9-11 Do More Than Never Forget- Stop Islam's Assault

9-11 Do More Than Never Forget- Stop Islam's Assault
News about Islamic violence world-wide and the Islamic threat , driven by the Quran and its followers. Politics and the issues of our Allies Globally - will greatly effect whether we will be able to stop the spread of Islam and the violence that is backbone of this sick ideology. Islam is United Globally and so must all people who value Freedom be United to Stop Islam!

Wednesday, June 30, 2010


-By Sarah Menkedick  Global Women's Rights, Violence Against Women, Women & Religion

.Police officers in Chechnya have been firing paintballs at Chechen women with uncovered hair; the policemen drive by in cars with tinted windows and shoot the women in the face and neck as they're walking down the street.

Following the initial attacks last week, fliers from the shooters appeared in the Chechen city of Gudermes warning that if women didn't cover themselves the paintballers would resort to "tougher measures." The fliers also admonished, "Isn't it nasty for you, while dressed defiantly, with your head uncovered, to hear various obscene 'compliments' and proposals? Think again!"

This infuriating and degrading development — shooting women with paint?! — is one result of Russia's cold bargain with Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov, a Chechen rebel-turned-Kremlin-loyalist. Trying to maintain control over Chechnya and quash any separatist uprisings, Russia has essentially allowed Kadryov to run the Chechen republic according to his version of Islamic law.

Anti-Semitism on the Rise in Europe

Israel condemns Egypt press cartoon linking Israel to Nazis
Cartoon shows an aid ship apparently bound for Gaza being grabbed by an octopus carrying an Israeli flag with a Nazi swastika in place of the Star of David symbol.

The Israeli embassy has sent a complaint to the newspaper of Egypt's ruling party about a cartoon that linked Israel and Nazis, an unusual step from a mission that tends to ignore its Egyptian media critics.

Al-Watani al-Youm (the National Today) published a cartoon on June 15 showing an aid ship apparently bound for Gaza being grabbed by an octopus carrying an Israeli flag with a Nazi swastika in place of the Star of David symbol.

The weekly is the mouthpiece of President Hosni Mubarak's National Democratic Party.

"The Israeli Embassy chose to comment on this caricature specifically because of the comparison between Israel and Nazism," spokeswoman Shani Cooper-Zubida told Reuters.

"There are a lot of anti-Semitic comments and caricatures in the Egyptian media that we prefer not to comment on. This one didn't present legitimate opposition to Israeli policy, but defamation," she said in an e-mailed response.

Egypt in 1979 became the first Arab state to sign a peace treaty with Israel, but ties have often been chilly. The storming of a Gaza aid flotilla in May by Israel Defense Forces that left nine activists dead, drew Egyptian and world criticism.

The flotilla had sought to break an Israeli blockade of Gaza. Egypt, the only Arab state to border Gaza, had been criticized by the Arab public for also imposing restrictions on border crossings. Those restrictions have now been partially lifted.

Center for Islamic Pluralism "Truth About Shariah" Program

On June 22-23, the Center for Islamic Pluralism (CIP) coordinated print media and public-speaking efforts in the U.S., Britain, and Canada to publicize our opposition to Islamist demands for introduction of Shariah, i.e. Islamic religious law, into Western public law. CIP's program on this important and controversial topic is based in the Center's study published last year, A Guide to Shariah Law and Islamist Ideology in Western Europe, 2007-2009.(link below.1)

The CIP events began on June 22 when the National Post, the major Canada-wide daily newspaper, devoted a full page to my essay, "The Truth About Sharia." The article was an abbreviated version of a longer text of mine, "Shariah in the West,"(read below.2) published in a recent multi-author volume, New Threats to Freedom, edited by Adam Bellow and issued by Templeton Press.

In the National Post, I wrote, "What, then, is the threat of shariah to Western liberty, and what should be done about it? The problem is not one of a sudden radical Muslim takeover of the West. Rather, it resides with a small, unpopular, but powerful Saudi-financed layer of top Muslim leaders who seek to undermine Western canons of legal equality by introducing 'parallel shariah.' While it may seem innocuous to some, such a conception is pernicious in seeking to unduly increase the influence in Western institutions of a single religion, Islam, while driving Western Muslims apart from their non-Muslim neighbors. This is a radical and seditious notion even if it does not call for a violent assault on Western society.

"Relations between religious communities and government authorities in the United States are based on a legal principle known as 'reasonable accommodation'… Under reasonable accommodation, for example, employers are required to allow their workers to observe religious holidays if they do not conflict with business needs.

At White House, Obama and Saudi king discuss Guantanamo, Mideast peace process

Broaching a sensitive subject, President Obama assured the visiting king of Saudi Arabia on Tuesday that he remains committed to closing the U.S. military prison at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, a continuing source of friction between their governments.

A year after a reportedly rocky first meeting in Riyadh, Obama and King Abdullah held a brief, joint appearance before reporters in the Oval Office following lunch. Making ritual affirmations about the close ties between their two countries, the leaders said they discussed recently approved sanctions against Iran as well as the war in Afghanistan.

