context of Obama's "absorb a terrorist attack" quote undercuts conservative criticism.

What a fine example of the Lefts continued Unrealistic View of Reality. It never ends---

This is exactly WHY 1/2 of the US (actually the WEST) believes the 'moderate islam' line that keeps the Quranic Ideology Spreading---
And WHY the will eat up the Al Qaeda boogie man-- instead of READING the QURAN and HAdith --Studying just who Mohammed was what he did -- And understanding exactly WHY everywhere Muslims grow to Majority this horrid doctrine is inflicted on Humanity.

Look at the WP's feeble attempt to Change Obama's Diaper--They can't--- BO is a mess and will stay that way.
It STINKS- Its Messy - but its TRUE


As you know, conservatives spent much of yesterday slamming President Obama over an interview in Bob Woodward's book in which Obama said that "we can absorb a terrorist attack." Right wingers from Liz Cheney on down insisted it proves that Obama isn't fully committed to defending Americans from terror.

But the full context of the quote, from page 363 of Woodward's book, shows very clearly that the criticism is thoroughly bogus. Before the quote, Woodward is discussing how counter-terror officials are preparing for a crude nuclear attack. Woodward then writes:

During my Oval Office interview with the President, Obama volunteers some extended thoughts about terrorism.

"I said very early on, as a Senator and continue to believe, as a presidential candidate and now as president, that we can absorb a terrorist attack. We will do everything we can to prevent it. but even a 9/11, even the biggest attack ever, that ever took place on our soil, we absorbed it, and we are stronger. This is a strong, powerful country that we live in, and our people are incredibly resilient."

lol Not-- sorry how exactly does that clear up anything ????  Oh read below the exact quote--
Which this WP reporter had to quickly Update into this ?news?

Then he addressed his big concern. "A potential game changer would be a nuclear weapon in the hands of terrorists, blowing up a major American city. Or a weapon of mass destruction in a major American city. and so when I go down on the list of things I have to worry about all the time, that is at the top, because that's one area where you can't afford any mistakes. And so right away, coming in, we said, how are we going to start ramping up and putting that at the center of a lot of our national security discussion? Making sure that that occurrence, even if remote, never happens."

But OBAMA that is NOT IRAN to you  How about Paki????

I have been unable to establish that Obama ever said this before, as he claims to have done. But even so, it's obvious from the full context that Obama wasn't being ...

Palestinian Arabs prove they don’t want a state

The negotiations between Israel and the Palestinian Authority (PA) are supposed to result in “two states for two peoples”. Even US negotiator George Mitchell thinks so. Here is what he said last week at Sharm el-Sheikh,(read below (1) where Israeli and PA negotiators began a second round of talks:

Our common goal remains two states for two peoples. And we are committed to a solution to the conflict that resolves all issues for the state of Israel and a sovereign, independent, and viable state of Palestine living side by side in peace and security. [my emphasis]

The ‘two peoples’, for Mitchell, are the Jewish and Palestinian peoples. And finding a solution means, in particular, that the PA will drop its claims against Israel.

I’ve argued that the PLO/Fatah which presently dominates the PA does not accept either of these principles. They do not believe that there is a Jewish people — they insist that there is only a Jewish religion — and they do not accept the rights of the Jews to any of the land, which in their view is ‘owned’ by the Palestinian Arabs(2). This has been a consistent theme, which the US and the ‘peace processors’ have just as consistently ignored.Yesterday Salam Fayyad, the most ‘moderate’ representative of the PA — he is not even a member of Fatah — expressed it in a way which cannot be ignored any longer:

The Terrorism That Dare Not Speak Its Name

Janet Napolitano has made a statement on terrorism, nine years after 9/11. We have reproduced it for you to read (below.1) Some parts of her speech are reassuring, indicating that the administration is acknowledging that America is under threat of terrorism, and that it is trying to do something about this threat.

That is the good news. The bad news comes from the politically correct bias that infuses the whole document. The statement itself seems to be inappropriately late, considering its title is "Nine Years After 9/11: Confronting the Terrorist Threat to the Homeland."

Obama to say to UN- "Those of us who are friends of Israel must understand that true security for the Jewish state requires an independent Palestine," he will say.

I have TWO statements -regarding OBAMA remark

1- I can guarantee an Independent Palestine- WILL NOT Stop Muslims From Attacking Israel..just as they have been doing

2- I can guarantee that Rewarding Muslims for their continued attacks on ISRAEL and the WEST--will not Work

To the those who Believe that THE QURAN is Like the Bible or any other religious TEXT
To those who like generations before then are denying REALITY and clinging to fantasy re //Moderate// Islam

And one where Followers are commanded to punish those who will NOT SUBMIT IE ISRAEL the WEST

READ the Quran READ the HAdith--LEARN WHO MOHAMMED WAS and what he DID-See it mirrored in every area Muslims become Majority.....


see below for exactly what the QURAN and ISLAM ARE- WHO Moe WAS (besides in ALLAH words- the best example of a MUSLIM)


09/23/2010 13:09

"Those of us who are friends of Israel must understand that true security for the Jewish state requires an independent Palestine," he will say.

President Barack Obama is exhorting the world to unite around the Israeli-Palestinian peace process, challenging the United Nations to support an agreement that would create an independent Palestine and a secure Israel in a year's time.

In a speech to the annual session of the UN General Assembly on Thursday, Obama will call on world leaders to cast aside decades of division over the conflict, overcome cynicism and prove their support for a settlement to be reached by the two sides that his administration is now pushing against long odds.

Without a deal, he will say, "more blood will be shed" and "this Holy Land will remain a symbol of our differences, instead of our common humanity," according to portions of the text released by the White House in advance of the speech.

And with (yet another) PEACE DEAL-----MORE blood will be shed.....Europe heard the same re Hitler and some dealt/negotiated-look at history--Look what happened

"If an agreement is not reached, Palestinians will never know the pride and dignity that comes with their own state," he says. "Israelis will never know the certainty and security that comes with sovereign and stable neighbors who are committed to coexistence."