They also discussed the need for the Middle East peace process to move "forward in a significant and bold way," Obama said.

Fewer than 20 Saudis remain at Guantanamo Bay, but the prison is a symbol of George W. Bush-era detention policies and is unpopular in the Arab world.

Saudi Arabia has rebuffed U.S. requests to accept Yemeni prisoners -- who make up the largest population at Guantanamo Bay -- with Saudi officials saying their militant rehabilitation program would not work for citizens of other countries. The Obama administration has halted the repatriation of Yemenis until security in their country improves; it has made one exception to the ban.

With the Middle East peace process at an impasse, officials did not report breaking any new ground ahead of a meeting next Tuesday between Obama and Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu. Israeli moves over the last year and a half, including the building of settlements, have been a source of unhappiness for Saudi and other Arab leaders.

SEX TOYS for the ISLAMICS---- HALAL---- lolzzzz Allah and Mohammed approve--and they know best -right *sarcasm*

What’s a devout Muslim to do if they want to heighten nocturnal pleasures without exposing themselves to any unnecessary salacious advertising ubiquitous to the adult sex toy industry? Shop online, of course, at websites catering to the Islamic consumer whose passions can be enhanced without violating religious law.

OK so Eating Pork NOT GOOD- Porking an Animal is OK!
Woman and Men must shop separately---Penetrative Products are wrong but Penetrating your wife-when she does not want sex IS OK!
No wonder Islam gets so many converts


USA ISLAMIC CLERICS-AMJA- Issue Fatwa- NO AID FOR US TROOPS - yeah they are really US Citizens

Ahlul Bayt News Agency (ABNA.ir), The Assembly of Muslim Jurists of America (AMJA) issued a fatwa prohibiting offering aid to foreign troops in Muslim countries whether on the personal or the business levels. The assembly, made up of jurists and scholars in charge of issuing fatwas for Muslims in the United States and headed by Sheikh Salah al-Sawy, received several inquiries about the stance of Islam on business deals with coalition troops in Iraq or NATO forces in Afghanistan, especially companies that transfer foodstuffs and other supplies to military bases.

The question was posted on AMJA fatwa bank, reads: "Is it permissible to participate in taking food to the American and foreign soldiers working in Muslim lands?” and the answer is, "That would not be permissible, for that would be helping others in sin and transgression.”

Israel:Gaza: Children Trained to Be Terrorists

Yet again it's very clear Peace is not what the "Palestinians" want.  A whole new generation learning to hate and destroy Israel.

For most kids, summer is a time for vacation, but in the Gaza Strip, that's not the case -- they are trained in terror. Young children are being trained as suicide bombers, soldiers and terrorists in the violent struggle between Islam, the Jews and Christians.

  related:  Summer camp in Gaza vandalized = read here

NYPOST-!!! Reports on Sheepshead Bay Residents Opposing MOSQUE- What kind of REPORTING IS THIS!

I am very disappointed in the NYPOST- which usually is Fair reports both sides. Seems they went out of their way to find the sensational comments----

I find the pro commenter for the mosque being built dangerously amusing- ?Who stops synagogues and churches being built? Islam IN EVERY ISLAMIC COUNTRY---and try to find Christians and Jewish living in Peace with in a MUSLIM COMMUNITY IN THE US----try find a NEW church or Synagogue being built...within a Muslim Community---YOU CAN"T---

So I ask HIM and all MUSLIMS- What kind of AMERICA is this? Seems the people who can't play nicely are the MUSLIMS....And you use discrimination - which is the basis of the Quran and Hadith- against those who are truly protesting YOUR LACK OF DISCRIMINATION.



Below this trash is the BAYPEOPLE .orgs site which lists very factually WHY this Mosque should not be built.


'What kind of America'? Hate-filled rally to stop mosque

By Thomas Tracy

If they build it, they will bomb.

Angry Sheepshead Bay residents came out in a show of force on Sunday to protest a planned mosque and Muslim community center in their neighborhood.

“If they build a mosque there, I’m going to bomb the mosque,” said one outraged resident who lives across the street from the proposed house of worship between East 28th and East 29th streets on Voorhies Avenue. The resident, who refused to give his name, identified himself as a former Israeli soldier who had lived on Voorhies Avenue for eight years.

“I will give them a lot of trouble,” he added. “They’re not going to stay here alive.”

Such comments were certainly the most violent, though intolerance was common at the rally, which was organized by the group Bay People. Political correctness was shoved aside as members of the group put out its agenda: We don’t want a mosque here.

There was plenty of lip service paid to concerns about added traffic and noise, with rally organizers saying that they were not “anti-Arab or anti-Muslim,” but the stench of hate filled the air, sometimes with subtle language.....

Israel: Emek Hospital saves a Palestinian boy from Jenin

"My son and I are not the same as we were before this happened and I will share this with my family and friends."

On Thursday, June 3, 2010, 15 year old Muhammed Kalalwe was working in his family's fields. They live in Jenin, a Palestinian city in the northern West Bank, bordering Israel's Jezreel Valley and the city of Afula. The boy noticed a deadly viper snake and tried killing it with a rock, but the dangerous creature struck out and bit his right palm. Screams and panic ensued and within minutes, the boy's father, Hafed, grabbed his stricken son and rushed him to the Jenin Hospital. They were ill-prepared to treat the boy, had no anti-serum and decided to send him by ambulance to the Emek Medical Center in Afula. Hafed later related that he was genuinely afraid to be taken to Emek because he was sure that they would be ignored and not even spoken to. 
His son's palm and arm were critically swollen and the pain was unbearable.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Terror hero being deported

  What should be done with a man who infiltrated the terrorist group Hamas, spied for Israeli intelligence and broke up terror attacks, saving countless Israeli, as well as Palestinian, lives? Most people would say he should be honored. Not the U.S. government, it's trying to deport him.

Mosab Hassan Yousef was more than a spy. He is the son of a founding leader of Hamas, which made him among the highest prizes for Israeli intelligence. Yousef and his Shin Bet (Israel Security Agency) handler, Gonen Ben Itzhak, were in Washington last week, meeting with whoever would listen to them. Yousef told me -- and Itzhak confirmed -- that he never killed anyone and, in fact, prevented many from being killed, while providing useful information that thwarted numerous terror attacks.

In San Diego tomorrow (Wednesday) before an immigration judge, the government will charge that because of Yousef's "terrorist associations," he should be deported. Yousef tells me, "I acted like a terrorist in order to fool terrorists," but again emphasizes he never committed a terrorist act.

QUESTIONING THE QURAN--- Muslims will not BUT Non MUSLIMS MUST!!! Here is what you need to Understand...

Frontpage Magazine-
At the Guantanamo Naval Base prison, American military personnel are required to wear gloves when touching the Koran. It’s the perfect metaphor for our official culture’s obsequious behavior toward Islam. Terrorists the world over cite the Koran as the motivation and justification for their terrorist acts, yet journalists and government officials reflexively jump to the Koran’s defense whenever it seems to be implicated in terror. Instead of thinking, “Hmm, let’s take a closer look at that book,” they assure us, on no evidence, that the terrorists have misunderstood the Koran.

Considering that large chunks of the world are sliding into the Islamic camp, it may be time to take off the gloves. We don’t have the luxury any longer of living by pre-9/11 niceties such as “we must respect religious differences”—a formula which has come to mean that we mustn’t even look into them. On the contrary, you respect differences by taking them seriously. And if the Koran is the motive force behind Islam’s militancy then the Koran deserves serious examination, not perfunctory gestures of esteem.

“Why bring religion into it?” you may ask. Well, because religion is what it’s all about. Sincere Muslims believe that God wants the whole world to be subject to Islam. They’re free to believe that, of course, but it would be very much in the interest of non-Muslims if they stopped believing it. If an unbeliever refuses to submit to Islam, Allah requires that his head be separated from his body. In light of this, it seems only reasonable that unbelievers should start thinking of ways to separate Muslims from their faith. We have a—shall we say, vital—interest in encouraging Muslims to reflect critically upon the facts of their faith. We can help them to do this, not by telling them we have deep respect for their religion, but by telling them we have deep misgivings about it.

So, the argument that the Koran is of divine origin, and therefore deserving of unquestioning obedience, ought to be challenged. And it ought to be challenged frequently and persuasively with the intention of forcing Muslims to at least entertain some doubts that God had anything to do with the composition of the Koran.

Let’s pass over the awkward fact that there were no witnesses to the revelation except Muhammad himself, and go on to look at what Muslim apologists say in defense of the Koran. The traditional belief is that the Koran, which was given to Muhammad in installments, is a perfect replica of a mother book which has existed eternally in heaven. According to apologists, the proof that God composed it is that it is a work of perfection, a literary masterpiece written in an inimitatable style. Thus, doubters are challenged to produce even one sura comparable to it (10:38). In a nutshell, only God could have said it so well.

Well, let’s see. Here is sura 81:20:

I swear by the turning planets, and by the stars that rise and set; by the night, when it descends, and the first breath of morning: this is the word of a gracious and mighty messenger…

That’s pretty good. So is sura 51:1:

By the dust-scattering winds and the heavily-laden clouds; by the swiftly-gliding ships and by the angels who deal out blessings to mankind; that which you are promised shall be fulfilled…

If the whole Koran were written to this level you might have the makings of a case for its divine authorship. But for the most part—at least for the Western reader—it falls short of other great literature. Much of it is tedious, repetitive, and didactic.

While it’s true that a lot is lost in translation, how much could have been lost from:

 “Prophet, we have made lawful to you the wives to whom you have granted dowries and the slave-girls whom God has given you as booty: the daughters of your paternal and maternal aunts who fled with you; and any believing woman who gives herself to the Prophet and whom the Prophet wishes to take in marriage.” (sura 33:50). No matter how skillfully translated there is not much literary punch in such passages.


Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) has appeared in the form of "corrective surgery" at a premier American hospital. While we lambaste the practice abroad, some doctors are justifying its use and performing FGM in the United States.

LYNOTE- the group Muslim or ISLAM is conveniently left out---- Creeping SHARIA in the USA!

In 1997, it was estimated that 168,000 women and girls had been or were at risk of undergoing FGM. This isn't just immigrants bringing their cultural practice to the U.S.; as it turns out, FGM is being performed at an Ivy League university. This story demonstrates how our image-obsessed culture is encouraging the mutilation of young girls.

Dr. Dix P. Poppas, head of pediatric urology department at Cornell University's New York Presbyterian Hospital, one of the premier hospitals in the nation, has been performing clitoral reductions — a.k.a. female genital mutilation — on young girls. The abhorrent practice, according to the good doctor, is humane because it spares girls from the humiliation of having an "oversized" clitoris. He claims the practice is "nerve-sparing" and that he runs tests by prodding and using a vibrator on the young girls after the surgery.

Surgeries, especially ones as delicate as this, can easily go awry, injuring young girls permanently, impeding their sexual lives, reproduction, relationships, and possibly other health complications. And prodding a six-year-old with a vibrator probably won't tell you whether or not the thousands of nerves in the clitoris that lead to orgasms have really been spared. Not to mention that these follow-up "tests" sound a lot like traumatizing molestation to me.LINK TO SOURCE

This is now so widespread in UK--a law was passed to charge any doctor who does not report-the signs that a child has been mutilated.....and here in the US we legally allow???!

 "RELIANCE OF THE TRAVELER' is in US Mosques -a manual
-Circumcised touched circumcised (unless Mohammed was speaking of Male on Male
-Aisha was one of Mohammeds wives (he claimed her at 6yrs old and he was in his 50's....her words regarding Mohammed are looked at as credible
-Mohammed himself told a female circumcise to cut a bit!

Circumcision is mandatory for Muslims based on tradition, but it is not mentioned in the Qur'an  only in the HADITH ---Mohammeds words and actions .

The following section is found in the standard Shafi'i manual of Islamic law which states in English translation:


e4.3 Circumcision is obligatory (O: for both men and women. For men it consists of removing the prepuce from the penis, and for women, removing the prepuce (Ar. bazr) of the clitoris (n: not the clitoris itself, as some mistakenly assert). (A: Hanbalis hold that circumcision of women is not obligatory but sunna, while Hanafis consider it a mere courtesy to the husband.)"

Middle East Proximity Talks: Questions for Washington

What do the Palestinians want exactly  -  very good question..
Even if Israel and the Palestinian Authority were to reach a peace agreement sometime in the near future, it is certain that the Palestinian Authority would not be able to implement it or sell it to a majority of Palestinians.

Therefore the first and most important question that decision-makers in Washington and European capitals need to ask themselves these days is: Is there a majority of Palestinians who are prepared to make far-reaching concessions in the context of a peace treaty with Israel? Is there a Palestinian leader who is willing to make compromises on explosive issues such as Jerusalem, settlements and the "right of return?"

Frankly, there is no way that Palestinian Premier Mahmoud Abbas could accept anything less than what his predecessor, Yasser Arafat, rejected at the botched Camp David summit in the summer of 2000. Back then, Arafat refused to sign a document pledging to "end the conflict" with Israel unless he got 100% of his demands.

Germany: Antisemitism in Germany.

Israelis, 22 and 18, attacked in Berlin

Two Israelis hurt at club in what police call an anti-Semitic attack.

A Berlin police spokesman told the Jerusalem Post on Monday that two young Israelis were violently attacked in a Berlin disco because of their nationality. The spokesman said the attack prompted the police to issue a statement terming  the attack as “anti-Semitic.”

According to statements from two  male Israelis aged 18 and 22, a Palestinian man was responsible for the assault. He asked the 22-year-old Israeli about his nationality, who replied that he is a citizen of Israel. 

Kuwaiti Columnist: Pro-Gaza Activists Are Nothing but Terrorists

In a follow-up to his June 3, 2010 article on the Gaza flotilla  Kuwaiti columnist 'Abdallah Al-Hadlaq, who writes in the Kuwaiti daily Al-Watan, published another column on this issue. In it, he contrasted the global interest in what is happening in Gaza with the disregard to other, graver, humanitarian crises across the world. Al-Hadlaq also stated that the activists working to remove the siege on Gaza were not peace activists but terrorists disguised as humanitarians, and that therefore Israel was fully entitled to defend itself from them.

Following are excerpts from his column: 

The World Is Obsessed with the Situation in Gaza while It Ignores the Real Tragedies in the World
"The world is endlessly obsessed with a murky strip of coast, of no value whatsoever, the home of some 1.5 million [people] living in Palestinian refugee camps dispersed [throughout it] – that is, the Gaza Strip, which was taken over by a group of terrorists named the Hamas movement.
"[This obsession contrasts with] the terrible silence, lack of consideration, and indifference that has overcome the world... with regard to more important and more valuable [issues] that merit attention far more than this murky piece of land called the Gaza Strip. Let us look together at the following examples:

Captured Documents From the Gaza Flotilla.

We have read all the media articles & reports on the Gaza flotilla, the "humanitarian" ship, carrying "humanitarian" aid to the people of Gaza.  

We have seen photos - or should I say cropped photos - where "humanitarian activists" are attacking IDF soldiers.  The knife used, to repeatedly attack a soldier, conveniently  cut out of the photo shown by the media.

Weaponry found on the ship.

Photos of Bullet Proof Vests, Sawn-Off Rods, Night Vision Goggles and Rifle Scope Found on Mavi Marmara, 2 June 2010

Photos of Rioters’ Weapons Including Slingshot with “Hizbullah” Written Across Handle, 2 June 2010

We are still told this was a "Peace activist ship"

Now take a look at captured documents found on the Gaza flotilla and learn the real truth.

Jews in Holland: Europe's "Decoy Jews"

"Decoy Jew" is a new phrase in the Netherlands. Jews are no longer safe in major Dutch cities such as Amsterdam. Since 1999, Jewish organizations in the Netherlands have been complaining that Jews who walking the Dutch streets wearing skullcaps risk verbal and physical attacks by young Muslims. Being insulted, spat at or attacked are some of the risks associated with being recognizable as a Jew in contemporary Western Europe.

Last week, a television broadcast showed how three Jews with skullcaps, two adolescents and an adult, were harassed within thirty minutes of being out in the streets of Amsterdam. Young Muslims spat at them, mocked them, shouted insults and made Nazi salutes. "Dirty Jew, go back to your own country," a group of Moroccan youths shouted at a young indigenous Dutch Jew. "It is rather ironic," the young man commented, adding that if one goes out in a burka one encounters less hostility than if one wears a skullcap.

Monday, June 28, 2010

UN Kids’ Camp in Hamas-run Gaza Vandalized Attack Marks Second Attack on UN Children’s Camp since Late May

As children across the United States flock to summer camps this week, in Gaza more than two dozen masked men vandalized a United Nations camp on Monday (June 28). It was the second such attack on a UN children’s camp in Gaza in less than five weeks.

Said UN Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) spokesman John Ging, "This is another example of the growing levels of extremism in Gaza and further evidence, if that were needed, of the urgency to change the circumstances on the ground."

The UN operates Gaza summer camps for as many as 250,000 children, while Iran-backed Hamas – the terrorist organization that governs the Gaza Strip – sponsors military-like camps for about 100,000 children.  At the camps operated by Hamas and other Iran-backed terrorist organizations, children receive paramilitary training and are schooled in Islamic thought.

Muqtedar Khan Wants Muslims and Christians to Unite--Against Israel

On June 17, Georgetown University held the event "Evangelicals & Muslims: Perspectives on Mission & Partnership" at its Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal Center for Muslim-Christian Understanding. The last of its four panel discussions wrestled with the question: "Can Muslims and Christians be Partners in Reconciliation and Conflict Transformation?"

The crowd, at least 100 strong, consisted largely, if not exclusively, of professors and students. The panelists were Muqtedar Khan, professor of international relations at the University of Delaware and director of its Islamic Studies program; Louay Safi, of Indiana University and Purdue University; Chris Seiple, president of the Institute of Global Engagement; and David Shenk, a consultant for Eastern Mennonite Missions.

Khan, who spoke first, refused to appear on a 2007 academic panel with an IDF veteran who had served in the West Bank, yet somehow maintains a veneer of moderation. A fairly charismatic speaker, he got off the ground quickly by claiming a moral equivalence between Pat Robertson and Osama bin Laden. "We must condemn the extremists in our midst," he said, patting himself on the back for denouncing bin Laden. While Robertson has undoubtedly made controversial statements, comparing him with bin Laden, whose terrorist organization has murdered thousands of people in the United States and abroad, is appalling and absurd.

A Terrorist's Guide to Improving Israel's Media Coverage --So nice of them to HELP---Lolzz

When you're in a competition and you're losing, one of the first thing to do is to study what your opponent is doing and copy him. In this case Israel is competing for good media coverage with the terrorists. And the terrorists are winning. And if the media likes them so much, maybe it's time to start doing what they do.

1. Get Good Media Coverage By Excluding Bad Media Coverage

Say that two movies will be coming out next week. One of those movies has studio which bans all critics who have spoken unfavorably about it from seeing it. The other movie welcomes all reviewers. When the final numbers are tallied, which movie do you think will have the best reviews? The one that didn't screen the movie for any critics who were not favorably disposed toward it. Sure the other movie might claim that its favorable reviews were honest. And that and a dime will buy you a cup of coffee.

Now say that these two studios keep doing this for 10 years, and that they're the only game in town. Eventually just to be able to do their jobs, critics will almost always positively review movies from the studio that bars critics, and almost always negatively review the movies from the other studio to stay on the good side of the first studio. That is because selecting for optimal results will produce them.

Free societies "screen" for all critics. Totalitarian ones only play to supportive audiences. That is why they get the better publicity than free societies. Journalistic integrity is supposed to make up the difference by telling the truth to the public. When it doesn't, then the journalists are functioning willingly as tools of totalitarian regimes. And maybe it's time to give them the boot.

If Israel wants the same supportive coverage that Fatah and Hamas get, it needs to play by their rules. Press credentials would then go to those who provide positive coverage. Those reporters who want to take pictures of wall graffiti and stage photos of Muslim children throwing stones at Israeli tanks need not apply. If the New York Times or NBC News can't find anyone willing to play by those rules, the way they do in Gaza and Ramallah, then they can stay home and they won't be able to do their jobs.

The mainstream media will be outraged, you say. There will be even more negative coverage. As if there isn't heaps of it now. And what will the negative media coverage be of? Reporters forced to stay home. Foreign correspondents who have to cover an election in Hungary, instead of eating caviar in a Jerusalem hotel and writing vicious articles about Jewish Middle Eastern refugees living in East Jerusalem. Haaretz reporters will have to move to London to write biting columns in the Guardian about how racist the country they used to live in, is. Before they move on to the inevitable theater reviews and finally begin writing ad copy for insurance agencies. Oh the pathos, the pity. No one will care.

Should Israel do this? It's not the way of a free society, but there's only so much propaganda for a totalitarian society that even the freest society can endure before it is destroyed. Freedom comes with responsibility. The main responsibility is not to use that freedom to destroy the free society whose freedom you enjoy. Drill enough holes in a boat, and either the boat will sink or you'll be escorted off and Carnival Cruises will never let you brook a cruise with them again.

2. Get Good Coverage by Killing People All the Time

Terrorist groups are always killing people, which the media is fine with. Israel on the other hand mostly doesn't kill anyone. Occasionally it goes after terrorists and kills some of them. An international outcry immediately results. This paradox is explained by a well known defect commonly present in children and moral idiots. This moral defect judges consistently evil behavior more favorably, than inconsistently good behavior.

The Case for Calling Them Nitwits- 1 in 2 manages to only Blow themselves up...

They blow each other up by mistake. They bungle even simple schemes. They get intimate with cows and donkeys. Our terrorist enemies trade on the perception that they’re well trained and religiously devout, but in fact, many are fools and perverts who are far less organized and sophisticated than we imagine. Can being more realistic about who our foes actually are help us stop the truly dangerous ones?

By Daniel Byman and Christine Fair

In the years after 9/11, the images we were shown of terrorists were largely the same: shadowy jihadists who, even when they were foiled, seemed always to have come terrifyingly close to pulling off a horrific attack. We’ve all become familiar by now with the stock footage of Talibs in black shalwar kameezes zipping across monkey bars or, more recently, perfecting kung fu kicks in some secret training camp. Even in the aftermath of the botched Times Square bombing earlier this spring, the perception persists that our enemies are savvy and sophisticated killers. They’re fanatical and highly organized—twin ideas that at once keep us fearful and help them attract new members.

But this view of the jihadist community is wildly off the mark. To be sure, some terrorists are steely and skilled—people like Mohamed Atta, the careful and well-trained head of the 9/11 hijackers. Their leaders and recruiters can be lethally subtle and manipulative, but the quiet truth is that many of the deluded foot soldiers are foolish and untrained, perhaps even untrainable. Acknowledging this fact could help us tailor our counterterrorism priorities—and publicizing it could help us erode the powerful images of strength and piety that terrorists rely on for recruiting and funding. continued below....

Sadly even nitwits get Lucky----and while we are trying to prevent these Jihadist attacks- Obama and the Global Left are busy importing them as voters into our FREE NATIONS----that is statistically more EXPLOSIVE and a guaranteed outcome---we lose our vote...
as their Block--- votes Left---and we KNOW we only had a slim 5% margin either way---as it was.

Anyone HERE THIS Immigration being talked about?....its stealth , deadly...and happening RIGHT NOW!
Obama has increased visa fast tracked citizenship to never before levels ALL from Islamic Countries.

EMAIL the Dirtbag- TELL OBAMA we are in a fiscal Meltdown- and have NO JOBS....and while your at it----Mention the close to 1 Trillion in AID he has given to Islamic Nations EMAIL HERE
Nowhere is the gap between sinister stereotype and ridiculous reality more apparent than in Afghanistan, where it’s fair to say that the Taliban employ the world’s worst suicide bombers: one in two manages to kill only himself. And this success rate hasn’t improved at all in the five years they’ve been using suicide bombers, despite the experience of hundreds of attacks—or attempted attacks. In Afghanistan, as in many cultures, a manly embrace is a time-honored tradition for warriors before they go off to face death. Thus, many suicide bombers never even make it out of their training camp or safe house, as the pressure from these group hugs triggers the explosives in suicide vests. According to several sources at the United Nations, as many as six would-be suicide bombers died last July after one such embrace in Paktika.

FIFA World Cup jihad: SA terror suspects may have ISI links --Pakistan Pakistan when will we Learn--STOP funding THEM!

Terror suspects held at South Africa could be on a reconnaissance mission for LeT, say sources at a central intelligence agency

The arrest of two suspected members of militant organisation Lashar-e-Toiba has sent intelligence agencies across the country, including the Anti Terrorist Squad, into a tizzy.

The two suspects identified as Imran Mohammed and Chaudhary Parvez Ahmed were apprehended by security forces while they were trying to cross over into South Africa from Zimbabwe. During preliminary inquiry, the duo claimed they were Pakistani nationals.

Initial investigations indicated that they were travelling with fake passports. The fact that they were Pakistani nationals spread terror among Indian intelligence agencies. More so, because LeT is considered one of the main militant organisations operating under the Al Qaeda umbrella.

The US and English football teams are still participating in the FIFA World Cup matches in South Africa.

Rakesh Maria, Additional Director General of Police in charge of ATS Mumbai, immediately ran a check on some of the men wanted in connection with the 26/11 attacks.

The immediate cause for concern was to make arrangements to inform the Interpol so that the duo could be escorted to Mumbai to face trials. The results indicated they were not involved in terror activities in Mumbai. ...

Electricity crisis in Gaza not Israel's fault -

Notice - NOT ISRAELS FAULT - I wonder how long before they try to pin this on Israel also?

Palestinian Centre for Human Rights
Position Paper on Aggravation of Electricity Crisis in the Gaza Strip

At midnight on Friday, 25 June 2010, the operation of Gaza Power Plant stopped as the industrial fuel necessary for its operation to produce 65 megawatts of electricity ran out. The stoppage of the operation of the plant coincided with a wave of hot weather in the Gaza Strip and seriously impacted basic services provided to 1.7 million Palestinians, including drinking water and health and sanitation services. The stoppage also caused extreme suffering to at least 36,860 students who have been attending final exams of the Genera Certificate of Education (Tawjihi) since 12 June 2010. Electricity outages increased from 8-12 hours to 10-16 hours daily in most areas in the Gaza Strip. The Palestinian Center for Human Rights (PCHR) calls upon both governments in Ramallah and Gaza to prioritize the interests of the population, including the transfer of parts of the funds collected by the Electricity Distribution Company in Gaza to the Energy Authority in Ramllah, to ensure enough supplies of industrial fuel to operate Gaza Power Plant, in accordance with the April 2010 agreement between the two sides.

According to PCHR's field observations of the electricity crisis in Gaza, the operation of Gaza Power Plant stopped on Friday midnight, 25 June 2010, as the supplies of industrial fuel needed for its operation ran out. Eng. Cana'an 'Obaid, Deputy Head of the Energy Authority in Gaza, stated the authorities in Ramallah were responsible for repeated stoppages of Gaza Power Plant through not fully paying the costs of industrial fuel to the supplying Israeli fuel company. 

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Portrait of Bülent Yildirim, leader of the radical Islamic Turkish IHH and his central role in preparing the aid convoy and violent confrontation with the IDF

                                              IHH head Bülent Yildirim 


1.Bülent Fahmi Yildirim, 44, was born in Erzurum, Turkey, and studied law at Istanbul University. Today he lives in Istanbul and practices law. He is married and has four children. In 1995 the events in Bosnia and Herzegovina prompted him to help found IHH with the primary intention of providing humanitarian assistance to the battle zones.1 He eventually came to lead the organization. In the past IHH has been involved in providing logistic support for global jihad and terrorist networks in the Middle East and beyond. Bülent Yildirim’s name was also mentioned in the past as providing support for the global jihad.

2. A study carried out by an American expert named Evan Kohlman examined the links between IHH and the global jihad. It indicated, among other things, that in the mid-90s Bülent Yildirim was involved in recruiting ex-military personnel and sending them to battle zones in Muslim countries to gain experience  Between 2002 and 2004 Bülent Yildirim played a key role in inciting Turkish Muslims to anti-Americanism in the issue of the war in Iraq2

3. Bülent Yildirim is firmly attached to the Islamic regime of Erdogan, who was involved in IHH preparations for the flotilla. During the voyage Bülent Yildirim was on board the Mavi Marmara and played a key role in directing the IHH operatives’ preparations for a violent confrontation with the IDF and in inciting them to violence with fiery speeches. He also ordered the operatives not to allow IDF soldiers on board the ship and to throw those who managed to board into the sea.

Yildirim’s role in organizing the flotilla

U.S.A: Next president elected by just 15% of voters?

Rapidly advancing movement to eliminate Electoral College shifts control to coasts
A four-year-old effort that effectively would turn the Electoral College out to pasture in the United States by arranging a direct vote of president by the people is gaining strength, and is poised to claim support from states that control 106 of the 270 votes now needed to claim the Oval Office.

The total might be even higher already.

But that has a number of analysts alarmed, including author Tara Ross, who has written in opposition to the concept of a direct national vote for president at the Save Our States.com website.

"Eliminating the Electoral College would probably mean at least two things: Elections will become easier to steal and the two-party system will be undermined. So it follows that two types of political parties would benefit the most: Those that don't mind stealing elections and third parties," she wrote.

The California-based National Popular Vote has been working since about 2006 on its plan that would assign Electoral College votes to the presidential candidate who has captured the most individual votes in a presidential election nationwide – no matter who has won in an individual state.

Gaza bank closes after Hamas police seize funds: Official Reiterates Iran's Resolve to Dispatch Aids to Gaza:

So -  where does the money go in Gaza!!!!!!!

Gaza bank closes over police use of force
Published today (updated) 27/06/2010 16:28

Gaza -  The Palestine Islamic Bank in Gaza City suspended operations
on Sunday after cash was "withdrawn from the bank by force," officials said.

Gaza police said the incident was the legal recovery of 16,000 US dollars
belonging to a local charity, following a court ruling to unfreeze their
funds held in the bank. The incident was the second reported in three

Customers reported bank closures, with signs posted on bank doors saying
services had been halted after cash was taken from the institution at

Police said the funds belonged to the Educational Teaching Society and were
withdrawn following an order from a local court. They said the society had
filed a report after the Islamic Bank of Palestine froze the charity's

On 29 March, 1 million shekels ( 260,000 US dollars) was seized by de facto
security forces reportedly for a the Patients' Friends Society, another
Gaza-based charity.

The incident prompted the Palestinian Monetary Authority to call on branches
to respond to what was called an attack on the bank in the Ar-Rimal
neighborhood of Gaza City.

Police in Gaza said the Monetary Authority had frozen the accounts following
a dispute with the charity's board of directors.

A statement from the Parent's Friends Society said the money in question was
for charitable medical work, and failing to return the sum "would put the
lives of patients at risk." The society added that in July 2009, the
Monetary Authority decided to freeze the transfer of funds "based on
political decisions that have no relation with the society itself."

Destabilization of Gaza bank sector

The reports of cash seizures by Gaza government police come as the second
largest bank in the enclave announced a reduction in staff and a closure of
two of three branches across the Strip.

The Arab Bank dismissed hundreds of its employees in April and closed two
branches in May, with economists saying the move was the result of concern
from the bank around internal Palestinian politics.

The sudden closure of banks and the termination of employees' contracts
raised concern that the banking sector was on the verge of collapse in Gaza.

The system had already been under immense pressure, with cash flow often
constrained by Israeli officials, and a limited amount of currency making it
in and out of Gaza.

White House Announcement on Gaza Shows the Missing Element: Strategic Rationality

Everyone will probably view the just-released official document, "White House on Israel's Announcement on Gaza," as purely routine government rhetoric that means nothing. But that just shows how much people have become used to taking for granted the lack of any strategic sense in this U.S. government.

The June 20 White House statement opens thusly:

"The President has described the situation in Gaza as unsustainable and has made clear that it demands fundamental change."

One would expect that a rational policy would use the words "unsustainable" and "demands fundamental change" to mean that the president demands the overthrow of Hamas. In fact, it signifies the exact opposite: he demands the stabilization of that regime.

The statement continues:

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Neo-nazis sentenced for race-hate postings

A pair of neo-Nazis who posted abusive messages on the internet about Jews have been jailed for inciting racial hatred.
Michael Heaton, 42, was jailed for two years and six months and Trevor Hannington, 58, was jailed for two years. The two men, members of the so-called Aryan Strike Force, left comments on its website.
Liverpool Crown Court heard that Heaton said of Jews: "...They will always be scum, destroy 'em with whatever it takes" and "I would encourage any religion or race that wants to destroy the Jews, I hate them with a passion."
Hannington, from Cardiff, wrote: "Kill the Jew, Kill the Jew, Burn down a synagogue today! ... Burn the   scum"          
After a two-week trial both were cleared of soliciting murder but Heaton was convicted of six counts of using threatening, abusive or insulting words likely to stir up racial hatred.
Hannington had earlier admitted two counts of stirring up racial hatred and two of possessing information likely to be useful to a person committing or preparing an act of terrorism.
Hannington admitted owning the Anarchist's Cookbook, Kitchen Complete and The Terrorist Encyclopedia, and admitted publishing instructions on how to make a flame thrower out of a water pistol.
CPS Terrorism lawyer Stuart Laidlaw said: “The ASF is the latest in a long line of Neo-Nazi groups with a mission to promote the National Socialist principles of Adolf Hitler.
Holding unpleasant and offensive views is not illegal. However, people cross the line when they urge others to take violent direct action, especially after they download terror manuals on how to produce explosives
“Both juries saw some thoroughly unpleasant material which contained views which most people would find obnoxious and abhorrent.”
Detective Chief Superintendent David Buxton, Head of the North East Counter Terrorism Unit said: “Heaton and Hannington are white supremacists. They pedalled hatred against innocent people purely on the basis of their ethnicity, sexual orientation, religion and culture."
 Police have released pictures of Michael Heaton's bedroom